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Apache Devil
Agent of S.C.O.R.P.I.O.
Player: @Ran Kailie
Division: Special Agent
Rank: Agent
Origin/AT: Natural Scrapper
Security Level: 43
Agent Personal Data
Real Name: Cassidy Flaherty
Known Aliases: Apache, The Devil
Species: Normal Human
Age: 29
Height/Weight: 5'7" / 120 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Brown / Blonde
Citizenship: US Citizen
Current Residence: CLASSIFIED
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: CLASSIFIED
Known Powers
Unnatural luck
Training / Abilities
• Wrist comm unit
• Head-Up Display, or "HUD"
• MediPort beacon

I'm ice,
The man that kicks-in-the-door,
My mouth is gonna gun you down,
I've never needed pistols before,
You better stick to the floor.
Originally Apache was meant to be a duo with a friend. Since then however she's begun to evolve into her own. Her name and personality were inspired by the song "Apache Rocks the Bottom" by Scooter.


Growing up on a cattle ranch outside Phoenix Arizona, Cassidy had a childhood normal for her hometown. Rough and tumble and typical to a western farm town. A bit of a tomboy, a trait she got from her mother, Cassidy was almost always up to something, a born a bred firebrand. If there was trouble to be found Cassidy was sure to find it, and most likely drag along some of the town kids with her.

In the towner her parents were considered the odd couple. Her father, Vincent Faherty, originally from Boston and of Irish descent, her mother, Katherine Tavare, a full blood Apache who was born and raised on a local ranch. They'd met in college, and after finishing their degrees got married and moved into Katherine's family's ranch.

Surrounded by her extended family and parents Cassidy had a decent upbringing abeit one filled with many accidents for which she somehow managed to escape unharmed. It seemed that her luck never ran out, from narrowly missing the blades of a runaway tractor, to a sudden bolt of lightning scaring off a charging bull, to her parents the luck was a blessing.

At the age of 14 she received the rare chance to study abroad at a special school. It was just a new source of potential fun and excitement for Cass and after several weeks of convincing her parents agreed to let her go. What neither her or her parents knew was that the school was merely a front for a organization that was training certain children in the ancient arts after they were identified by a prophectic monk. No one knows why the children are selected, it has never been divulged by any of the monks blessed with the prophectic sight to any other then their successor. All students are given the option to leave whenever they wish and do what they wish.

For 10 years Cassidy trained with the monks and their organization and she exceled. She became extremely gifted in hand to hand combat and the ability to focus beyond her physical body. Unfortunately however she became bored, tired of the simple life the monks provided, craving excitement and material wealth. At 24 she chose to leave her training and struck out on her own as a mercenary for hire.

As a mercenary she quickly became well known for her ability to get the job done with the novel quirk of being selective about the jobs she took. Using the moniker of the Apache Devil, Cass never took jobs against innocents and often worked as a paid vigilante exacting revenge of justice as necessary when law enforcement has failed.

(Strategic Command Objective for Research, Protection + Interdictive Operations)

Rank: Agent

  • TBA


Cassidy loves excitment. Fast cars, fancy gadgets and all of the luxury money can buy. She lives her life in the fast lane and almost never passes up on new adventures or potential for excitement.

She also has a personality that can be like a 2x4 to the face. With a mouth that could make even the most seasoned sailor blush, Cassidy comes off as crude and obnoxious at worst, amusing and a laugh riot at best. Colorful only begins to describe her language.

Cassidy however goes to painful lengths to keep her identity secret, most of her fellow agents in S.C.O.R.P.I.O. don't even know her identity, and she is rabidly protective of her family. Most people who know her outside of work never seem to pin her down long enough to figure out how she comes up with so much money, they generall assume she works in entertainment.

Its her freelance mercenary work that pays the bills, and its a job she loves like no other, she lives for the thrill and excitement of the chase and catch.


Aside from her incredible martial arts skills, Cassidy seems to have an almost unnatural invulnerability attributed to almost unheard of amount of luck. Things just seem to fall into place around her, whether she manages to move just the right way to avoid a bullet or falls just in time to miss a kick. The ability doesn't seem to have any explanation and doesn't seem to be based on some mutant ability as she has no known mutated genes. It is however possible that some of her training with the monks enhanced this trait giving her greater control over it.




Apache Devil: An what exactly have you done lately that was as fun as kicking some idiot out an air lock, or crashin' a rocket?
Dancing Rose: Fuck a donkey?
Gu Qin's Blade tilts his head at Rose's comment.
Apache Devil just stares at Rose a moment, "..."
Apache Devil: Ain't sure thats more exciting Tits, but whatever gets your rocks off...
Dancing Rose: The hell is your sense of humor.....
Apache Devil: Crude. My sense of humor is crude.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Gu Qin's Blade: Your mutual dislike is annoying.
Gu Qin's Blade looks between the two women.
Apache Devil arches an eyebrow, "What are you yammering about tights?"
Dancing Rose: Who dislikes who now?
Apache Devil thumbs at Rose, "Who Tits? Pffft no problem here."
Gu Qin's Blade looks over to Tits.
Apache Devil: Did think she was gonna give the red hair an aneurysm *snorts and takes a sip of the whiskey*
Gu Qin's Blade: Director Cherry?
Dancing Rose: Varn.
Gu Qin's Blade: ... Ah. The strange one.
Apache Devil: Yeah heard you lot found em... mostly in one piece while I was gone.
Gu Qin's Blade: I was not there.
Dancing Rose: I was throwin' it at him, teasingly. He got uncomfortable, butch here saved him.
Apache Devil: Ain't like he wanted it.
Dancing Rose: No...s'pose not.....still was fun.
Apache Devil: Most men need savin' from themselves, specially when weapon grade ta tas are involved. That shit goes against the geneva convention.

Contact Info

VirtueVerse: Ransim
Official Forums: ransim
Global ID: @Ran Kailie


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