Wolfcry Division

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Wolfcry Division

A heavy roleplaying supergroup. Now in our 5th year.
In-Game Contacts: @Degoth,@hairlessrn, @Twilight Keeper, @Vandellia

Inspired by: X-Men, The Avengers, and the Justice League.
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Wolfcry Division
Official Team Name: Wolfcry Division
Team Aliases: Wolfcry, WD
Status: Active
Identity: Public
Alignment: Good
Base of Operations: SDI Building, Skyway City, Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA
Team Leaders: Vandellia
Dego Minomori
Wolf Larsen
Current Members: Ionic-Man
Lady Lightblade
Ghost Wake
Frost Device
X the Hunter
Volt Vigilante
Shock Factory
Beta Defender
Faust Phoenix
Janus Tremaine
Burning Bright
Miss Apple Pie
Former Members: Bitter Zircon
Twilight Keeper
Temporal Reign
Allies: Longbow
Freedom Corps
Paragon Police Department
Marcus Weston
Enemies: Doctor Wormhole
Trevor Aerospace Defense Industries
Crey Industries
Origin: After the death of Samiel 'The Great' Dayne, Vanessa Tremaine, CEO of Samiel Dayne Industries, and her boyfriend, Cale Reynard, founded the group in memory of Dayne.
Place of Formation: SDI Building, Skyway City, Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA

Wolfcry Division

Wolfcry Division is a small, fairly insular group of heroes, funded by and based out of the SDI Building in Skyway City.

The group was founded following the death of Samiel 'the great' Dayne, the CEO of SDI Ltd. Following his death, ownership of the company passed to Vandellia - Vanessa Tremaine (then Vanessa Weekes) who he had adopted as his 'sister'.

Her first act as CEO was to give half of the company to her significant other, Cale Reynard. The pair then discovered that Sam had been drawing plans to create a hero group of his own prior to his death. Cale and Ness decided that Sam would live on through his dream and set about creating Wolfcry Division in his memory. While Cale is currently missing, presumed dead, Ness remains in Paragon, fighting to ensure Sam's memory lives on through the actions of others.

The group has been established for around five years now, and while we've never been the biggest group in the universe, we are friendly, and all very dedicated to our characters and the supergroup.

For full details, please visit our website, or our forums.


Created in Sam's memory, the group is run by Vanessa Tremaine (Vandellia), and actively recruits heroes, recommended to them by Freedom Corps, as well as well as the occasional person that comes to them for help. Heroes of all archetypes, origins and powersets are welcomed and the team consists of scientists, mages, mutants and the elite - all with one thing in common - the desire to make the world a safer place.

The group losely embraces the ethos 'lone wolf/strength of the pack', with Wolfcry functioning dangerously effectively whether as a group effort, or while soloing.

Realising that any team is made up of individuals, the leaders of the pack do not expect everyone to participate all the time, or even agree with each other.

They do, however, expect that each and every member of the team understands what it means to be a hero - and a member of the group. Any personal differences must be put aside when it comes to saving the world, no member should ever be put in danger by another.

Existing as a group of /heroes/, Wolfcry Division will do anything rather than take life, unless there really is no other alternative.

SDI and Wolfcry Division does not employ ex-Crey operatives. ((It's an IC thing.)) The group has also been known to take rehabilitated villains into their ranks, with F.C's guidance.

We host IC meetings and team-ups at least twice a week, and schedule semi-regular events. Meetings are held at times designed to be accessible to both European players and American players.

OOC Channel

We have a busy OOC channel, so even if people aren't on their SG toon, there's always someone to hang out with.

We have a busy website, and forums which are home to guidelines, stories, OpenRP, pics, OOC discussion, event scheduling, information and general chatter. We do ask that all members sign up to our forums in order to keep up with the latest happenings in the group

We also have an ever-growing + multi functional themed base known as the "SDI Building", which is based in Skyway City. We have porters to all zones, medbay, storage, plenty of RP space and all other amenities you could want in a base.

Wolfcry Division is currently affiliated with the Templars of the Abbey, a supergroup devoted to metahuman rights and the pursuit of justice. The Templars operate out of a club, The Abbey, located in Kings Row, and both groups have a long history of working together, with members of both groups previously students or staff at the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research.


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