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Tom Frost

Tom Frost is a young mutant who met Varasin in mid-2008. They became lovers, and that grew into a serious relationship which continues strong to this day. Varasin is deeply in love with Tom, and is delighted they share their lives together. Circumstances and other commitments mean they spend significant time apart. As Varasin has said, he endures this gladly because he revels in the leap of his heart when they get together after each absence.


Seba'eld is a Seran'el alien Varasin met soon after arriving in the Etoilles, and before she became so closely associated with Labal, during a time of great turmoil and conflict within her. It was during this time that Var helped talk Seba out of violent self-destruction, and then a desire to erase all lesser humans. At the time Seba was being pulled to and fro by the counsel of her other friends — such as Dr. Kazz and Valdro. As Seba began her drift towards Labal, Varasin came to realise that he valued Seba as a friend and person first; that he would stand by her, and for her, no matter what she decided. This caused a certain amount of friction between him and some others, alas.

Var considered Seba as a true friend as well as a little sister of sorts. During the latter part of 2008, he was sometimes a little awed at the growth of her powers, her command and her presence. He mourns her continued absence greatly.


Although Varasin had noticed Josephina earlier, he really go to know her after she fell in love with Labal. During this time he became her friend, confidante and confessor. He misses her bitterly and for a number of reasons.


Raith met Kat shortly after he asked to stay with Inevitable Evolution, in January 2009. He was initially struck by her warm nature, along with the obvious (and more subtle) changes wrought by her symbiois with Mur.

Now, this was while Ara Tenabrae still slumbered within. Varasin realised that when Ara did finally rouse he'd be in for a time of flux and disaccommodation. He judged that for him especially this could be a very perilous time; both for himself and many others whose secrets and trust he has. So Raith is presently exploring the idea of rousing Ara in a controlled and safe environment. He values Kat as a friend and as someone who may have rather unique and applicable insights on this.

Unexpectedly, in early February 2009, circumstances arose that roused Ara fully for a time. Present was Kat, Soul, Jade and Synge; and it was when seeing Kat in what he adjudged significant peril this occurred. Afterwards Raith remained weary and out of sorts, only slowly regaining his normal demeanor.

Raith considers Kat his friend. He's also curious about the shadowling Mur. He's looking forward ot more quiet conversations and time with her, when theor odd schedules hapen to coincide.

Shadows lit the olden streets, cloaked and comforting.
Never bleak until the sun devoured them; scoured them; rent them asunder.
Now they faded, whispered away. Failing and fading, caused to cease.
Yet along came a kind one, young and bold.
Was she the holt of the shadowling strayed?
Limned argent to dusk before it could fade.
A journey begun together they step.
What happens next is not yet told.


Olivia Adams

Mark Kinsley


Possibly not friends, or otherwise complex


Detective Parker

Asher Mitchell


The Komturei

Inevitable Evolution

Hangmans Roadhouse

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