The Teen Tyrants

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((The Teen Tyrants are a division of the Supreme Society RP VG, currently existing as a rank in the Society. The RP hook here is what you would guess it to be - a team of teenaged villains. Think an evil Teen Titans, or Titans East if you follow the books. Contact @The New Black, @Weatherby Goode, @tensionfade, @Larina and @Raahh for additional details and/or to request an IC interview to join the group. Forums can be found at


The Mercy School

One of the many strange things about the Rogue Isles is the large number of meta-powered teenage runaways that end up there. Granted, that is less strange than talking snake men or giant teamster ghosts, but it is still strange considering how unpleasant and predator infested the Rogue Isles truly are.

It was only a matter of time before one of the predators noticed and then immediately forms a scheme to take advantage of the large number of displaced and unsupervised teens. The predator in this case is a rather insane woman by the name of Aunty Maim. Aunty Maim viewed all teenagers, and especially runaway teens, as in need of “tough love“and supervision that only their favorite aunty could provide. She decided a boarding school, replete with water-boarding, was the best way to reach as many of this latest lost generation as possible. She opened the Mercy School for Wayward Youth in Darwin’s Landing on Mercy Island. The school could be considered a criminal prep school – class projects usually involved committing crimes and turning over the loot to Aunty Maim. Having dealt with her before, Arachnos encouraged her efforts, with the idea that some of the “students” would be the right kind of messed up for loyal service to Lord Recluse.

The Society takes notice

In another part of the Rogue Isles, a different group of predators, much higher up on the food chain also took interest in the influx of teenagers to the Rogue Isles. This group was the Supreme Society, a collection of despots, tyrants and megalomaniacs rarely encountered. While the Supreme Society was able to recruit some of the most dangerous villains alive, they noticed the fierce determination of the teenage heroes they kidnapped from the Destine Academy in Paragon City. It was determined that attempting to recruit members from hero high schools was immensely satisfying, it was not especially efficient. Now if there was a villain high school….

Society members Bobby Bedlam and Stacy Wu were the first that heard the rumors of the Mercy School. Being both teenagers and newer members, they had not yet had the opportunity to prove themselves as valuable members of the Society. They felt as though they were missing out on much of the fun the Society was having, for no reason except lack of an opportunity. They approached the chairman of the Society, Agonus, with the idea of infiltrating the school to gauge the level of recruitable talent, and also to scout the defense systems in place at the school. Agonus was impressed by the two teens, and immediately endorsed their plan.

School Reform - Society Style!, or No Student Left Uncrimed

Bobby and Stacy were soon “enrolled” at the Mercy School. While they found the Mercy School to be far more interesting than your average high school, they couldn’t get past the “turning over the loot” part of the curriculum. They weren’t alone, as many of the other students felt the same way. Aunty Maim and her staff were rather formidable though, and as yet, no students had challenged them and remained ambulatory. Of course, no students had challenged them with the backing of a force of super villains before either.

Bobby and Stacy created a clique of students ready to revolt against there cruel headmistress. It wasn’t a coincidence that their clique contained the most powerful and/or most diabolical of the students. It was during a lecture on proper corpse disposal that the students launched their mutiny. Even before the Society arrived, the upstarts were doing quite well. Well enough that some of the faculty sided with them in the struggle. When the Society arrived in force, the battle was over. Aunty Maim managed to escape along with the surviving members of her loyal staff. The school was destroyed in the battle, much to the delight of most of the students.

The Rise of the Tyrants

Bobby and Stacy again approached Agonus. They thought that setting up another school for teenage villains was a waste of time. They didn’t need school, they needed real experience. Agonus had been impressed at how well they had organized their student recruits, and how well they had done in the battle. He concluded the same as Bobby and Stacy had – a school wasn’t necessary. With the support of the Supreme Society, the Teen Tyrants were born!

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