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Blind Technopathic Mercenary

FireTrap Smoke.png Origin
Miles had a difficult upbringing. His mutant powers first began showing in early infancy, when he was able to walk at 2 months old. He came to discover that he had exceptional reflexes and balance, easily bordering on the superhuman. However he was born blind, and suffered a difficult and impoverished life until his early twenties when his secondary power began to manifest. Miles is also a technopath - a mutant that can talk to machines telepathically.
With a little practice, Miles was able to understand and control a wide variety of technology. He was able to see for the first time by using his powers to control video cameras. One day opportunity struck, and he acquired a Crab Spider backpack from the Black Market.

Miles immediately set to work, converting the targetting lenses on the pack into a set of cybernetic "eyes" for himself. With the arsenal of the pack at his disposal, Miles decided to test his mutant abilities against a few bank systems, becoming the costumed criminal 4Eyes in the process. His ill gotten gains helped him buy upgrades and materials that enabled him to turn the backpack into a cutting edge array of sensors. Now armed with a range of senses hooked directly into his brain, and a natural speed of reflexes that mnake him a superb marksman, 4Eyes has launched a lucrative career stealing technology and offering his services on the Black Market.

FireTrap Smoke.png Powers

4Eyes can mentally command technology to do his bidding. He can power things on or off with a thought, and can read data on computers with trivial ease. He can break through almost any technological security, up to and including alien technologies.
Enhanced reflexes
4Eyes is a superb shot, able to hit multiple targets in a fire-fight which exceptional precision. He can almost instinctively hit weak spots in armor, and fire shots to keep enemies off balance. In addition to the protective impact field generated by his backpack, 4Eyes is also fast enough to dodge most ranged attacks. His reflexes aren't quite on a par with superspeed however, making him more vulnerable in hand to hand.

FireTrap Smoke.png Equipment
4Eyes uses a heavily modified Crab Spider backpack as his eyes and senses. He can see through almost any sort of camoflage, illusion, countermeasure and stelth technique known to man. He has incorporated techno-magical Vanguard devices into his array, so that he can now even penetrate magic-based obfuscation spells.

The pack provides a limited amount of impact protection - enough to stop him getting shot by the police - but in combat with other metahumans 4Eyes works best by maintaining some range to allow him to dodge. He's no stronger than a normal human, so he relys on his multi-function modified Arachnos semi-auto shotgun and the Crab Spider pack to take down enemies.

FireTrap Smoke.png Weaknesses and Limitations
4Eyes is naturally blind. Anything that blocks his mutant power, or being severed from the spinal connection to his backpack, renders him pretty helpless as a combatant. He's also not very strong or tough, relying on speed and weapons to take down his enemies. It's almost impossible to sneak up on him, but anyone who can get into close range, or anyone attacking from far enough away, can put him at a disadvantage.
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Enhanced Reflexes
Marital Status
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
White (blind)
Powers & Abilities
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Highly modified Crab Backpack with extensive sensor array
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