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The following is a small list of heroes who where once part of the Union Supreme roster, or are currently inactive.

Hero Name Last Known Status
Afire Unknown
Atom Lass Unknown
Azure Enchanter Unknown
Battling Bulldog Current member of Justice Supreme
Black Cardinal Retired
Briggda Retired
Cartoon Retired
Coronal Light Unknown
Captain Quantum Retired to return to research
Captain Thunderbolt MIA
Crescent Reaper Gone rogue
Doctor Moonlight Retired
Dr. 7 Retired
Dr. Mystik Unknown
Earth Pact Unknown
Earthstrong Retired
Egalitarian Unknown
Emerald Protector Returned to home dimension
Emerald-Sentinel MIA
Empowered Woman Current member of Justice Supreme
Falcon Woman Retired
Fated-One Returned to own time
Fell Raven Resigned
Finale Retired
Flamina Retired
Gate Wanderer Reservist
Gods Speed II Depowered
Gold Guard Retired
Heliodromus MIA
Hermano Muerte Retired
High Cloud Retired
Jade Phantasm Retired
Knock-Out Girl Unknown
Lady Rocket Retired
Liberty Rose Semi-retired
Mister Escapes Deceased
Motley Crew Retired
Neon Flash Current member of Justice Supreme
Night Wonder Unknown
Noble Raven Unknown
Platina Unknown
Professor Proton Unknown
Sapphire Siren Unknown
Saturnian Psychic Unknown
Sensui Yamora Unknown
Shadespawn Deceased
Silk Prowler Unknown
Size Unknown
Sky-Bolt Resigned
Sonic Zoom Leave of Absence
Star Manta Retired
Steel Brigade Recalled by US-SPD
Street Shot Awaiting trial, license revoked
Thermal Stat Retired
Web Crawler Unknown
White Bengal Unknown
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