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Chaos Red – No Rules…No Mercy
Chaos Red
Player: @Ravyna
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Red Carter
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Galaxy City
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Dr. North (adopted father, whereabouts unknown)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
The ability to generate powerful electrical fields, for both defensive and offensive capabilities.
Electrical generators (embedded in his tattoos and fueled by solar cells in his jacket)
Has defied Arachnos orders twice and has developed a nasty feud with that organization.



Life in the Freakshow

Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Red Carter quickly descended into the life of a street punk.

He was adopted by a gang of youths, known as the Freakshow that used gadgets and technology to "mimic" having super powers. The gang suited Red’s keen intelligence, his knack for understanding technology and his desire to become independently wealthy.

Alas, the politics of the gang got the better of him. He showed up a highly respected individual in the gang known as “Hack and Slash”, a large and surly gang boss. Hack and Slash did not take kindly to a lower-tiered gang member showing him up, so he used his political power to ostracize Red Carter from the gang.

Dr. North

After being rejected by Freakshow, Red Carter went independent and ran afoul of the law, when a super-hero named Dr. North arrested him.

North took pity on Carter, and offered him a real home for him to stay and develop his academic skills. At first Carter was grateful and spent a number of years living with North, learning to read and write and consuming massive volumes on physics.

Because Red Carter was very grateful for Dr. North's charity, he began to look upon him as a father figure and overall North was a very positive influence on Red. However after a while, Red's independent spirit caused friction with the pious and cold disposition of Dr. North.

Kid North

On his 18th birthday, Red Carter developed his own super-hero costume and jury-rigged crude cryogenic devices to simulate Dr. North’s ice powers. He called himself “Kid North” and went on several crime fighting missions, in a region called the Hallows, where drug trafficking is rampant.

Kid North got in over his head on one mission, and had to be bailed out by Dr. North.

Dr. North did not take kindly to the “Kid North’ project and forbade Carter from using the persona or the technology he developed. A rift began to develop between the two. Then during the height of their personal feud Dr. North mysteriously disappeared.

Red was unable to pay the rent on Dr. North’s luxurious suite and therefore Red would be homeless as soon as the rent had expired.

Creation of Chaos Red

Bitter that he had been abandoned by Dr. North, and eager to make his own living, Red Carter developed new technology in Dr. North’s laboratory before he would be evicted.

These new devices usurped the knowledge he had gained as a member of Freakshow to generate and manipulate electrical fields. He refined the process significantly, not requiring the cumbersome equipment the Freakshow carry to generate the power to operate the electrical fields.

He ditched the old “Kid North” moniker and chose the name: Chaos Red. He applied to Freedom Corps, but was denied due to a previous criminal record, his previous allegiance to Freakshow, and because he was suspected of being involved in Dr. North’s mysterious disappearance.

Angry with Freedom Corps' rejection he destroyed Dr. North’s luxurious apartment and went on a crime spree, stealing more technology to enhance his powers.

Imprisonment & Escape

Chaos Red was caught by Longbow agents, after a botched warehouse raid and sent to prison at the "Zig" in Brickstown. He spent only eight days of his two year sentence there, when Arachnos planned a massive prison break-out. Upon his escape the Arachnos organization attempted to recruit Chaos Red, but he refused. He instead made contact with Matthew Burke to run mercenary work for profit.

Red's electrical powers are still quite weak, but are sufficient enough to run low-level missions for Burke. Red is learning as he goes along though, and continues to refine and improve his electricity technology.


First Issue of Chaos Red
Issue #2 - Kill Skulls!
Issue # 3 of Chaos Red (cross-over issue to Loca #2)
Red is recaptured by Arachnos
Upon Red's escape he immediately defies Arachnos again
Doctor Creed betrays Chaos Red and he is ambushed.
Red takes flight with stolen technology.
Issue 8: The conspiracy trap!
Issue 9: To Save a Wretch
Issue 10: Chaos Red gets a new costume in the Cape Caper.
Issue 11: Chaos Red fights Longbow in Borstal Breakout!
Issue 12: Part 1 of the Red October Saga: The Bounty!
Issue 13: The Red October saga continues, as Chaos Red fights his way out of an ambush, and realizes Arachnos is behind the bounty for his head.
Issue 14: Chaos Red finally defeats his old nemesis, Hack-n-Slash, and flees to Steel Canyon to avoid the price on his head. The end of the issue has a surprise twist, where Loca reveals she is pregnant with his child.
Issue 15: Chaos Red attmepts to hide his new child back in the pasts via an amber time crystal.
Issue 16: Chaos Red is utterly betrayed by the Fifth Column, losing both his son and the time crystal. He also breaks his relationship with Loca and begins a long absence from adventures.
Issue 17: Chaos Red shows up after a 2-year prison sentence. While he lives in Rogue Island, he actually helps Alpha Squad escape Ghost Widow's tower. This is a conclusion story from cross-over stories from Alpha Squad issue #16 and an issue of Rockk.


Update as of: October 3, 2007

After Red's escape from the Zig [1], Chaos Red lived as a brute mercenary, mugging street vermin for cash [2], and completing basic "grunt" work for a independent contact named Matthew Burke [3].

As a super-villain living in Mercy Island, Chaos Red quickly developed an unhealthy antipathy towards Arachnos, (the most powerful military force on the islands). He defied their orders and even openly fought with Arachnos soldiers and agents. [4].

Chaos Red goes on a rampage after being ambushed by Arachnos.
For his insolence, Chaos Red was captured by Arachnos agents in late August of 2007. Red is slowly learning that being an anarchist on an island controlled by a militaristic regime, is not easy! A few days later Red broke out of his prison cell with the help of Loca, ("it was almost too easy," Red later confessed), and the two of them began to work for a creepy scientist named Doctor Creed. [5]

On September 2, 2007, Doctor Creed betrayed Chaos Red. Creed collaborated with Arachnos and planned to recapture Red with an ambush. However, the ambush backfired when his friend Loca anticipated Creed's betrayal and was able to rescue Red. [6]

Chaos Red reacted to the betrayal of Creed by going on a killing spree. He antagonized and fought with any low-level Arachnos he could find. It is estimated over 30 Arachnos soldiers and agents were killed or wounded by Red's rampage. During the rampage, Red discovered Arachnos schematics, that he could use to build electrical fields that would repel gravity and allow him to be able to "fly" (like omany ther super heroes and super villains).

On September 7, 2007 Red traveled to King’s Row via an old teleporter of Dr. North’s. There he met Juvie, a young ex-delinquent. At one moment Juvie and Red were sharing a pleasant conversation, when all of a sudden Juvie punched Red in the nose causing it to bleed. Red used the bleeding as an excuse to use the bathroom of an electronics component store, where he then raided the stock room for electronics components. He used the components to build the electricity field around him that allows him to fly.[7]

On September 11, 2007, Chaos Red was recently lured into a conspiracy that he thought would harm key agents of Arachnos. The conspiracy was really a “front” by Arachnos to capture Chaos Red and then blackmail him into their servitude.[8] However along the way, Red helped Wretch (a prominent agent of Arachnos) escape the clutches of a bizarre gang known as the “Lost”.

Chaos Red designed a new costume and is seen here posing in it, looking suspiciously like a super hero.
Wretch demanded Red be released, but the agents behind the consipracy "lure" wanted to detain Red indefinitely. A compromise was reached, in payment of his help, Arachnos released Red on the condition that he complete a series of missions under the direction of Marshal Brass. [9]

On September 20, 2007, Chaos Red became displeased with his flight capabilities. He determined that a cape would aid in the navigation of stability of flying. He ventured to Steel Canyon (via a secret teleport pad linked to North's old apartment), to search for the cape. Through a variety of mishaps he wound up stealing a cape, and fashioned a new costume. The costume makes him look much more like a super-hero than a super-villain, and expresses Red's secret desire to stop his life of crime (although Red will never admit this to anyone). [10]

On September 23, 2007, Chaos Red took his new costume into action for the first time, by completing his agreement with Marshall Brass. Specifically he was ordered to infiltrate the Zig, and release a super-villain contained within a high-security prison cell. Red was severely wounded in the assault, and required to be bailed out (again) by his friend Loca. In the end the super-villain was "rescued", and Arachnos lived up to their end of the bargain, they agreed to leave Chaos Red alone, (at least for now).[11]

Red October Saga

On October 1, 2007, Chaos Red finally found the courage to take on his haunted past with the Freakshow Gang. Although Red does not like to talk about it, Red’s “falling out” with the Freakshow gang back in 2005 led to him being framed for crimes he did not commit and it also allegedly led to the death of his mother.

During “Red October”, (as Chaos Red has dubbed the month) he has vowed to seek revenge on all that had wronged him. He began by seeking out a Freakshow Boss, by the name of Hack-n-Slash. Failing to find him, he instead stumbled upon a platoon of Freakshow Gang members sent to collect a “dead or alive” bounty on his head, posted by an unknown source.

Red fought those gang members with extreme violence and without prejudice, and his skirmish left several gang members maimed and one member dead.[12]. The battle continues until Chaos Red learns it is Arachnos, who has once again put a bounty of his head. A fact that infuriates him, and he seeks to destroy Hack-n-Slash once and for all to send a message to both the Freakshow and Arachnos that he is not to be trifled with.[13].

Chaos Red finally locates Hack-n-Slash and learns that Loca is pregnant and that Hack-n-Slash intends to kill Loca before she can have her baby. The ensuing rage leads to the murder of Hack-n-Slash, which forces Red to leave Rogue Islands and hide in Steel Canyon where his baby is born.[14].

Chaos Red as a Father

The gang warfare sparked in 2007 became so pervasive, that by January 2008 that Chaos Red had to lay low.

He began to be a "lounge lizard" at a seedy tavern in St. Martial, acting as low grade security for the bartender, and in return given crude shelter and food. He wallowed in alcohol and self-loathing for months.

In June of 2008, Loca broke back into Doctor North's condominium and began to squat there. She teleported Red there to live. Red was finally back home! Then Loca laid down the biggest shock of them all: she was pregnant with Red's child.

Chaos Red agreed to raise the child while squatting in Doctor North's residence.

Doctor North was rescued from a time vortex laid down by the Fifth Column. He was rescued by Cobra Fist. When Doctor North returned to his apartment he found Loca in labor with a breached birth and Chaos Red unsure what to do.

North delivers the child, it is a boy and Loca names the child Paco. North demands the child live a legal life. Chaos Red transports the kid back in time 15 years, figuring he can "rescue" the child once he has the financial stability to raise him properly.[15]

Chaos Red Imprisoned

Chaos Red is betrayed by the Fifth Column, losing both his son and the time crystal to the neo-nazi regime. Shortly after the betrayal, he and Loca are captured by Longbow agents and sent to prison for numerous crimes.[16]

Meanwhile the day after he was born, Paco returns from the past and enters Doctor North's apartment demanding to know where his parents are. When he learns they are in prison, he decides to become a super-villain himself and adopts the name Psycho Boy.

Chaos Red has no adventures for a long time and his comics are not published for over a year. Eventually it is revealed Chaos Red has served his sentence but has traveled back to Rogue Isles to seek revenge against Arachnos and Fifth Column, the two organizations he blames most for being imprisoned and losing his son.

After his release, Chaos Red shows up actually helping Alpha Squad escape Ghost Widow's tower.[17]


Each comic book above, will eventually feature a brief piece of fan fiction that describes what happened in the comic.

Issue 4 - Chaos Red Defies Arachnos

Issue 5 - Chaos Red vs. Dr. Geist

Father Figure Short Story

The story of Paco's birth and Chaos Red's imprisonment is documented in the story "Father Figure".


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Chaos Red has tiny electrical generators embedded inside the tattoos under his skin.

The metallic ink of these tattoos soak in the natural elements of the atmosphere, and use various elements contained in the blood stream. Then with a little bit of power from solar cells embedded in his long leather jacket, he is able to instinctively create powerful electrical fields.

These fields are erratic and hard to control, and Chaos Red has difficulty channeling them correctly, but believes if he can earn more money, he will be able to improve the technology significantly.


Chaos Red is not very good at keeping secrets.

Chaos Red is intelligent and inquisitive. He is also vain, self-centered and tends to laugh at his own jokes. He pokes fun of anything, especially anything that tries to demonstrate power.

Chaos Red is quite young (he just turned 20) and is naive like most men his age. However, he hates being under-estimated or treated like he’s inferior, solely because of his young age.

Red is not very good at keeping secrets and should never be trusted with sensitive information.

Red has extreme political opinions, but has no political aspirations, (other than personal wealth and the growth of his own personal power).

Red is wary of large corporations, gangs and any other large autocratic organizations. He’s an anarchist, believing the self is solely responsible for happiness and that political power is an illusion, only personal power is real. He considers all laws as ‘guidelines’, and has no respect for authority.

Other than his belief in anarchy, and his obsession with dangerous technology, Red is not unlike a normal North American young man, in every other respect. He likes fast food, cute girls and contemporary music. He enjoys his iPod, his video games and likes to “party” like most other 20 year-olds.

He currently resides in squalor, (a bug-infested apartment on Mercy Island), and has few possessions other than a dirty sofa (that he also uses as a bed), an X-Box and a 17-inch television about twenty years old with a fading picture tube. His diet usually consists of cheap "starchy" food such as Ramen noodles, Kraft Dinner and the occasional Slim Jim.

Despite his poor diet, he is very fit and exercises a lot. He would very much like to be able to afford a laboratory of his own, he feels he can improve his tattoo-ink technology if he just had more time and money to do so.

Chaos Red likes to sing a lot, and often sings along with his wireless miniature MP3 player that sits behind both his ears.



Chaos Red and Loca on their first mission together.

Loca was a dangerous psychicatric patient of Dr. North, who escaped from his apartment after his disappearance. Loca has extremely powerful psychic abilities, including the ability to bend the will of other people's minds and thoughts.

Both Loca and Chaos Red were captured by Longbow shortly after North's disappearance and both were then freed from the Zig at the exact same time. They have sinced collaborated in several mercenary missions for Matthew Burke, and generally get along and work well together.

Loca has a love interest in Chaos Red, but is wildly schizophrenic and unstable mentally, and has two distinct personalities, both of whom compete for Red's attention.

Chaos Red likes Loca, as she is both cute and charming, but thinks she is a bit "crazy", and hasn't figured out just how many problems Loca has. While Red is brighter than Loca academically and scientifically, he is far more naive emotionally than Loca, and doesn't have the same kind of ambitions that Loca has.


Chaos Red developed quickly while listening to Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers and the early albums of The Jam.

I’ll draw his influences heavily from the British punk/mod scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s. For example, “Borstal Breakout” by Sham 69 was playing very loudly when Chaos Red was escaping from prison during the tutorial.

The character of Roy Batty played by Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner will also be an influence, (and I must dial up some Vangelis to go with some of the punk, to augment the soundtrack).


Chaos Red has no particular admiration for Longbow or indeed any authority figure.


Chaos Red often raps and sings while flying around town. "Who's the one some think is great? I'm that one! Son of a gun!"
The following is the official soundtrack to Chaos Red. It's listed to provide a summary of the influences on Chaos Red's character development:

1. Borstal Breakout – Sham 69

2. Death or Glory – The Clash

3. Strange – Built to Spill

4. Billy Hunt – The Jam

5. Two Million Voices – Angelic Upstarts

6. Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae – Stiff Little Fingers

7. Bankrobber – The Clash

8. Art School – The Jam

9. Hey Ho, Let’s Go – The Ramones

10. Holidays in the Sun – The Sex Pistols

11. Motorhead – Motorhead

12. London Calling – The Clash

13. Hersham Boys – Sham 69

14. The Modern World – The Jam

15. Police on My Back – The Clash

16. Blade Runner (End Titles) – Vangelis

17. Tears in Rain – Vangelis

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