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'sup. I'm Oniko Hakubi, the official unofficial word guy for The Circle of Jerks and Legitimate Businessmen, as seen in this fancy-pants DeviantArt page that I got a while ago for some unfathomable reason. I mean, I write a lot of other stuff besides that, but much of it isn't pertinent to the server, the game or the group.

Most of the entries here for the CoJ and LB were written by me after the people in the chat room gave me about two sentences to work with. Good times.

<Random Jerk> Write my wiki article.
<Me> I don't know shit about your character, man.
<Random Jerk> He's (AT and powersets go here) that (costume goes here).
(Five minutes later:)
<Me> Oh wait, I know. He's (entire fucking backstory goes here).
<Random Jerk> That's good, post that.

I've played many characters and deleted many more, though the more permanent or notable ones would be The Lost RO Knight, The Powergamer, The D2 Necromancer, Rabid Yaoi Fangirl and Hamidon-tan. The ones I've deleted could take up their own wiki. I'm also responsible for City of Virtue, a City of Heroes CCG set featuring the people from the Virtue server (e.g., the one this wiki is based around), which currently exists on said wiki so I can use it as evidence to show that I'm not a total misanthrope.

Also, I don't roleplay. Roleplaying is for people who are tied up with arbitrary rules, meaningless gravitas and other useless crap. No, I certainly do not roleplay.

I pretend. It's much more awesome. You ever see kids pretending? They're having the time of their fuckin' lives, lemme tell you. When you're pretending, you're basically admitting to yourself that yes, you are acting like some crazy berk in tights and no, you don't care because it's fun.

You can probably tell that I'm not much for Serious Business.

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