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I am a very old, very dorky roleplayer living in Seattle, Washington. I've been roleplaying since 1980 when the famous Dungeons and Dragons "blue book" released (and I still have the book).

I play all kinds of games, and so my attendance on City of Heroes is scattered, but when I play, I play exclusively on the Virtue Server. I use the global handle: @Ravyna.

As for comics, I am not just old school, I am ancient school. I used to read Spider-Man regularly (long before Marvel got screwed up by Jim Shooter). I loved Doctor Strange and Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman, which I guess, makes me a fan of Carmen Infantino. Other strange titles I liked in those days were Captain Canuck and Weird War. Later, I enjoyed Teen Titans, X-Men, Crisis on Infinite Earths and Killing Joke. I love the work of Jack Kirby and George Perez.

Cast of Characters

Doctor North is my oldest character, he stems from a Villains and Vigilantes paper campaign from 1984. Doctor North is the leader of a supergroup called Alpha Squad.

Demon Wing is derived from my love of KISS, my love for playing buffoons and because characters with wings are fun to animate and fly.

Cobra Fist is my dark traitor with many deep personal secrets, the "brooding" type that you can't trust or predict his next move. He'll be converting to villain in "Going Rogue" when it releases.

Alpha Squad is my main supergroup, that deals in high fantasy, super-science, and galactic adventure. It derives from such works Crisis On Infinite Earths, Doctor Strange, The New Gods and the Galactic Guardians

Mars Five is an impish alien, with a keen scientific mind, but he is impatient and lacks etiquette and grace. He's the chief scientist mind for Alpha Squad. He's essentially Alpha Squad's inventor who can make what Alfred Hitchcock called "the McGuffin", (objects to advance plot or create something villains want to obtain or usurp). Mars is great fun to roleplay.

Nebula Man is my attempt to fuse the undead with B-movie science fiction. In some ways he's an homage to Ed Wood and "Plan 9 from Outerspace", in other ways, he's just my morbid desire to try and conceive of a super-hero that would suit Bela Lugosi.

Astro Nova was made because I love goofy sci-fi characters, and I wanted a Bronze Age character that had traveled the galaxy. He is full of ego, hubris and all the delicious personality traits which can make a campy super-hero so much fun to roleplay.
Spydro was my first ever "epic archetype". The class itself isn't that much of a thrill, but Spydro is providing me with someone where I can be extremely evil. I intend to make him the most evil character I've ever played in City of Heroes.
Chaos Red was made on a whim, when I was listening to punk music on shuffle one day. He stuck around for a while, then faded for about two years. Now he'll be coming back when I convert him to a superhero in "Going Rogue".
Pi Tau is meant to be an alien character modeled loosely after Doctor Strange. He turned out to be every enigmatic and quiet. He is level 27, but close to retirement, because I can't find a better hook for him.

Doctor Zar is an homage to my love of the original Planet of the Apes. When I was very little I used to watch the syndicated television show and then act-out the adventures during recess. He is mostly an NPC, someone who sets up stories in his alternate-dimension, and his chief adversary is the Rikti.
Rockk was made on a whim, because our group needed a tank. He's a bizarre combination of the Swamp Thing and Sam Spade from "Maltese Falcon". I have no idea why I wanted to fuse those two fictitious characters together, but I apparently did. Rockk has a dry wit, a skeptical mind, and strange gelatinous gemstones all over his body.

Psycho Boy was my attempt at a teenage villain and I made him the son of Chaos Red. I hate the costume though, and despite the fact he's level 25, he will be killed off permanently in a future storyline.

Colonel Grim was made for an RP supergroup called the Barnstormers which is now defunct. He's an homage to my love of an old comic in the 70's called "Weird War". He's almost entirely RP now, seldom do I actually take him out on missions, but he often sets up plots and stories in-character.


The following characters are retired or deceased:

Tyranno was the first character I made after a long absence from the game, and my first on Virtue Server. He never seemed to truly fit, for one reason or another. He was recently deleted.
Dominion of Canada was made in attempt to join a Silver Age RP group. He was rejected by the group, and I played him for a few days. Later, the character was killed by Gila and his murder was used to set a storyline in motion for Alpha Squad.
Iroquois was my attempt at creating a character from the "old west" pulps, and from my love of an paper RP game called Deadlands. He's an awful stereotype though, and will probably be retired in the months ahead.

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