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Player: @Vr2LRose
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Stalker/Corruptor
Threat Level: 44/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Cheranne or Cheronne Lothorn (depending on form)
Known Aliases: Anne, Annie, Ann, Ron,Ronne, Ronn, Cherry.
Species: Nanoconstruct-Kitsune, Shapeshifter
Age: unspecified
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies.
Eye Color: Gold (can vary)
Hair Color: Gold-white(can vary)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Counseler
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Attan Lothorn,
"Sibling of Aunt" (Villian-Virtue)

Krysylys Lothorn,

Known Powers
element control, Healing, Empathy, Nanotech, Shapeshifting, Regeneration, teleporting, stealth.
Known Abilities
Medicine, Psycology, Computer programming, Computer Hardware, Blade use.
Nanites, Med-kit/Omniscanner, Info pad/phone, Common Hammerspace items.
No additional information available.


In Game Bio

(yay) both can still shift to look like the other one if they wish*

RP Player is over 21) "If I cut you down to a thing I can use, I fear there will be nothing good left of you" -Evenessence, Lose Control

Sences: She smells like chrystal. Her voice/heart has an echo Skin/clothing will be velvety or metalic
Magic: a golem or object with a bound spirit(kitsune)
Tech: nanotech AI with a unknown powersource.
Mind: very emotional and feeds on ambiant emotions.
Spirit/Aura:2 souls one firey(kitsune) one little glowy lights
Shapeshifting: Most shapeshifting as emotes
Empathy/Psycic Vampire: common sence empathy unless discussed.
Nanites: heal, buff or fleshcraft.(Nanites "Restore Host" when anne leaves)
Special: powers beyond burn/cut/shock can fizzle or backfire. Can reattach or regrow severed body parts. May disperse/melt to regen elsewhere(nano powers require proximity/energy)

Extended power notes

Shapeshifting: To limit her shapeshifting Cher likes to keep to a few basic shapes and then alter them as needed in monor fashions. Cher does this to keep a basic identity and life in a world that may not react well to a person never looking the same way twice. she can regrow or reattach lost limbs even her head but losing parts of herself ofcan have unforseen mental side effects

Fleshcrafting/Altering others: unlike shapeshifting this does require a great deal of consentration and a close proximity less if she is familure with her target. Spontanious fleshcrafting is at best temporary and often fizzles or backfires as she must consentrate on her goal. left to thier own devices her nanites try to keep thier host alive and healthy and can only survive a short time away from Cher before going innert. however there have been exceptions(hosts benifit) when used on supernatural creatures or people with leet hacking skills.

Empathy/Psycic Vampire: Cher eats strong emotions they give her energy to power her nanotech while she can process any emotion to much of one emotion or not enough of certian emotions can affect her negitivly. exposure to this power typically goes unnoticed unless she focuses to much on one person for long amounts of time. (even then any negitive effects are volentary and easily cured by a mage or priest with proper lores)

Teleporting/stealth/intangibility: is achieved by her decreasing her dencity and or converting some of her mass into electric information often after teleporting it takes her time to fully regain her former solid structure leaving her semi-transparent for a bit.

Other Feats: Most thing beyond your normal powersets take time and energy and probibly prep times with tools and computer info or samples. she is not alpowerful and can run out of energy supplies in combat. when defeted i pose she disperces to regen/repair in a safe place. unless outside supplies/energy/magic is provided(awakens/rezzes).

note ANY and all powers used by cher can be dodged resisted and or recovered from even if your a level 1 mortal with no special powers nanites are tricky things you never know how they will act once you turn them loose. if you do take damage or even die feel free to recover the nanites have been known to heal a victem before deactivating due to them starting out as medical grade equipment. but once i delive the attack/power i am fine with any outcome the target can imagine good or bad as long as it seems relitivly probible.

Extended Bio


(( if you have no way of knowing this stuff treat it as ooc info please its easy enough to find out in rp or reserch even hacking. often my alts have info about other alts but not all of it is true. I like to keep some info non published but i will post here things cher has told people IC))

It is said cher was found in a basket by a DR.(Attan) and the Dr's sister(Krysilis) they raised her to adulthood she learned medicine and psycology from Attan and technical skills..linguistics and technomagic from Krysilis.

It has also been posed either Attan or Krys may be cher's creator and or parent. and that her was made to be a pet but gained sentience accidently. her other parent the kitsune is unknown.

Cher often balks when asked about age and has implyed she is from another time/dimention/world and occationally claims to take field trips offworld. she has rarely disclosed where she goes.

Cher freely admits to her kitsune heritage she is more secritive about her nonorganic aspect. She may feel it s more vulnerable information. or it may be a sore spot.

Cher has mentioned she is afraid she drains the will to live from those she loves. and she has lost a few people shes been devoted to a vampire named orlock, a girl named sonja, and most recently Labal. While the deaths and disapearances of those cher cares for are probibly coincidental she blames herself.

Anne VS. Ronne

A recent development after being hit by balefire the AI in Cher's non organic aspect gained sentience and now fights er tooth and nail for control. it has been admitted by ronne Anne= Administrative Nano Network Entity and (R)Onne = Operating Nano Network Entity Ron was supposed to be activated in a case where the kitsune spirit was rended inert to hopfully save it. But after Anne regained her health ronne would not go back to a subliminal entity. to make matters worse ron was programmed to be male.
So now they fight for control and typically will shapeshift so friends and family know whos in charge. anne is more passionate and bloodthirsty but has a sence of kitsune honor Ronne is logical and makes sure cher lives up to his sence of ethics.(I did rename one of my 2 vertions of cher to cheronne but just because the name is up does not mean thats who is in control)

Abyss Empire

Cher was a member of abyss for a very long time functioning as a councellor for the demons she left abyss after labal was reported to have died not being able to handle abyss anymore growning reclusive to a starving point. she joined cupidita Regnum with much protesting from ronne who only agreed if he would not be asked to do actions he felt impeded thier ethics. Cher hopes this is not taken as an act of betrayal as Anne feels the best place for her now is among enemys..just in case.

Rumers and quotes

(( here is a place for anyones to add ic quotes or rumers about Cheranne/Cheronne be sure to link back to the character who said it)

"When puzh comez to zhove I know zhe will defend her friendz" -Debchia(Tesseract Keep)
"It is nice to know someone else who knows what it is, to feel like an object" - Djinnette(DeNile)

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