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"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- forever." George Orwell

((The Supreme Society is a group of comic book style supervillains, similar in concept to DC's Secret Society or an evil version of the modern Marvel Squadron Supreme. The long term goal of the Society is world domination by open force, and the short terms goals are designed to achieve this, mostly, anyway, by amassing power in any and all means. Once the Supreme Society has accomplished it's primary goal of world domination, then the Agents of the Society will be able to go about their schemes as they please. Contact @Eiko-chan, @Larina, @The New Black, @auto-run and @Raahh for additional details and/or to request an IC interview to join the group. Forums can be found at


A New Power

Founded by a mysterious man known only as Agonus, the Supreme Society was formed to develop a new power base in the Rogue Isles with world domination as the ultimate, if longterm, goal. In regards to the current leadership of the Society, word has recently spread throughout the Rogue Isles that Agonus has passed the Chairman title to longstanding member Eiko-chan. The exact reasons for this transfer of power are not yet publicly known.

In the grand scheme of the Rogue Isles, Lord Recluse has shown that he will allow groups such as Crey, The Council, and Malta to go about their schemes as long as they do not upset the balance of power in the area. Previously, the Supreme Society was content to follow similar guidelines, until they were capable of contending with the more established organizations. The better known heroes of Paragon, namely the Freedom Phalanx and the Vindicators, also seemed to be pre-occupied with keeping Arachnos in check, and as such the Society intended to stay under the radar of such groups until the time is right. That time is now.

The Society itself is comprised of malevolent agents who share in Agonus' vision of a Rogue Isles where no one will be able to stop their plans. This goal will be accomplished by systematically removing the competition, whether they are rivals factions or opposing forces. The two main methods of dealing with outsides factions are outright annihilation if the targets prove to be too much trouble, or assimilation into the Society if there is potential to be harnessed.

Public Front

The Supreme Society acts openly in the Rogue Isles, doing little to conceal its endeavors. The Society also recently seized an island in the Nerva Archipelago as their new base of operations. Now a highly fortified stronghold, the island serves as the centre of all Society activity.

Known Structure and Additional Members

The overall structure of the Supreme society is known to be somewhat fluid. While some rankings have remained intact since the original foundation of the group, other have undergone constant change. Who holds these positions also seems to change frequently.


The original Chairman of the Supreme Society was Agonus, who was both the founder and leader of the organization. Since the formation of the group, however, Agonus has passed the Chairman position to Eiko-chan. The Chairman is still the primary leader of the Society, though they are known to convene with other high ranking members on important matters. All orders to Society members and questions from or for the group are overseen by the Chairman.


The most trusted members of the Society, the Directors are given more important tasks to accomplish, and they have the ear of the Chairman for their own plans. Some of the current Directors of the Society are believe to be the following


Dr. Morbus



Some individuals prefer to work from the shadows, and also tend to require more leniency to conduct their work efficiently. The rumors in regards to the branch of the Society known only as the Syndicate far outnumber the known facts. The loyalties of Count Logan vonDrake, who has been seen publicly with various members of the Society, are a prime example of the secrecies surrounding the Syndicate.


The Agents of the Society are the core members. They have established the lengths they are willing to go to get the job done. For most Agents, it is only a matter of time before they attain higher positions of authority in the Society. Among the known Agents of the Society are

Admiral Duskgear

Ahreman the Red


Doctor Thermite

Emerald Soulcatcher

Sky Blaze

Teen Tyrants

In an unexpected turn of events, the Society started working with a group of young malcontents nicknamed the Teen Tyrants. The exact nature of the alliance between the two groups is believed to be a twisted mirror of the heroes of Paragon City who train the younger heroes; in this case, the Society has begun preparing the next generation of superhumans to enforce the new world order. While the Tyrants have nowhere near the structure of the Society, they seem to have adopted Stacy Wu as their leader.


The Society Reservists are the newest recruits who have yet to prove their loyalty to the cause.

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