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Girl Genius
Player: @Eiko-chan
Origin: Science / Technology
Archetype: Mastermind / Brute
Threat Level: 50 / 45
Personal Data
Real Name: Muchitsujo Eiko
Known Aliases: Eiko-chan, Mecha Eiko, formerly General Eiko
Species: Genetically engineered human
Age: 18
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Villain, Bank Robber, Global Menace
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
Base of Operations: Aeon City, Cap au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Super-Intelligence / Genetic Superiority / Apprentice Magicks
Known Abilities
Advanced Engineering / Programming / Administration / Command
Robots / Hi-Tech Gadgetry
No additional information available.


Physical Description

Eiko is a slight, slim girl of obvious Japanese descent. She appears almost albino, though her eyes lack the typical blue or red hue of natural albinos.


Eiko was not born in the traditional sense, though she does have two distinct genetic forebears. Her father, Tomyo, was a cutting-edge geneticist working in Osaka, Japan. Never possessing much in the way of social graces, his unrequited love for one of his lab assistants led him to his greatest achievement - Eiko - though she would eventually also be his doom. Working with paired DNA from himself and his oblivious assistant, Eiko's father crafted what he thought the perfect genetic form and grew Eiko in his laboratory, where she was "born".

Possessed of remarkable intelligence from a young age, Eiko was speaking complete sentences before her first birthday, and reading by her third. Always precocious, young Eiko plagued her father with constant questions about virtually every subject. Her father tried to answer them as best he could; but when he (inevitably) could not answer to her satisfaction, Eiko started to explore subjects on her own, devouring her father's personal and professional libraries in a few years. Eiko spent her formative years in the laboratory - her father kept her on hand as a ready example of his work, and her intelligence and cheerful nature kept the morale up among his assistants.

Even with all her father's books and the tutelage of the laboratory assistants, Eiko's thirst for knowledge was left unsatiated. Ultimately, she hacked the laboratory network in search for more knowledge. Her young, inept hacking was easily tracked by Tomyo's employers, who deduced that Tomyo was attempting industrial espionage. Tomyo was summarily fired and his assistants reassigned. Disgraced and unable to secure any employment in Japan, Tomyo took Eiko and moved to America. In the aftermath of the Rikti invasion, he found a position in Paragon City.

Tomyo stopped taking Eiko to work after the incident in Osaka, but Eiko continued to consume every source of information she could. Left at home (Eiko did not have official documentation and her father feared she would be taken away), Eiko got a lot of her knowledge by watching TV. Still, her intelligence could not be denied, and she began to realise she was more intelligent than even her father as she quietly began correcting work he left laying around at home.

As she reached her teenage years, Eiko began to resent her father's continued insistence in treating her as a child, especially as he started to rise in his new company based on the work she was doing for him. She started to demand more freedom and autonomy, which her father refused to grant. He tried to buy her off with more toys instead - purchases of electronics, mechanical gadgetry and robotic innovations. Unfortunately, this would only give her the tools to construct her first warbots. Soon after her fourteenth birthday, one of Eiko's warbots rampaged into Tomyo's office and, upon her programmed orders, gunned him down with high-velocity shrapnel.

Eiko's trial was a minor buzz in the Paragon media for several months as it went on. Her court-appointed lawyers tried to argue she was under-age and sheltered, thus mentally unfit to serve time for her crimes. They actually seemed to be winning the case until they called her to the stand. Eiko took over the proceedings, systematically destroying the defence's case by proving, time and again, her full mental ability and understanding of exactly what she had done. The jury, previously seeming sympathetic for the young, allegedly abused girl, quickly turned opinion after her testimony. After only an hour's deliberation, they returned a unanimous guilty verdict of murder in the first degree.

The Zig and the Rogue Isles

Because of Eiko's proven expertise in high-tech fields and the state's ruling to sentence her as an adult, she was deemed a super-powered threat and imprisoned in Paragon's toughest prison, the Ziggurat. She was sentenced to a life sentence, with chance for parole in ten years.

The first few weeks of Eiko's incarceration were rough. She was under-age, small, and worst of all, female. Virtually every convict in the Ziggurat saw her as their new plaything.

She spent a year in the Zig, killed some fellow inmates, and was broken out.

More in this section when I feel like fleshing it out.

The Supreme Society

General Eiko of the Supreme Society

A few months after her breakout from the Ziggurat, Eiko's headlines and villainy reached the attention of Count Logan vonDrake, a member of a secretive group known as the Syndicate. After meeting with the Syndicate and getting paid to aid them with several schemes, she was offered membership in the small and insular group. The group's leader, Nemesis Red, however, soon grew dissatisfied with operating in secret, and when Agonus invited him to join his new Society, the Syndicate dissolved. Count Logan and Eiko were both invited to help found this new army, a group called The Supreme Society.

Eiko continued her spree of robberies and raids upon Longbow facilities in the early days of the Society, building a reputation for herself in both the Isles and Paragon City while amassing a small fortune used to fund her engineering projects and keep her supply of warbots intact. Her ruthless efficiency, as well as her willingness to deal with Arachnos bureaucracy and day-to-day tasks, sooned earned her a seat of trust in the society. As Count Logan was busy building his empire in Tyranabillus, Eiko took upon the task of building the Society's infrastructure, designing its base and securing resources and permissions from Arachnos to allow it to operate within the Isles without having to constantly thwart attempts from the "legal" authorities of the Isles to dislodge it.

Soon after she joined the Society's Inner Circle, she adopted the moniker "General Eiko", donning a now-infamous purple military uniform while conducting her raids. It is under this guise that Eiko has been registered as an official villain in Longbow's files, as well as a global menace recognised by the Freedom Phalanx. Most of Eiko's official villainy has been conducted in this guise that seems almost a character she plays, far more serious and focused than the more typical teenager she is out of uniform.

Eiko's personality has done much to establish the Society's power. While the members still answer primarily to Agonus, Eiko has created bonds of friendship, despite sharp contrasts in age, with many of the Society's rank-and-file, particularly BlueRevenant and Shock-Front. Many in the Society look to Eiko for command decisions in the absence of Agonus, and a few do even while he is still present. There is some question of how much Agonus personally trusts Eiko; while he may very well view her as an internal rival for control of The Supreme Society, so far she has shown no signs of any plans to use her friendships to test the loyalty of the Society's members.

In recent months, General Eiko has made no appearances in either Paragon City or the Rogue Isles. Eiko herself has been seen frequently, mostly around Dr. Aeon's various facilities in Cap au Diable, proving that the villainess has not been captured, but clearly something within the Society has changed to cause the disappearance of her alter ego.


Eiko seems eternally cheerful, even in the face of resistance and failure. No obstacle is insurmountable, no problem unsolvable. "Impossible" simply is not a part of her vocabulary (though the more humorous "unpossible" most certainly is.) She is energetic and exuberant, best described with the Japanese word "genki" and all its underlying meaning. She makes friends easily and is not easily discouraged by set-backs. She does, however, take very seriously insults that target her intelligence, ability, or maturity.

"The first rule of Eiko is: respect Eiko!"

In battle, Eiko shows great enthusiasm for destruction and carnage and little remorse for casualties. She has murdered hundreds of Longbow agents and members of the Paragon Police Department and shows little regard for the pain her actions might have caused remote others. She is able to empathise with others on an intellectual level, understanding their feelings and even showing genuine affection in person, but sympathy seems beyond her. Moderation does play a factor, however; she often advocates against killing "major players" in both the Isles and Paragon City in an attempt to limit resistance to her and the Society.

Her callousness has limits, however. She has many times discouraged lethal action against such thorns to the Society as Gemuse Force, claiming they were just "dumb kids" who "didn't know any better".




Eiko has developed many models of warbot, both before and after her breakout from the Ziggurat, of varying sizes and complexity of design.

Her most common warbots are of a smaller design, equipped with multi-fire laser cannons based on the same design of the rifle carried by Eiko herself. She is typically accompanied personally by three of these warbots, dubbed "Domo Arigato", "Mr. Roboto" and "Domo Domo".

The sibling bots, "Onii-chan" and "Onee-chan" can project fields of ionised particles around a target and are also equipped with advanced algorithms that allow them to enact battle-field repairs and devise simple combat devices. They also have basic laser cannons and photonic launchers, allowing them to emit grenade-like blasts.

"Robo-sama" is the name she gives to the largest of her designs, which has been greatly modified from the original version used to kill her father. Robo-sama is equipped with far more powerful plasma-based cannons and incendiary missile launchers that, when paired, can also project a stream of flame.

All warbots are devised of a highly-modified titanium alloy based off Rikti technology, making them highly resistant to all forms of damage.

Pulse Rifle

Based off Rikti designs, Eiko has developed her own personal weapon, capable of energy projection. It operates in two modes: a high-power burst that strikes with concussive force capable of breaking bone, and a high-yield photonic burst that blinds and disorients foes.


Eiko generally commands her warbots from the front lines, where she can shift the tide of battle with the well-timed deployment of one of the various gadgets of her design. Common devices deployed by Eiko include fields of caltrops, web grenades to hold foes in place, mortars capable of firing shells filled with corrosive acid, and delicate glass balls filled with noxious gas. Most devices are built on-sight with materials Eiko keeps with her.

Genetic Superiority

Tomyo, for all his faults, was a brilliant geneticist and created a marvel in Eiko. Her metabolism is far more efficient than human norm, and most of her organs operate at levels unheard of in humans. She heals much faster than a normal human would, though her regenerative ability does not touch into the superhuman realms; this also extends to digestion and circulation, making her highly resistant to normal disease and poison (including alcohol). Her musculature is far more compact and effective than human norm, making her much stronger than her size would indicate (though her mostly sedentary lifestyle keeps that well within human norms.) Her senses are also superior, allowing her to see, hear, smell and feel things others would have no chance to. She keeps most of these abilities quiet, however; she could be a physical powerhouse if she so chose, but she prefers pursuits of the mind.

Many genetic studies, including her own, have shown her DNA to lack many racial defects common to humanity that cause the regenerative process to fail as age onsets. This means that Eiko should be effectively immortal, barring major injury or genetic drift. The matter is, however, purely academic and theoretical: Eiko has, in fact, lived for only eighteen years.


Eiko's intellect has never been accurately measured; like Einstein, she knows things no one else has discovered and can devise theories on the fly that are generally correct to explain unforeseen phenomena. She easily possesses the knowledge, insight and cunning of a woman thrice her age and has become a master of multiple disciplines. Most of her work has gone into engineering, both structural and robotic, with lesser emphasis on programming.

Her time in the Society has already begun to cultivate a talent for administration and command, and she has already proved quite effective at directing small forces to greater effect in battle, talents which translate even to her warbots' combat programming.

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