The Global Guard

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The Global Guard
The Global Guard: Protecting the Earth from the tyranny of the Supreme Society.

((The Global Guard is a RP heavy superhero themed SG, modeled after the Justice League with a lean towards the light hearted Blue Beetle/Booster Gold/Guy Gardner/Giffen/DeMatteis approach. The purpose of the GG is to challenge the Supreme Society VG in casual RP and RP based PvP encounters. On the whole though, to use an underdog analogy, the GG is something of a Rebel Alliance to the Empire of the Supreme Society. IC, the Star Scion has been gathering heroes, some who have been directly affected by the actions of the Society, in an effort to stop their evil. Exactly why Scion has chosen to act against the Society is not public knowledge at this point.

Contact @The New Black in game to request an OOC/IC interview to join the group.))


Founding of the First Global Guard

The Global Guard was originally founded in 2002 by a well meaning billionaire named Leopold Presteign who felt that the Vanguard Strategy of taking the fight to the Rikti could leave the Earth woefully unprotected. Having made himself extremely wealthy in the world of business, the man decided the best way to "pay it back" as it were, was to don an exo-suit to become a costumed hero. He was able to purchase a suit from the Goldbrickers, which he upgraded and personalized using his own considerable technological knowledge. He took the identity of The Tek-Nomad, and began to recruit other freelance heroes, especially those concerned with the Vanguard Plan.

Fighting the Rikti

He was successful in his recruiting efforts. Soon, the Global Guard set up an underground base of operations on a small island known as Caffan Island, located about 9 miles E-SE of Block Island, Rhode Island. The island had a history of being an occasional pirate cove, and was the site of a few shipwrecks. This base was still close enough to the Eastern Seaboard to allow for quick response, but far enough away, and remote enough, that it was thought to be safe from anything but a specific bombardment from the Rikti.

The Global Guard fought the Rikti bravely throughout the first invasion, winning numerous battles, and saving countless lives. The Guard felt that seeking publicity or acclaim for these acts during the war was dangerous, and thus they were content to soldier on in relative anonymity, even refraining from recognizing the many members of the Guard that had fallen in battle.

After the Invasion

In early 2003, after the conclusion of the Rikti War, the surviving members of the Guard were discussing if the should continue on as an organization, and if so, to what purpose. They decided to remain a collective of heroes – still focused on battling alien menaces, but also on metahuman villains. Though they had limited numbers, having not yet stepped up recruiting efforts, they were able to subdue and capture a number of dangerous villains. The Guard had a few years of relative inactivity, ramping back up to a full time fighting force in mid 2007.

Sinister Discovery

In late 2007, during a belated relaunching celebration the Global Guard was having on Caffan Island, an object from space crashed into the Atlantic Ocean roughly 20 miles east from their base. According to the sensors the Guard had, there was something distinctly out of the ordinary being emitted from whatever it was that crashed. The Guard went to collect the mystery object, and were able to do so. The object appeared to be some sort of alien spy probe. Having secured it in the base, the Guard returned to their celebration, expecting to be able to possibly gain some technology from the device.


The Global Guard was not the only organization who was aware that something crashed into the Atlantic that day. Apparently, whatever signals the probe was emitting were strong enough to allow a group of villains to track the probe to Caffan Island. They arrived during the resumed celebration, and caught the Global Guard unprepared for battle. The remaining members of the Global Guard all fought valiantly, but were slain during the battle. The base was also partially collapsed, causing some of the island to sink beneath the surface of the ocean. The attackers are unknown, as the base security footage was destroyed in the collapse, and no group has stepped forward to take credit. When the bodies of the first Global Guard were discovered, Caffan Island became a memorial to their service, along with earning the nickname “Coffin Island.”

Reforming the Guard

In late 2008, acting on orders from the mysterious hero Ultonis,the armored hero Star Scion reestablished the Global Guard. His connection to the original Global Guard is unknown at this time. The focus of this Global Guard seems less centered on battling the Rikti, and more on fighting the Supreme Society, a criminal organization based in the Rogue Isles. The connection between the two groups is currently unknown, though there is a rumor that Global Guard second-in-command Dark Clarity was imprisoned by high ranking Society member BlueRevenant. The two forces recently clashed in Atlas Park, with the Society getting the better of the Global Guard.


First Issue of the Global Guard comic book.



Star Scion

Dark Clarity

Tempest Atomic

Lapin Lazuli


Bombshell Girl

Null Star

Ace Frost

Commander Faraday

Weatherby Goode

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