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Recluse's Furies
Founder: Naughty Nadya
Side: Villain
Motto: We are Arachnos. We are the Furies!
Leader(s): Naughty Nadya, Anko, Akelha Sunslayer
Logo: Earth
Group Colours: Red and Black
Levels: All
Play style: Regular
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Naughty Nadya, @Anko, @Mnemnosyne

A special division of Arachnos, the Furies are an all-female special unit with varied skills and tactics at their disposal, united in their loyalty to Arachnos. Standing outside the standard Arachnos hierarchy, the Furies operate on a semi-independent basis, taking orders from only the highest ranking of Arachnos officers, with a general mandate to find and eliminate threats to Arachnos and report on matters of importance to Lord Recluse. Their semi-independent state also allows the Furies to conduct covert operations that Arachnos and Lord Recluse want to have off the books with some buffer between them, yet still conducted by actual Arachnos forces.

OOC Information


A heavily RP-oriented Villain Group, Recluse's Furies is currently recruiting females that are willing to swear loyalty to Arachnos and serve in a military organization. Of course, that is female characters, not necessarily players. Any background, history, origin, and powers are appropriate, as long as the character can reasonably be a soldier of Arachnos.

In-character recruiting is ideally done under the pretext that the character was referred to the Furies by an Arachnos recruiter. A form can also be filled out on the Furies' website, or if you wish to be more 'actively recruited', contact one of the leaders OOC and we'll do our best to accommodate the scenario.

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