Ace Frost

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Ace Frost
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 18
Personal Data
Real Name: Arthur Foster
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (Irish-German ancestory)
Occupation: The Greatest Hero alive (in his own mind)
Place of Birth: Uniontown, PA
Base of Operations: Studio Apartment in Skyway City (as close to Atlas Park as he could afford)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother
Known Powers
Ability to create/propel shards of ice. Some psychic abilities (has RP ability to "read aura" at times)
Known Abilities
Always carries signed 8x11 glossy photos of himself. Often passes out to teammates


Growing up

Arthur Foster wasn't one of the popular kids growing up. His father ran off when he 6, leaving Art's mother to care for Arthur all by herself. She worked 2 jobs, trying her best to provide for him. With money being so tight, there usually wasn't money for a sitter or daycare, so Art was often home alone. As a youngster, he watched a lot of cartoons - his favorite were the shows about superheroes. He often dreamed of becoming a hero and striking it rich. He dreamed of being able to buy a nice big house and a fancy car for his mom with his hero wealth. Outside of his dream world though, things were tough for Art. He was picked on at school due to his out of style clothes and general awkwardness.

Success on the Gridiron

As he grew older, Art spent less time watching television, and more time lifting weights and working out. When he was a junior in high school, he went out for the football team. He not only made the varsity squad, but was a standout linebacker, leading the team in sacks and tackles. The football team didn't win many games, so his success on the gridiron didn't really get him the notice he craved, but at least the taunting stopped. He was far too strong, and had the reputation for being a bit crazy for anyone to provoke. During his senior season, he was considered one of the top players in the state, earning the nickname "Ace" - his jersey number was 1, and was considered a master at solo tackles. The team was still rather bad, winning only 3 games, but at least he was gaining some attention. Some of this attention was from college scouts, who thought Ace was talented enough to play college football. He received some scholarship offers from some of the smaller D1 colleges in PA, WV and OH. He was considering his options when he was took ill.

Serious Illness

What Ace actually contracted has been redacted from both Ace's medical records and all accessible public records. From the context, it appears the illness was a virus that caused occasional serious muscle spasms, and also occasional temporary paralysis. His mother lacked medical insurance, and Ace was too old for the state's child coverage program, so Ace's mother cared for him as best she could. She enrolled in nursing school; to not only get a better job, but also to learn how to care for him and his condition better. Apparently, whatever the illness was, it was such a serious concern that local health officials felt the need to get involved. They were unable to effectively treat the illness, outside of stopping it from getting much worse. They were also able to stop it from spreading. They did this by having Ace quarantined for 3 years. Three years of isolation would be tough on just about anyone, but especially so for Ace, who has a distinctive need for attention.

Experimental Treatment

After Ace had all but given up hope for ever being able to live a life outside a bubble, an opportunity presented itself. His mother, in her study of the condition, had come across some emerging research being done in Paragon City. When she contacted the researchers to learn more about their discoveries, they made her and Ace an offer - if he was willing to be a guinea pig for their experiments, they would treat Ace for free, along with providing him room and board for the duration of his stay. The details of the treatment are mostly unknown. There is a rumor that Ace was subjected to numerous cycles of cryogenic therapy. Whatever it was, after 2 and half years, the treatment seems to have been successful as far as Ace is concerned, as he was cured. The researchers seemed to deem the experiments a failure, however...

Side Effects

The treatment had two distinctive side effects for Ace. They both involve Ace developing metahuman abilities. After about 6 months after the treatments were over, Ace began developing the ability to create and propel shards of ice. He also developed some low level psychic abilities, consisting of being able to cloud people's thoughts, making them less able to react, and the ability to read people's auras. He hasn't master the aura reading yet, but he can often tell if a person is being deceptive, or if their intentions are malicious.

Crey Involvement?

There are rumors that the treatment was funded by Crey with the intentions of creating a living weapon. The rumor goes that the project was to add the abilities over ice, while subtracting free will - leaving a dangerous and loyal operative. These rumors have never been officially levied at Crey, who in turn, has never discussed them publically. (Or, as far as anyone knows, privately/)

Becoming a Hero

Ace finally had the abilities to make his dreams come true. He was going to become a bonifide hero! Scratch that, he was going to become the greatest hero ever known! He decided to stay in Paragon City, as that is where a lot of his hero idols were located. He resumed his workouts; his muscles had severely atrophied, so there was a lot of work to be done. He is still learning to control his powers. He would probably be best served by finding a mentor, but he seems to be convinced he needs to become who he is destined to be all on his own.

Joining the Global Guard

That isn't to say he hasn't been on the look out for friends - he's recently joined The Global Guard - and faced off against their enemy The Supreme Society twice. One time the Guard was defeated, the next encounter they were victorious. In both fights, Ace was knocked out, much to his shame. He has decided he needed to train harder in preperation for the next fight.


Ace was originally an attempt at a Guy Gardner personality, but has manifested as more of a Guy Gardner-Booster Gold hybrid personality. He is a bit obnoxious, and is often patronized by other heroes. He is able to ignore the slights - he sees it all as petty jealousy, and a true hero would never call out another hero for their personality flaws. Ace tends to rationalize just about everything this way. Ace tends to speak in the third person quite regularily. Ace also is fond of one-liners, almost alway involving either a play on his codename.

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