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Pushing Himself To the Limit and Beyond
Player: @Raahh
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Binju
Known Aliases: Bin
Species: Heiryan
Age: 22
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: RBlack
Biographical Data
Nationality: Different Planet but has characteristics of African American
Occupation: Galactic Traveller
Place of Birth: Senia, Tormicico of the Planet Heirya
Base of Operations: Senia, Tormicico of the Planet Heirya
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Powers
Mind Control, Energy Assault
Known Abilities
Giga Blast, Final Shot

Not much is known on Earth of Binju or his Heiryan heritage. When first heard of on the Rouge Isles he was unknown and unfeared but soon that changed as powers grew so did his reputation and was soon feared by many powerful foes.

Binju is a Heiryan that possesses the ability to control the energy around him and those around him and use it to affect their thought patterns. He is very skilled in ranged and hand to hand combat and also uses the energy to power up his blows.

Although he tried to start a career as a hero, he quickly found out that justice and innocence did not help him in his quest for power as much as greed and corruption would, so he quickly found himself breaking out of the Zig and making his way to the Rouge Isles.



Coming from the the planet Heirya, Binju is an acclaimed Heiryan warrior, who has put his life on the line many times to protect the Crown. He and the Prince were personal best friends since both of them lost thier mothers as children and they felt so close for some reason, and from the time they were children they grew up watching each others back, Binju knew how to fight so he always protected the Prince, until he found out that he was the rightful Prince.

His only known relative at the time was his Grandfather who is a fugative of the law, for being accused of trying to assassinate the previous King. His grandfather taught him a lot about energy and how to use it on combat and control. The death of his mother and father was unknown to him at this time. However, when his grandfather was laying on his death bed with his last breath he told him the truth about his parents, and how he was to be the true heir to the Heiryan throne. His mother was the original love of the King, who at the time was the Prince, and as they were going to run off together he left her for the woman who he was origanally going to be married to. Deeply depressed and pregant, as her father he felt he could not just sit by and do nothing, so he tried to kill the Prince. After his attempt was foiled he ran away to an area where Binju's mother was hid. After the birth of Binju she was still deeply depressed, and the doctor told his grandfather that she is not going to live, the stress of giving birth and what she was already dealing with was too much for her heart and as she felt her life slipping away she told her father with her last breath "never let Binju know the truth", he already knew that was a promise he could not keep.


As Binju shared this knowledge with his fellow guardsmen, they we quick to beleive this due to the fact that Binju looked more like the King than the Prince did. As this was being brought to the light more things were being found out, like the Crown taking the peoples money and keeping the poor even poorer and to make the rich even richer. Binju was blinded by his friendship with the Prince to notice it. As time progessed the Crown would make laws and even more taxes and it was soon the people vs. the crown. Many of the people referred to Binju as their Prince.

Foiled Plot

One night after a slaugter of mass commoners by the Prince, Binju set up a team it was him and 5 others and he was going to single handedly take out the Crown and everyone in the kingdom and claim his rightful title. As one of the men was a traitor and set them up the other members were killed in Binju's face, as the Prince was personally going to kill Binju, Binju said "even death won't stop my vengence". So as he was about to be killed he used a trick his grandfather taught him and he put everyone to sleep by taking all of their energy. By using their only spacecraft he escapes, however, he left the Prince with a note and it says ...

"I have left for now, but when I return, I will be able to take out a whole planet, so taking on your army will be nothing, don't underestimate my power

Your Best Friend Bin"

The Journey

Bin preparing for battle
As he visited different planets he ran into all types of warriors and defeated them all that crossed his path, he never faught anyone that didn't start trouble with him, he only wanted to find a way to get stronger. After finally making it to Earth he hears of a place called Paragon City were there are strong Villains running around, so he thinks that this is a great opportunity to increase my strength and fight some stronger foes. To him there was just no glory in saving the day or atleast no money which he desperately needed and he was not getting. So after hearing about the Rouge Isles he makes his way there, he heard that Villains run loose there and and that being a Villain is a lot more profitable than being a Hero. The is more to his focus on money than greed, but no one at this point in time knows why.

The Supreme Society

While causing much havok on the Rouge Isle Binju's name got out, and after being heard by a lot of people he was confronted by a Super Villain named Agonus. Agonus then told him that his name was getting around and if he needed any allies he could join the Supreme Society. He joined so he could have access to some of the tools that would help him in his journey.

Flamental Anguish

After being in the Society for some time he was assigned a special task. This task consisted of mentoring the young evil talent known as The Teen Tyrants. His could careless about watching the brats, however, there was one that caught his attention, Flamental Anguish. Although, it was not until they first met that he caught his eye. The first encounter of the two was when Flamental decided to spray paint the Statue of Recluse in Grandville. Binju knew that there was going to be an army after him so took him and ran. They became trapped and Binju was getting ready to go toe to toe with about 100 Bane Spider Gaurds, then it happened. Flamental Anguish released a mental howl that put down all of them. Binju was shocked and from that day forward he took him under his wing. He has been helping him focus on controlling the power that he has. Binju feels that one day if he fully learns to control his power, he would be able to take on the Universe.


As a Heiryan, Binju has a natural super human speed which is natural for a Heiryan warrior. He also has the natrual ablity to control energy, he can use this energy in many ways, mainly mental, but he can use it to put people to sleep, give them a headache, or even confuse them making them turn against their own. He can also concentrated this energy into his hands and pummel his foes with it, or he can even project this energy and knock people way back. Also Binju has a strong fighting arua and can sometimes make his opponents scared to face him.

Giga Blast - This is one of Binju's favorite attacks and most times says " see you in the next deminstion" upon firing. This is a concentrated blast of emence energy and most times will severly injure a foe, if not take them out the fight altogether. Although it is a powerful attack it requires Binju to be in almost close combat to use it and it requires a mass amount of his own energy to use.

Finishing Shot - This Binju came up with to take weak foes out of the fight real quick. This is a highly concentrated drop of energy, so concentrated that being hit by hit could feel like being hit by a plane a full force. This does not require a lot of Binju's own energy as he has learned to use the energy around him, but the biggest drawback to it is that in order to concentrate all of that energy it takes time, so he usually puts a foe to sleep before using it or just fires it from a far

Ulta Heiryan

Heiryans can only control so much energy at a time before it becomes too much, and they can't control strong minded indivisuals, however, there was a legend of an Ultimate Heiryan. Referred to as the Ulta Heiryan this legend is feared throughout their solar system, this being is able to make the strongest of minds bow down before it, able to double it strength by the mass amount of energy manipulation, and able to manuver at great speed. Unfortunately after a certain period of time the being is unable to control itself and cannot contain all the stored energy and soon evaporates into just particles. There has only been one ever heard of and his power lasted for 2 years before it destroyed him, in that time he killed every inhabitant of 2 plants and turned the minds of another planet against each other and had them kill themselves.

Binju has found out a way of controlling this power, unfortunately at the time he was unable to attain it. He found out that the first Ulta Hieryan was weak minded only, so he realized that you have to train your mind as much as you do your powers. As of right now Binju's mental abilities surpass those of what would be considered above average of his planet, so now all he has to do is attain the power. However, after seeing his comrads fall to an opposing Hero Group named the Global Guard in, he left that defeat with anger. As he trained harder he kept thinking about how he fell. So one day as he was about to fall in battle again to another Hero in Warburg, as he seen a group of Rouge Villains fall before him, he is reminded of what happened to the Supreme Society, and after a loud outcry he goes into an Ulta Heiryan mode and somehow with enough anger he was able to have enough speed to keep it up. As he attained that he defeated the Hero with ease.


After he completed his training to becoming an Ulta Heiryan and as word got around of Binju's horrific strength, he was confronted by Ahreman the Red, and offered an invitation to battle, something Binju could not refuse. Beleiving that this was going to be the test of his strength, to see if it was enough to return home and claim his rightful title. The battle was intense and back and forth at times but it was clearly show that Binju just did not have what it took to win. So it was there he realize that being a regular Ulta Heiryan was not going to be enough he was going to have to ascend to claim his throne.

Through tough training, Binju knew that there was no way he would be able to complete his Ascention alone. He knew that he was going to need a powerful parter to help take his power beyond that of an Ulta Heiryan. So as much as he tried he fought hero after hero, even taking on Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx, still his power grew but he did not feel as though as he had ascended. After taking on the mentor role for Flamental, he took him to his training grounds in an alternate demention (With the thanks of BlueRevenant). Upon this training he found Flamental to be stronger than even some of the Society members, it was his toughest yet. After almost falling to Flamental, Binju started to think about why he was there, what he needed to do, and claiming the Throne, and out of no where it happened he ascended to the next level.


Unlike regular Ulta Hieryan, Ascended has a different look. For one the most noticable feature is the glowing white hair and the purple sparks radiating off of his body due to the massive amounts of energy that his body is emitting.


Just as in going to an Ulta Heiryan, ascending gives Binju more power, faster speed, and better control. So far he has yet to be defeated in this mode. He has defeated many foes with this new power. While before he could go Ulta he had trouble taking on the hero know as Dark Clarity, and just recently in Ulta mode he took him out with ease. Now he has an unmatched power, could possibly be the most dangerous in the Society.


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