Demon Wing/Chapter 2

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Demon Wing – Chapter 2

Dudley's Tale

Demon Wing likes to journal his thoughts after a hard day of fighting in the gang warfares of Hell.

The following is the story of Demon Wing, and his second week on Earth, (January 15, 2006):

Demon Wing shouted from the roof of an abandoned building: “Pain has got its reason, you’ll find it pleasing yes you do, yes you do!”

The great demon’s wings then unfurled, and he beat them to continuous rhythm. Demon Wing was going to learn how to fly! All he needed was the willpower and the great wings on his back would take him to the stars.

As the wings beat, he could feel the rush of adrenalin in his body. It felt as if pure energy was being pumped into his veins. It was the “rush” of anticipation, he was going to fly! At last his true power would be unleashed, and he could begin his campaign to enslave the world and make war with the heavens.

“Daugther of Aphrodite! Hear my words and take heed!” Demon Wing commanded and with that he pushed off the edge of the warehouse with his thick cloven feet.

He was airborne! The cold air surrounded his body in a whirlwind and he opened up his wings as wide as he could to produce as much loft as possible. The moment had come, greatness was at hand!

Then suddenly there was darkness and a strange red light swirling overhead. He could hear faint voices. It was KISS! His favorite rock band, his creators, the dark overlords of hell itself and transported him to some great celestial place, rewarding him for his bravery.

He would rest now, and get the sleep he needs. No doubt in the morning, he would be given new orders, and finally his dark quest to rule all of hell in the name KISS could begin!

“Mmmmmmmmm virgins,” he said to himself and he drifted to sleep knowing what ultimate reward was waiting for him, once he completed this vital quest.

Doctor North's Observations

Photo of Dudley Winger just a few hours before he inexplicably jumped through a closed window, suffering terrible injury.

The following is from the files of noted psychiatrist Doctor North and records his observations of Dudley Winger on January 15, 2006…

PATIENT NAME: Dudley Winger

AGE: 42

DIAGNOSIS: Highly delusional schizophrenic.

SESSION 2 – January 15, 2006


Dudley isn't eating, so we installed an IV to keep him hydrated, and today he has shown vague signs of cognizance and strength.

I looked up the phrase “I am the lord of the wasteland” and the most common reference I found was the lyric to an old rock song from 1976.

It struck me this was around the year that Dudley’s parents died and so I believe this is where and how Dudley adopted the phrase. I do not yet know its significance.

I tried various stimulus including lights, sounds and gentle prodding, I contemplated shock therapy but for now I will leave that as a last resort.

Before the session was about to end, I asked Dudley if he was in any pain. To my astonishment he answered me. He said “Pain has got its reason, you’ll find it pleasing, yes you do, yes you do.”

Then to my utter amazement and utter regret, Dudley sprang up from his bed, tore off his IV and screamed “Daughter of Aphrodite! Hear my words and take heed!”

Then he jumped through the hospital window and landed on concrete, three stories below.

An ambulance arrived shortly afterward, and Dudley had many broken bones from the fall. He may never walk again, but he will survive.

As I watched the red lights of the ambulance swirling over his head, and as I contemplated my own guilt in allowing this to happen, I heard the strangest thing come out of Dudley’s mouth…

“Mmmmmmmmmm virgins,” he said. Then he smiled, peed himself and went unconscious.


The observations of what goes in Dudley's life by the doctor and the patient, are vastly different. Which one has the better perception of reality?
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