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GBMH Incorporated is the villain group identity for a small troubleshooting firm doing business in the Rogue Isles.

UPDATE: The firm's HQ was totally destroyed in a recent Rikti bombing attack, with 'suspicious' evidence found at the site suggesting that someone 'finished the job' that the bombs started. None of the firm's officers have been located.[1]

Chain of Command

Known Connections

The villain Wild Childs was hired early on by Negotiator General, but apparently her employment was cut short. Soon afterward she was seen associating with both Flame of Texas and Betty Highside. The three were involved in a same-sex partnership, but it has recently 'fractured'.

A loose association exists with the Succubi di Diablo. It is unknown if this group of demonic females has been employed by GBMH Inc.

The firm has ties to the supergroup Angelic Blondes. It is rumored that one member of the firm have family ties to the Paragon City based McAllister family.

Footnotes and OOC Stuff

  1. The SG is disbanded.

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