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Issue 99 "Monkey Business?!?"
All Star Sentinels of America
Type: Supergroup
Debut: Unknown
Website: All-Star Sentinels of America
Apex (Leader) Nova Fire

About the Sentinels

All-Star Sentinels of America was, in short, a Neo-Silver Age, limited membership, high RP SG, with a common mythology/history dating to WWII.

The ASA is currently disbanded and the active core members have reformed as the organization known as The All Stars

World War II, the Genesis of the Sentinels

World War II would herald what modern historians would classify as the “Meta-human Explosion”. Since the late 19th C. the number of both; spontaneous mutation in the human genome and environmental alterations by exposure or accident causing molecular, cellular or genetic changes has increased exponentially. By the advent of the great conflict, the world was no stranger to costumed criminals and crime-fighters alike. It seemed the Olympian age of heroes had returned, replete with chimeras, evil sorcerers and monsters. To match forces with these supernatural forces of corruption, men and women, blessed or cursed with powers beyond mortal reckoning, took up arms for truth and justice. While rare and often considered more rumor than fact, these masked adventurers became an increasingly recognized presence in society. Heroes like Mr. Olympus and the mysterious Hooded Cowl were battling forces both seen and unseen in the pre-war era, and their numbers were growing.

With the dawn of the Axis powers and Nazi Germany’s meteoric rise as a world power, so to did the face of battle change as well. The scientists of fascist Germany were soon applied to deciphering the powers of the atom and the occult. This spearhead movement gave the Axis powers a distinct advantage, incorporating deadly technology, twisted magics and a new line of super-soldiers (ubermensch) into their regular and covert combat units. Of the first of these meta-human Nazi ubermensch was Krieg Falke (War Hawk), a Woffen SS captain named Rune Wilmer. Wilmer was exposed to negative dimensional energies and gained superhuman strength, the ability drain life forces, fly and render himself nearly invisible. His abilities were heralded by the Furher as a landmark in the 1000 year Reich, and the final restoration of the Aryan superman to his rightful throne above man. Krieg Falke was considered an unstoppable agent by Allied Forces. In response, the United States government, even before their entrance into the conflict, began Project Perseus, an attempt to create American super-soldiers.

Project Perseus began with the attempts to maximize human performance through extreme training. Over 100.000 of the Armed Forces best and brightest were drafted as test candidates for this novel style of training. Within 6 months only one remained, one Captain Mack Conner. He would become the Mighty Eagle, armed with razor sharp Liberty Titalons, he would become both a symbol for America and freedom, and the first blow the Allied forces would score against the Axis ubermensch. The Eagle and the Hawk would meet for the first time aboard an our of control Nazi munitions train, and their rivalry would continue until Krieg Falke’s unusual and redemptive death at the end of the war. All over the European theatre more and more superheroes brought their will and powers against the Axis powers. Despite their monumental efforts, they still were no match for the organized and militarized Nazi meta-humans.

An odd series of circumstances would lead to the formation of the Sentinels of Liberty. The Mighty Eagle had been sent to Munich to free captured scientist, and at the same time the Army’s Fighting 409th (Red Devils), and their mysterious benefactor, the crimson clad, hard hitting Red Devil himself were repositioned into Straubern, just 5 miles from Munich. An American soldier and metallurgist who had been guided by voices to craft bracelets from a ruined ancient censer was sent to Munich to examine presumed radioactive metals found in a Nazi weapons cache. This soldier was original Torch Titan, who had already been battling Axis powers in southern Europe. A USO plane carrying singing sensation and secret superheroine Black Fox was shot down outside of Munich and she and her fellow entertainers were prisoners of the same castle that held the scientist the Eagle was sent to free. Mr. Olympus had been temporarily stripped of his powers in Northern France by Nazi occultists and was being transported through the same region. He was to be taken to the Furher himself as a token of victory. Rei Savate, a French freedom fighter and Captain Crosshairs, a Canadian soldier and veteran of the Spanish Civil War were at the same time instrumenting a plan to free the captured Mr. Olympus with the aid of the elusive Gentleman Ghost, a spirit, spy and a British patriot. Meanwhile the winged wonder; Night Owl had been embattling Axis forces in Italy, but his battles had lead him north to Germany, and to what would become the Sentinels. This coincidental concentration of Allied superhuman might would be the genesis of the Sentinels of Liberty. During the attempt to free the scientists, the scattered forces came together to battle Dr. Abomination and his Death-bot Legion. Expecting a crushing victory against the solitary Eagle, the Nazis were utterly surprised when they came across not one hero, but nine. The Death-bot Legion was reduced to scrap metal, and the conflict formed fast friendships. It did not take long before the Allied governments sought to utilize this combined might again. Within a few short months, the world’s first superhero team; The Sentinels of Liberty was formed. The world would never be the same.

Within a year, the Sentinels of Liberty were smashing through the previously unstoppable Nazi war machines and meta-humans. The Hooded Cowl and the mighty Sky Vulcan joined the Sentinels, and more too would come. The group was sanctioned by the U.S. government as a peacekeeping force, not dissimilar to deputized marshals of the law. Under the leadership of the Mighty Eagle, the Sentinels became the symbol of freedom and justice. Towards the end of the conflict, Nazi Germany, in a last ditch effort to destroy their enemies with them, launched three long range experimental atomic V-weapons at London, Washington and Moscow. Discovering the horror of what his leaders planned to wreak, Krieg Falke agreed to assist Mighty Eagle and Sky Vulcan in stopping this threat. All three were killed disarming the airborne weapons of death, but their sacrifice saved countless millions. Torch Titan assumed leadership of the Sentinels, and after the war’s end the group became the All Star Sentinels of America.

The team, with some new members, fought crime both foreign and domestic until 1963 when the Earth almost met its end to an extragalactic threat known as the Universalist. How the Sentinels managed to defeat this menace is still unknown, but the world was spared utter destruction. Several of the bold heroes were lost in this dire battle.

After the Vietnam War broke out, the Sentinels were ordered to act as a military force, they refused and were forced to disband. When the Rikti attack fleet arrived some years ago the American Government sought to find any remaining members of the original Sentinels. Finding a few still alive, and still others had been replaced by bold men and women who had taken up their mantles and duties an new charter was formed.The ASSA has once again taken up its struggle against the forces of evil.


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