Arrivederci Syndicate

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Arrivederci Syndicate
Founder: Wild Time
Side: Glorious Villainy! HAHA!
Motto: You'll be saying 'Arrivederci' to your life!
Leader(s): Wild Time
Logo: Cross with swords at the corners
Group Colours: Dark Green + Red
Levels: All
Play style: Mature RP
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: No (closed)
Contact: Any member or Wild Time
No additional information available.

As of 2/18/2012, AS is closed. You can still find Wild Time in the United Underworld!

The Arrivederci Syndicate is the finest Marcone splinter cell known to man, or anything else that walks, talks and breathes. Wild Time, a criminally insane former Marcone has formed the Arrivederci Syndicate and brought forth the greatest mafia revolt in history.

The Arrivederci Syndicate is the finest Family splinter cell known to man, or anything else that walks, talks and breathes. Do you need protection? Got it! Funds? Got it! Someone to pay your jail bail? We got it! I'm Wild Time, craziest Capo this side of the Isles. Drop me a call or I'll drop you dead. An' if you don't order -now-, I'll throw in a second beating: absolutely free! ((RPVG, mafia theme.))


Axis of Allies

Chain of Command

From top to bottom, the ranks are: Capo Crimini




Piciotto (Button Man/Button Woman)

Fresh Meat (Associate)

Known Members


The Arrivederci Syndicate's hideout is known as 'The Dockhorror'. It's in Dockside, Port Oaks, which is a Marcone hot spot. Wild Time had extorted a small business in Dockside, and when he had to give him the turban, he just took the building and used it as the Syndicate safehouse after a little remodeling. He decided to tear the place up and turn it into exactly what he wanted, and he found out there's a lot more in the building than it looks like on the outside.



One Wild War

In the summer of 2010, Wild Time met Black Heart Machine via announcements she had let out for reinforcements. Considering an alliance, she had been sworn to slay everything that the Arrivederci Syndicate are: corrupt, wretched and evil. Wild Time promised her she wouldn't be able to make a move on the Syndicate. In early August, they had met again on a coincidence and ended up igniting a war with 'Bitch Heart Machine'.

Unfortunately, shortly afterward, it was found that Black was holding Viktor Korchov's sister, and the Syndicate had to immediately stop war with Final Redemption and start doing oddjobs to get his sister back. When Black and her forces tried to turn Viktor against his leader, a new war was shot into action which quickly slowed down and stopped the vast majority of tensions.

Paying Back a New Friend

In late August, a random encounter and feud between the gang leaders quickly started verbal tension. Wild Time was greatly outnumbered 4-to-1 until Agape arrived and assisted the man who dare fight against the odds, that being Wild Time. Wild Time took quick liking to Agape and invited him into the Syndicate. However, one of the things everyone is offered in the Syndicate upon entry is something that they request. Agape requested something that, originally, didn't seem difficult, but it started new tensions...

With another hired ally named Randy, a superpowered Texas outlaw, they were tasked of retrieving Agape's ex-wife, Neo Trick Shot or Bridgete Cross. Leonardo and Randy managed to corner her and her new fiance, but this sparked a battle (Wild Time vs. Guard Archer and Randy vs. Neo Trick Shot) which, fortunately, came to a screeching halt when Xeden and his wife arrived at the scene of the crime. Wild Time shot a beam of power absorption to suck the endurance out of the heroes, but this overwhelmed him.

Randy quickly flew Wild Time out of the heat of battle without Bridgete. Agape was pleased with the results of what happened, surprisingly enough. Perhaps Agape could start a new line of work for all of the Syndicate?

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