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Player: @Zartemis
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50 (+1!!!!!!!)
Personal Data
Real Name: Arroan Sorenki
Known Aliases: none
Species: Presumed Human
Age: AROUND 13,000
Height: Varies, from 6' to just over 12'
Weight: Undetermined
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Varies, usually blue unless dressing for Halloween or such.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Demonic
Occupation: Spellweaver for the Dominus ab Fides guild
Place of Birth: Chaos, Hell
Base of Operations: Ni'er'akka
Marital Status: Engaged to Bluejaye
Known Relatives: Mrouda Sorenki[Deceased], Zartemis Sorenki[MIA], Liarkh To'er'unin[POW]
Known Powers
Illusion/Storm Control/Ice/Psionic Assault/Lightning
Known Abilities
No additional information available.




Super Group

Known Associates

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Character History

((This category is a bit odd for me, because I'm honestly in possession of a -terrible- memory. So I'll do my best, but feel free to remind me if I miss something interesting here.))

The Beginning

Thirteen thousand years ago was a long time ago. Arroan Sorenki was born Arroan To'er'unin, to a crushing legacy on the Seventh Layer of Hael in Ni'er'akka...

Physical Description

Okay. Let's put this down for the record. Arroan is MAGIC. He is a master illusionist. AND he has expert level shapeshifting magic. Anything you think you know about his looks? Out the window in less than five seconds if he so pleases. LUCKILY, he does have some preferred signatures for the people he actually likes out there.


Did I mention he was a shapeshifter..? Yeahhhh. Right now, he only really has two forms!


Arroan is...erratic, to say the least.

Thirteen thousand years in Hael is not the same as thirteen thousand years on Earth, as time distortions occur depending on the layer of Hael, meaning he's been ahead, behind, and everywhere between. But thirteen thousand years is still a long time, especially for a demon who's spent so much time around humans. He doesn't get to express it often. He feels he has to be the "doctor", the councilor to other folks' problems. Which doesn't exactly help him either, because he tends to get frustrated when people refuse help.

His childish tendencies arrive often, far too often some would say, likely due to a repressed childhood because of his legacy. He's slowly learning he has to sober up before a serious situation can arise instead of when it does though. However, people tend to be unforgiving, which makes it hard on him.

Lately, he's been alot more reserved than he used to be, likely due to the responsibility of caring for his fiance and soon-to-be twins.


Arroan is MAGIC. MAAAGIC. So naturally most of his powers come from MAGIC. So whenever something doesn't make sense, here's what you're going to do: Take a nice big breath, and think to yourself, in Gandalf's voice, "It's magic, he really ain't gotta explain s**t." And then resume reading. You'll end up accepting all of this, and possibly in a better mood, if in need of a rewatching of Lord of the Rings.

Ice: One of Arroan's preferred magical fields, his control of ice stems, like most of his magical force, from his original powers over elements of weather, which he was born with. He can cause water in the air to freeze, creating varied shapes and densities of ice, though most isn't superdense and will shatter with a fair beating. He can create superdense ice, but only on rare occasions; however, when these occasions arrive, he can produce black ice, which has proven impervious to lasers at some points, let alone fire.

Lightning: Lightning is the second of Arroan's preferred magical fields, wherein he can draw in a small amount of atmospheric disturbance and replicate it with magic into varying amounts of lightning. He hasn't truly learned to control his lightning though, so it's more limited to direct applications, such as stunning or sole offense. However, he's rather unique in his control of lightning in that he can also draw in natural electrical currents, getting a high, giddy tingle instead of a well and proper shock.

Mental: The final preferred (almost mandatory really) field of Arroan's magics. Born with this as a "Seer", he possesses the ability to touch the physical and mental aspects of the mind. Using a mixture of the two, he can cause illusions to simply happen in the targets' minds. The sensory input the illusion gives off depends on how much effort he focuses into the initial creation, though he can modify them it starts to irritate the mental aspect of the illusion if he has to modify the already-existing illusion, which may cause it to shatter. His illusions however, are nothing short of a master's, nigh-upon a prodigy's work, and, especially one on one, it would be -extremely- difficult to best him in a game of illusions.

His psionic game is at this level as well, if not above that simply because it fills the role of his race that he was supposed to be. He has grown used to a variety of different beings and thusly is able to better penetrate the minds and thoughts of foreign creatures with his illusions, and psionic offenses or subtleties. When his eyes are visible, and especially when eye contact is made with his uncovered eyes, his psionic abilities, honed over twelve thousand years, are unmatched, save Penelope Yin, who would give him the slightest run for his money. When eye contact is made, he can breach the deepest depths of memory and even the unconscious mind, hatching memories that were locked away, creating new ones seamlessly, and altering existing ones. His own mental defenses are...well, getting in if he doesn't want you in is like trying to probe a shifting hypercube's core with a needle: nigh upon impossible, and you'd look stupid trying.

Flight: His flight is mostly a lower-class wind manipulation! If he has wings out, they're used for aiding direction control, liftoff, and catching thermals, easing his use of magic in flight.

Magic in General: When Arroan tried to control his own eyes, problems...asserted themselves. Being that an overflow of magic basically caused his eyes to implode. So, while most would consider this a deficit, it had some interesting side effects combined with the regeneration aspect Arroan possessed. Namely, his eyes regenerated with the ability to -see magic-. He tends not to focus on it, and when he doesn't, it's like something glowing, nagging at the edge of his vision. When he does focus though, he can see the threads of magic that comprise -everything-. And if he's careful, we're talking threading the needle careful, he can weave and disassemble the threads to his whimsies. Of course, some aspects of this gift are still far beyond him, such as manipulating the weaves of living creatures, or weaving the cores to life and death. However, the gift as a whole, enables him to be adept at almost any magical field if he's given enough time to study actual in-action aspects of that school.


Magic tends to produce some of the most interesting doo-dads really, so Arroan has quite a few toys in his possession, though only a few make their appearances!

Sky Scale Armor Suit - With Sylvia's aid, and after procuring the materials from a favor, Arroan is the proud owner of a suit of armor made from the scales of a gargantuan sky dragon. The suit itself is quite magical, blending well with the sky, and very used to rolling attacks off of its outside instead of absorbing them head on. The suit also has the tendency to alter the output of his wind magic, turning a strong wind into a full gale, and boosting his flight speed immensely. Oddly enough, however, it also produces an effect that alters his voice, making it sound echo-y, far away, as if he were a breeze in a humanoid form.\

Incarnate Blade(?) - Recently, though no one really seems to have taken notice, Arroan carries around an artifact-looking blade. The poor thing looks like stone, perhaps better fit for an Indiana Jones film set, or the inside of some ancient temple, the sheath possessing not only strange glyphs, but clasps, preventing him from -drawing- the sword...

Weakness & Limitations


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