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Be- uh...Burning Bright. (Artwork by sungazer)
Burning Bright
Player: @Vandellia
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth 'Beth' Raymond
Known Aliases: Burning Bright, Flamegirl. B- uh, F- uh...
Species: Mutated human (Catgirl. Sorry.)
Age: 15
Height: I tried measuring her, but she wouldn't keep still.
Weight: dunno
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Blonde. Beth is covered in a layer of golden fuzz - it would grow to fur, but she shaves it all off.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Just a mild-mannered schoolgirl. Who isn't a catgirl. And can't throw fire around.
Place of Birth: Othello, Washington.
Base of Operations: Currently Skyway City, Paragon
Marital Status: Single, but has the best boyfriend in the world, like, ever!
Known Relatives: Elder brother - Keith 'Kit' Raymond (aka: Icy Claw), Mother and Father both alive and well.
Known Powers
Creation and limited control over fire and flames.
Known Abilities
'thingy', magical armour, magic axe, two rings of magical origina and a robot bodyguard
No additional information available.

"When your kitty purrs to you, doesn't it break your heart that you can't purr back?" ~ Candea Core-Starke



"To err is human, to purr is feline." ~ Robert Byrne

Friendly, sweet, ditzy, bubbly, gullible, teenager - capable of talking a whole lot of crap on any subject without particularly caring if any of it was actually true or not. She has a very short attention span, and can be self-absorbed, although she is capable of random acts of kindness. She is very cheerful and optimistic, but can be quite jumpy and nervous.

Following her incarceration at Jordan Norris' hands, however, she has become a little more wary of people. She has been having difficulty sleeping and is currently undergoing treatment with a counsellor to help her work through the after-effects. On the whole, though, she works to make sure that no-one really sees that and on the surface, at least, remains 'just Beth'.


"It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble!" ~ Author Unknown

She's over-excitable and has a tendency to run off at the mouth about anything and anyone, whether or not anyone in the vicinity is actually listening to her.

Her sense of right and wrong is very strong, and she tends to react to injustice with indignation, swiftly followed by a fireball - regardless of exactly how big the other guy is.


"A spark neglected makes a mighty fire." ~ Robert Herrick


Beth's a fire/fire blaster, capable of creating and controling fire and flame, to a degree.

She claims that she just 'thinks about it and happens' but it's theorised that she's actually capable of agitating the atoms around her to such a degree that they ignite.

She also has resistence to normal (but not demonic) fire and has a tendency to burst into flame at random.

Cat Stuff

Advanced hearing, taste, and touch. Very surefooted and moves with consise, quiet, elegant movements. Beth's night vision is superior to most humans although her vision in daylight is inferior, and now entirely in black and white. Retractable fingernails/claws that she doesn't use at weapons, since it hasn't occured to her that she could.

Other bits and bobs

Special Skills


Character History

"If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven't done much today." ~ Author Unknown


Mild-mannered schoolgirl, Beth Raymond.

Beth is from Othello, Washington and came to Paragon mostly to annoy her older brother, Kit.

Sidekick to..er...everyone, actually

Beth arrived in Paragon with her brother, Kit, full of wide-eyed enthusiasm and wanting desperatley to help out. Once her brother was recruited into a supergroup, she found herself at a loose end, in a city over her head and helplessly lost (literally, and metaphorically). After trying her hardest to be self-sufficient by collecting and selling autographs on ebay, and spending most of her time either at school or in Pocket D, Beth found herself on the fringes of friendship, but constantly over-awed and struck dumb by the heroes she was talking to.

For some reason, she found herself particularly not-over-awed by the company of a certain red-haired, grumbling, magic-armed employee of SDI and the pair struck up a fairly complicated relationship that mostly involved them winding each other up, having no idea what they were talking about and one or the other of them being mad at the other for reasons they couldn't remember.

Around this time she also met Tigerstorm, a Crey-designed-tiger-assasin-turned hero and Jordan Vailo, a villain-turned-hero, who pursued her fairly actively, despite it turning that that he had a 'boyfriend' and girlfriend. On realising this, a slightly hurt but determined not to show it Beth decided she'd be happy with a friendship and the pair have remained good friends.

Beth became acutely aware of how vulnerable she was when the apartment she sort-of-shared with her brother in Kings Row was raided and destroyed by Freakshow. Unable to contact her brother, PCPD being overworked, as usual, and being mad at Jordan on account of the girlfriend thing, Beth put in a desperate call to Fire Arm at SDI, who proved to be an unlikely hero in her time of need, sneakily putting her up in a hotel.

Jordan Vailo/Jordan Norris

Mysterious, spunky superhero, Burning Bright.

Only a few days later, however, she left notes for Jordan, Jason and Dane to say that she had gone home for a few days and all but vanished from the radar. In actuality, she had been attacked by Jordan Norris - an evil version of Jordan Vailo - and too afraid and ashamed of the damage done to face anyone. For reasons unknown to anyone but himself, Dane tracked her down to where she'd set up a temporary camp, the roof of the highest building in Kings Row, and not believing her story that her train had been delayed and PTA had told her to wait there, eventually persuaded her to tell him what had happened. Upon seeing the extent of her injuries, and despite the fact that the building was in lockdown, he took her back to SDI, cleaned her up and let her leave, if she promised to visit a hospital.

True to her word, and desperate to prove his faith in her Beth did check into a hospital - only to leave again when they started talking about wiring her jaw. Dane practically moved in to Beth's temporary home-hotel-room, barely leaving her side, but one day Teek found her wandering Kings Row, confused and alone and returned her to the SDI medbay, where she was treated by Dr. Addams - once again, with Dane barely leaving her side. She remained at SDI, much to Vandellia's horror for the duration of her injuries. Almost.

Three weeks in, and almost healed, she arranged to go and meet her brother, who was back in town for a few hours. They arranged to meet outside the D, but he was late and, still suffering from a concussion and worried that she'd misinterpreted his instructions, Beth went inside, only to miss an apologetic call from her brother, who had been called away to stop a bank robbery. On her way out, she bumped into Jordan, who offered to buy her a milkshake and walk her back to SDI. She accepted, only to discover - a little too late - that the milkshake was drugged and she was in Norris', not Vailo's company.

Beth awoke in a small, dark torture cell somewhere on the Isles and currently - thanks, in part to her previous concussion - remembers little of what happened. She was rescued by the real Jordan and Dane, and following a showdown with EvilJordan, was rushed to hospital in Kings Row, where the extent of her injuries was so severe that she was rushed to the emergency superhero-healer-bay thingies. A few days later, she was discharged.

Wolfcry Division

Mysterious, spunky superhero Burning Bright /on fire/.

Her brother, angry that his sister had been hurt not once, but twice, insisted that she was returned home to Othello, much to Beth's dismay. Kit's duties to the city meant that he was unable to dedicate the amount of time it would take to stop her getting into trouble, and an irrate Beth had already told him that if he sent her home, she'd just come straight back to Paragon so she could be with her friends.

Growing weary of the two catsiblings arguing and shouting at each other, Ness gave in to the inevitable and gently shunted Beth out of the room and convinced her brother to allow her to stay in Paragon, within the fortress of the SDI building.

Since moving in, Beth has tried very hard not to ruffle any feathers and has gone out of her way to avoid her super-powered 'room-mates', with the exception of Dane, and to a degree, Teek. She has chosen to keep her fire powers secret, in case they think that she is trying to join Wolfcry.

Kit recently left his supergroup and has moved into the SDI building, sharing Beth's apartment. Ness has since recruited him into Wolfcry Division, since if he's going to be there, and superpowered, he might as well work for her.


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