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Does KISS really stand for Knights in Satan's Service? Demon Wing might be living proof that it does.
Demon Wing
Player: @Ravyna
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 42
Personal Data
Real Name: Dudley Winger
Known Aliases: Demon
Species: Human
Age: 42
Height: 7' 8"
Weight: 335 lbs.
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Dark Melee / Shields
Known Abilities
Conjures strange infernal energy which inspires fear in his opponents and empowers his ability to brawl via fisticuffs.
A powerful shield of mysterious origin.
Believes he was "spawned" because he burned black candles while listning to "God of Thunder" by KISS backwards.



A young man believes he is transformed into a demon because he plays a Heavy Metal song backwards while lighting a black candle.


THE TALE (as told by Dudley)

Dudley Winger was a pretty average kid. He liked fast cars, he fantasized about buxom blondes, he would steal porn form the corner store when nobody was looking. Most of all he loved Heavy Metal music, and in particular, was obsessed with the rock band KISS.

One day, when Dudley Winger was burning black candles and playing "God of Thunder" backwards, a bizarre and dreadful thing happened.

You see, it turns out Tipper Gore was right. Those Heavy Metal records really are a gateway to Satanism and the destruction of mankind's morality. And those ladies at church that claimed KISS stood for "Knights in Satan's Service" were also right. KISS were agents of the devil, spawned solely to corrupt America's youth into a life of hedonism, (and eventually) eternal servitude in the fires of hell.

If you don't believe me just ask Dudley Winger, because when the candles burned and the record was spun backwards, Dudley Winger opened a portal to the fiery realm of the dark lords.

That was June 6, 1977, and Dudley was never heard from again for 11666 days.

Now Dudley is back, except he doesn't call himself Dudley anymore; he's a living, breathing creature of the night, a horrific demon complete with horns on his head and hoofs on his feet.

Dudley Winger - has now become "Demon Wing" - a vicious, blood thirsty demon, a lord of the wastelands, a modern day man of steel…

THE TRUTH (Spoilers ahead)

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Dudley Winger had a nervous breakdown at the age of 11, when his mother and father were killed in a car accident. His parents were abusive alcoholics, and possibly involved in drug trafficking. Dudley heard about the car accident from a phone call, while he was listening to “Detroit Rock City” by KISS. The tragic irony was too much to bear, he broke down and had to be institutionalized.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed to the Paragon Mental institution. He began to have delusions of grandeur, claiming that he was connected to infernal lords of the underworld, and that he was being "transformed" into a demon by the rock band KISS. His obsession with KISS grew utterly unreasonable, and indeed, the institution went to great lengths to demonstrate that the band actually consisted of old Jewish guys in grease paint and latex pants. The schizophrenia became so invasive, that Dudley stayed committed for decades, and his mental faculties deteriorated greatly.

In 2006, the famous Doctor North was solicited to treat Dudley Winger's delusions. North was astounded at how intricate Dudley's delusions had become. Then a year after North's initial analysis, the Doctor mysteriously disappeared.

Shortly after Doctor North disappeared, Dudley Winger was kidnapped and was forced into a terrifying, painful and real transformation. It is unknown just who orchestrated the transformation. It is likely, that Dudley was chosen for this transformation, because his mental illness would obscure his memory as to who or what transformed him. Indeed, Dudley’s “delusion” that he was already demon-spawned from hell (via some ridiculous ritual tied to a KISS song), provided the perfect cover for the true creator.

As of this writing, whatever force created “Demon Wing” remains a mystery.

“Demon Wing” is at-large, and his power is growing. He still believes he is a bonafide demon created by “KISS”, (who he believes are definitive agents of Satan instead of just a tired old rock band).

Demon Wing believes that the true purpose of a demon is to help other evil creatures with their goals and plans. However, he also believes that one day KISS will rule the Earth, and he needs to prepare for that eventuality so that he may rule with them. He believes when that day happens, he will be rewarded with 40 beautiful virgins.

Additional Spoilers

Demon Wing's therapy was often radical and experimental, and the vast majority of those records were carefully destroyed

(The following spoilers would be next to impossible for anyone to deduce, as the records of these facts have been thoroughly erased and destroyed. For example, even Doctor North was unaware of many of these facts. Dudley has no memory of these cirumstances...)

Dudley has severe lesions in his frontal lobe and cerebral cortex and this probably accounts for the severity of his schizophrenia. The psychological trauma of his parent’s death probably caused so much fatigue and stress that the lesions were able to grow from insitu tumors to malignant tumors. These lesions greatly deteriorate Dudley's mental faculty.

Early in Dudley’s cancer treatment he received severe radiation treatment. Sadly, the treatment only deteriorated his condition further.

An experimental drug was used on Dudley in his early 20’s. The drug was a bi-product derived from the production of superadine. It essentially had the opposite effect of that well-known drug. It was dubbed “Intra-Adine” and it was a depressant, a harsh drug that slowed down dopamine and closed receptors down, producing a calming, “lullaby” effect. The drug was first developed to treat severe bouts of mania in psychotic patients, but was deemed too dangerous and severe for use on humans. How and why the drug was used on Dudley is unknown but he was exposed to the drug on a daily basis for nearly 2 years.

Strangely, the cancer in Dudley's brain isn't lethal and the cancer has never metastatsized, but his mental capabilities are severely limited. For example, Dudley no longer dreams because his subconscious is almost entirely dysfunctional. What he conceives as “dreaming” from time to time, is just harsh reality that he at times struggles to comprehend, so interprets these incidences as “dreams”. This makes his subconcious desires and wishes almost impossible to read from any psychic, indeed it is possible some psychic has specifically destroyed this part of his brain, for reasons unknown.

NOTE: Psychic analysis of Demon Wing is extremely dangerous. The cancer cells in Demon Wing's brain are sensitive to psychic energy, and are possibly even spread through psychic channels. It appears the cancer is now used as a bizarre defense mechanism to keep Dudley's origin and true master a secret (and to infect any psychic agent that tries to pry into Dudley's mind).

Doctor North was oblivious to Dudley’s radiation therapy and his radical drug therapy; because no record of this occurrences exist in any medical record or written document.

Spoilers end here.

The Supreme Society

Through the advice of Johnny Sonata (mainly because he doesn't like Demon Wing hanging around his casinos, he's bad for business), Demon Wing has joined the the Supreme Society. His application was accepted by Eiko-chan and then ratified by Agonus. It is possible these two have accepted Demon Wing into their society for their own reasons or dark purpose.

Regardless of their motives, Demon Wing is thrilled to be aboard this 'team'. It provides him with a warm place to rest, and helps feed his fragile ego, especially since the team is called "Supreme Society".

In May 2009, Demon Wing left the Supreme Society and disappeared entirely for several months. He has rumored to have been recently seen in Grandville, under the direct tutelage of Ghost Widow.


First Issue of Demon Wing
Issue #2 - Fly by Night
Issue # 3 - Kick in the Trash
Fourth Issue of Demon Wing
Issue #5 - First part of Blood in the Park saga.
Issue #6 - Conclusion to Blood in the Park saga.
Issue #7 - Freakshow vs. Demon Wing.
Issue #8 - Freak Out - Conclusion
Issue #9 - The Hersham Boys pay Demon Wing a visit.
Issue #10 - Demon Wing versus the Tarantula!
Issue #11 - Demon Wing fights Longbow under the employ of Johnny Sonata
Issue #12 - Sonata recommends Demon Wing to Eiko-chan and Agonus of The Supreme Society.
Issue #13 - Double Issue - In this issue it is revealed that there is a possible link between Ghost Widow and Demon Wing's creation.
Issue #14 - Ghost Widow's apparent command over Demon Wing continues, leading to a factional rift within Arachnos, when Demon Wing refuses to betray her.
Issue #15 - Demon Wing disappears for a long time, and his return is unexplained nor does Demon Wing remember where he's been. However, the faction war he started with Ghost Widow continues.
Issue #16 - Demon Wing fights Colonel Bane, as the faction war in Arachnos reaches a climax. In the end Ghost Widow realizes Demon Wing needs a better circle of operatives as allies, and it is this issue that Demon Wing first meets Floral Madness.
Issue #17 - Demon Wing versus the Steel Titan. To test Demon Wing's apparent growth in power Floral Madness sends Demon Wing to fight the Malta Group. Here he lays waste to a Malta base and fight an epic battle with a 12 foot tall battle-droid known as the Steel Titan. The funds he steals in this venture is then used to equip the new secret base of operations for MEDUSA.


Issue by Issue

ISSUE 1: [1].After Dudley’s transformation (which he claims evolved from a strange ritual involving a KISS record and black candles), he decides to call himself “Demon Wing” and begins to commit crimes with his new super powers.

ISSUE 2:[2] Demon Wing discovers his new demon wings fail to function and negotiates a deal with a sinister fascist organization known as Arachnos. Demon Wing will find and capture a suspected spy in an obscure hideout, and in turn, Arachnos will teach Demon Wing how to use his wings. Demon Wing completes the mission, and learns the muscles on the wings simply needed additional exercise and strength. He demands an additional reward from Arachnos and they refuse.

ISSUE 3: [3] Demon Wing is later sabotaged by an Arachnos platoon of mysterious origin. This leaves him penniless and homeless. Forced to sleep in a squat, he encounters drug dealers who attempt to lure him into service by injecting him with hallucinogens in his sleep. The drugs backfire, and Demon Wing awakens enraged. He kills them, but the drugs seem to effect him for quite a while afterward. After Demon Wing leaves the squat, Longbow investigates the murder of the drug dealers and officially issues a warrant for his arrest. In particular, a young Lieutenant takes interest in learning more about Demon Wing's strange glowing shield.

ISSUE 4: [4]. After a few weeks of destitution and sleeping in squats, Demon Wing finds a strange cave. It turns out the caves are in fact a trap set up by the Cult of Thorns, (who wish to capture Demon Wing and subvert him into their service). Demon Wing is held prisoner in a block of ice after a short battle with the cult that Demon Wing loses. Just as Demon Wing is about to be lobotomized, Longbow shows up (looking to arrest Demon Wing) and they scatter the cult members. Then after Longbow releases him, Demon Wing goes on a rampage, seriously injuring the Longbow Lieutenant in the process. Demon Wing then wakes up, and finds himself cold and hungry in a squat. He is unsure if what took place was real, or just a nightmare, and believes the drugs that were injected into him previously might still be affecting him.

ISSUE 5: [5],Demon Wing asks around about the ‘Cult of Thorns’ seeking revenge for what they did to him and to learn what was real and not real from the previous evening. He learns the cult often captures victims in a local park late at night. He decides to investigate and finds an evil sorcerer who is stealing the souls of innocent victims. Demon Wing (angered at his capture), confronts the sorcerer and in the ensuing battle, hears strange voices in his head that confuse him.

Demon Wing gets into all kinds of trouble with the Freakshow Gang.
ISSUE 6: [6]Demon Wing continues to hunt ‘Cult of Thorns’ in the dark city park. With each cult member he defeats, the voices in his head begin to increase and he eventually sees visions of a strange old, bald man trapped in a jar. At one point Demon Wing stares at his own hand, and sees the human hand once had before he was transformed into a demon. A cult member says he will solve the mystery for a price, but then insults Demon Wing's favorite rock band shortly afterward suggesting the band had nothing to do with him being transformed into a demon. Enraged by the comment, Demon Wing chooses to beat the cult member to death instead of learning the origin of the voices in his head.

ISSUE 7:[7] Demon Wing is destitute again. He is unable to get a job because of his appearance, and unable to steal because Arachnos mysteriously shows up to thwart the theft, (or sometimes steal his earnings). He moves to an area called 'the Pit', a shanty town run by hoodlums called "Freakshow". He comes here seeking Chaos Red, an associate of Doctor North who Demon Wing feels can help him. Instead, he is attacked by a member of the Freakshow gang called Metal Shift. He wins the fight, gaining the respect of some gang members in the process, where is allowed to stay at a squat, and eats cold Kraft Dinner for dinner, and enjoys a beer stolen from a truck.

ISSUE 8: [8]A Freakshow woman by the name of Doctor Buzzsaw finds Demon Wing hungover and living in squalor, despite the fact he just defeated Metal Shift, (a prominent member of the Freakshow gang). Seeing that Demon Wing is both powerful and stupid, she decides she can use him for a greater purpose. She sends Demon Wing to a secret hideout to gather red coral. Demon Wing winds up fighting with other Freakshow gang members to retrieve what Doctor Buzzsaw wants. He wins the fight, and along the way, develops quite the crush on Doctor Buzzsaw. Buzzsaw's experiments fail when her new creation winds up becoming more powerful than her. When Buzzsaw is wounded by her new creation, Demon Wing seeks the creation out and destroys it. When he returns, he finds out Doctor Buzzsaw is not interested in Demon Wing romantically at all.

ISSUE 9: [9]Demon Wing develops a small faction of followers in the Freakshow gang, that call themselves the Hersham Boys. Demon Wing and his new "gang" rumble with a small platoon of Arachnos soldiers on furlough at a local casino. Demon Wing makes off with a fortune, only to have his 'followers' ambush him for the money, leaving him penniless again.

ISSUE 10: [10]Demon Wing is captured by the Arachnos, and in his cell he has strange dreams he can't explain. It is possible Arachnos experiment on Demon Wing with powerful drugs, but Demon Wing has difficulty separating what really happened and what just his dreams. He breaks out of his cell, and fights a massive spider, that is half machine-half human. He escapes, but it dawns on him his escape was rather easy.

ISSUE 11: [11]Johnny Sonata has a score to settle with Longbow after they harm his businesses in Nerva Archipelago. The problem is, he can't find anyone dumb enough to confront Longbow head-on. Later that same afternoon Demon Wing is caught sleeping in a dumpster behind one of Johnny's casinos. Sonata convinces Demon Wing to "send a message" to Longbow and Demon Wing defeats (and even kills) several Longbow agents at their base in Nerva Archipelago.

ISSUE 12: [12]Demon Wing hangs around Johnny Sonata's casino (he has nowhere else better to go), and his presence frightens his patrons and costs him money. To get rid of him he recommends him to Eiko-chan as a possible recruit for their power villain-group called The Supreme Society. Eiko-chan takes Demon Wing to Agonus who adopts him into their group. Later the two fight side by side, as Agonus tests Demon Wing's strength and courage.

ISSUE 13: [13]Ghost Widow summons Demon Wing seemingly at will and via some kind of communication link that Ghost Widow had apparently had planted on him. She inquires deeply into the efforts of the Supreme Society and then sends Demon Wing on a mission involving Red Widow. After he completes this mission for Ghost Widow, she hints to him that she had something to do with his creation. Demon Wing does not remember the words, does not remember completing the mission, and does even remember meeting Ghost Widow shortly after he leaves.

ISSUE 14: [14]Ghost Widow's apparent command over Demon Wing continues. When Arbiter Daos of Arachnos demands Demon Wing betray her, he refuses demonstrating the power Ghost Widow has over him. Demon Wing is captured, punished and tortured for his refusal. He is set free by a group of Fortunata's under Ghost Widow's command, extending the growing rift within Arachnos factions. Ghost Widow appears on a large video screen shortly after Demon Wing's release, and seems to cast a spell that robs Demon Wing of all memory of the incident.

ISSUE 15 [15]Demon Wing disappears for several months. He seems unable to remember where he was or what happened. However, the faction war that began between Daos and Ghost Widow has elevated upon his return. Demon Wing fights several Arachnos platoons and leaves a trail of mayhem so wide and deep that even Lord Recluse takes notice. Recluse decides the faction war, makes Arachnos stronger as a whole and demands Daos destroy Demon Wing to prove his strength to him.

ISSUE 16 [16]Demon Wing is besieged by one of Arbiter Daos' most powerful agents, a grim soldier known as Colonel Bane. The two fight an epic battle, that sees an entire building reduced to rubble. Demon Wing wins the battle, as Bane discovers Demon Wing has an uncanny way of replenishing his energy using an mysterious infernal power.

ISSUE 17 [17]To test Demon Wing's apparent growth in power Floral Madness sends Demon Wing to fight the Malta Group. Here he lays waste to a Malta base and fight an epic battle with a 12 foot tall battle-droid known as the Steel Titan. The funds he steals in this venture is then used to equip the new secret base of operations for MEDUSA.

Issue References

  1. Issue 1 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs
  2. Issue 2 - Fly by Night
  3. Issue 3 – Kick in the Trash
  4. Issue 4 - It's a Trap!
  5. Issue 5 - Blood in the Park – Part 1
  6. Issue 6 - Blood in the Park – Part 2
  7. Issue 7 - Freak Out!
  8. Issue 8 - Freak Out (Conclusion)
  9. Issue 9 - Hersham Boys
  10. Issue 10 - Demon Wing versus the Tarantula
  11. Issue 11 - Longbow Dies!
  12. Issue 12 - Supreme Service
  13. Issue 13 - Mistress Revealed?
  14. Issue 14 - Widows and Shadows
  15. Issue 15 - Demon Wing Returns
  16. Issue 16 - Demon Wing vs. Colonel Bane
  17. Issue 17 - Demon Wing versus the Steel Titan

DESTROYER - Demon Wing's Shield

Origin of the Shield

Shortly after Demon Wing’s unexplained appearance, he began to wield a rather impressive shield.

Demon Wing calls the shield “Destroyer”, and claims the shield was given to him by Ace Frehley (the lead guitarist in KISS), and uses the same technology that Ace uses on stage to make his guitar emit smoke and shoot fireworks. Obviously Demon Wing’s explanation as to the origin of the shield is ludicrous, since Ace is now a middle-aged drunk living in Florida.

Demon Wing's shield makes quick work of the low-level Longbow agent dispatched to defeat him.
Freedom Corps believes the shield was actually stolen from their laboratories, as it resembles some of the “tech shields” they have issued to some of their own high-level personnel. However, they are quite confident Demon Wing has neither the power nor ingenuity to engineer such a theft. It is likely a more powerful villain committed the robbery and then gifted the shield to Demon Wing.

Longbow believes it is Demon Wing’s schizophrenia that devised the story about the shield being built by Ace Frehley.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Demon Wing’s shield was stolen from Freedom Corps and works on advanced Rikti technology. The shield can teleport itself to a secure location and be summoned at Demon Wing’s request.

The person who stole the shield was a hacker/thief named Chaos Red. Red hacked into one of Freedom Corps’ mainframes, and teleported the shield to himself. When he found no particular use for it (and nobody would buy it as it was clearly stolen goods), he gave it to Demon Wing.

Freedom Corps has attempted to teleport the shield back to their headquarters but Red has changed the encryption routines so they can’t get to it. They have tried to physically retrieve the shield, but so far every agent sent to retrieve it has failed, (and in some instances have died from the injuries they received from Demon Wing).

Spoilers end here.


These short stories, are presented in journal "blog" format. The tale is told by a mysterious narrator, that apparently has documented Dudley's thoughts during his demonic "transformation", and juxtaposed them against the notes of his psychiatrist (Doctor North) from the same time.



The Premise

In the 80's there was this ridiculous notion that Heavy Metal music was a gateway to Satanism, I took this ridiculous delusion that the rock band KISS were actually agents of Satan, and tried to have fun with it, with this silly character.

I chose this, because I still mock and scoff at the ideas proposed by Tipper Gore back in the 80’s. She and others attempted to demonize heavy metal music as some kind of agent of moral destruction, and the cause of everything from teenage suicide, drug addiction and the moral decay of America.

That is the real “delusion” in my opinion, and so in order to mock it, I tried to create a storyline where the extreme circumstances of that delusion suddenly became true. In this case, a young tween-kid is literally transformed into some infernal creature at the behest of some hellish taskmaster, all apparently because he listened to a rock band named KISS.

Linking some old man that spits red food coloring on stage, (while wearing fake tin-metal armor and spandex) to the concept of the Devil, Lucifer and eternal damnation is ludicrous. Therefore, Demon Wing’s origin is ludicrous, because if you take Tipper’s argument verbatim and extend it to its logical conclusion, you get something as ridiculous as a comic book story...

...a comic book story our government squandered millions of tax dollars and endless committees to “investigate” and “report”, for the “safety” of the American people, and that is far more ridiculous than any comic I’ve ever read.


Demon Wing’s personality is that of an emotionally stunted man, who hasn’t advanced emotionally or socially beyond adolescence. Despite the fact Dudley is a 40-year old man, he still walks, talks and acts like a 14-year old boy.

Dudley thinks he’s a real demon (and why not he looks like one and has powers like one), so he tries to “act up” being a demon, but often to comical effect. I hope this will make Demon Wing a rather sad, but somewhat humorous character to interact with. Demon Wing will say things like: “I am the lord of the wastelands!” despite the fact he’s just beating up scrawny Skuls on the street for loose change.

My intention is to never have Dudley’s bubble burst, and indeed as he progresses his delusion will seem more and more vindicated. I imagine, if this were an epic mini-series (in real comics) that the ultimate ending would be to show Dudley quivering in some straight jacket, with drool coming out of his mouth, while he scrawls KISS Rules on the wall with his overgrown toenail.

It would provide a Dorothy Gale ending that would irritate every reader probably, but in my mind would be the perfect ending.

Demon Wing and the Circle of Thorns have had many battles - and the cult's obsession with Demon Wing has grown with each defeat.
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