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S.D.I (Samiel Dayne Industries) Ltd is a multi-billion dollar business that began in Samiel Dayne's home city of Metropolis.

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"Innovation. Advancement. A Better Tomorrow."
Samiel Dayne Industries
Type: Private
Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Skyway City, Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA
Metropolis, USA (formerly)
Area Served: Worldwide
Key People: Vanessa Tremaine
President & CEO
Janus Tremaine
Non-executive Chairman
Daniel Liebowitz
Executive Chairman & CLO
Dr. Len Doyal
Executive Vice President & CTO Thomas Dreiden
Executive Vice President & COO
Douglas H. Rushman
Executive Vice President & CFO
Michaela Kendricks
Executive Vice President & CBO
Jesse R. Lyons
Executive VIce President & CCO
Tyler J. Dekridge
Senior Vice President & CIO
Kendra Thompson
Senior Vice President & CMO
Elizabeth S. DiGratti
Senior Vice President & CNO
Industry: Advanced Technology
Metahuman Consumer Products
Computer Technology
Information Security
Products: Flame-resistant Sheets
Oversize Beds
Titanium Alloy Reinforced Chairs
DayneGuard Virus Protection
Alternative Energy Batteries
Revenue: US$ 37.341 billion (2009)
Operating Income: US$ 8.604 billion (2009)
Net Income: US$ 6.512 billion (2009)
Total Assets: US$ 21.432 billion (2009)
Total Equity: US$ 5.132 billion (2009)
Employees: 124,000 (2009)


Samiel Dayne

Samiel Dayne was a pro-footballer who survived a comet-crashing into the stadium during his debut game. The comet granted him new powers - claws, invulnerability and also turned his hair white and his skin black, while he grew to twice his already formidable size.

The sole survivor of the tragedy, Sam remained in a coma for many months, eventually waking to a huge insurance payout and a startling new look. With his new-found size he had problems doing things - cups shattered in his hands, a normal sized bed could not support, nor fit him - and he ploughed his money into creating a range of products designed for metahumans unable to use every day items.

Helping Hands

'Helping Hands' was a huge success - especially in Paragon City, where beds that couldn't catch fire and chairs capable of supporting people made from steel where every day items. Before long, Sam left Metropolis for Paragon, where he served the city as a hero.

With Helping Hands making an insane amount of profit, S.D.I Ltd started branching out into other areas - computer software - mostly in the security field was launched, and was an instant success, the talented R&D department throwing out new inventions so quickly that even Sam himself started to lose track of them all. The company is well known for having a talented R&D department, for Helping Hands and it's security software.

SDI, Paragon City.

The HQ of SDI was moved to Skyway City, Paragon, and an impressive building created to house the company. Sam continued to work as a hero in Paragon, while volunteering his time to the New Porter Institute of Psychical Research, a school primarily for mutants based in Galaxy City, where he met and mentored Vanessa Weekes, a student there. The pair were often seen patrolling Paragon's streets together, and Vanessa - or Vandellia, as she had registered with F.C - was wrongly credited with being his sidekick.


However, tragedy struck - while on a business trip, the SDI (Metropolis) Building imploded, with Dayne inside it. NPI closed it's doors after the death of a young girl at the Institute - the victim of villain Leonardo Di Meo, a wannabe Outcast leader - had investors and backers withdrawing the funding.

6 months following the death of Samiel Dayne, Daniel Liebowitz - a long term friend and business associate of Sam - visited Vanessa in Paragon to explain that Sam had left her S.D.I Ltd and all it's assets. The company is now jointly owned by Vanessa and Janus Tremaine, although the day to day general running is carried out by the loyal and frequently bemused Liebowitz. Ness and Janus Tremaine head up the company's Wolfcry Division - the full-time, superheroing team based out of the business's Skyway City offices.

In the event of their death, although he doesn't know it, ownership of the company will pass to Anom, since Ness and Cale figure that Janus has enough money already.

Current Status

S.D.I Ltd currently has somewhere around $21 billion in assets, and while those with an interest in business may recognise Ness or Janus as the owners of the company, Ness 'doesn't do press', nor public appearances and generally doesn't admit to owning the company, unless she's forced into it.
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