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Cybernetic Muay Thai Blackbelt.
Player: @Bluhman
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Akira Stone
Known Aliases: Chisoku
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 198 LBS
Eye Color: Mahogany
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese American
Occupation: Paragon City University Student
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Base of Operations: Founders' Falls, Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother - Aiko Stone, Japanese woman. Father - Gerald Stone, American musician.
Known Powers
Super Reflexes, Above Average Speed and Strength, Reinforced body structure
Known Abilities
Blackbelt in Muay Thai
Titanium Exoskeleton, Boomerang Crest, Cybernetic strength-enhancement installations
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ChisokuScarf.gifChisoku is an MMORPG character in City of Heroes. He first appeared on the Virtue Server in June of 2007.

Chisoku is a character that has gone through many facets, first appearing as a scapper on the Freedom Server under the name of Green Regis. When Regis obtained level 50, another, alter-ego of Green Regis was made; that character being Chisoku.



Chisoku once served as a member in the New Schwarzhelm supergroup, lead by Lucius Schwarzhelm, a potent psychic, his superior fighting skill was put to use in case the psychics of New Schwarzhelm are unable to handle a problem.

Currently, Chisoku is a member of The Paragon Universe; Lead by Gila Girl.

By the time that Gila Girl had found Chisoku, he had made quite a name for himself, more than even he realized. It was one day that Gila Girl came up to Chisoku and asked him to join the Legion, them needing a skilled close-quarters warrior to help out. Chisoku, surprised, and even a little intimidated by being confronted by a hero the same age as he, and also more adept in the art, decided to agree. Though 'skilled' wouldn't exactly be how he'd define himself, perhaps if he worked with the Legion, he'd be able to make more of a name of himself, especially with the help of others.


Chisoku atop a tower in Talos Island.
Being only a relatively young man who is new to the City of Heroes, Chisoku is a reserved man who would rather not get in others people way in order to find out more about the city. Chisoku doesn't ask many questions to people he doesn't have strong relations with, and will gladly do whatever they ask him to do, so long as he feels it to be necessary.

However, from a past of success, luck, and highly intensive study, Chisoku is also a very bright person, and while he might seem naive at first glance, he harbors a great amount of common sense and knowledge from his education. He is quite proud in his mastery of martial arts, his super reflexes, and his innate knowledge, but not to the point he would brag. He tends to see himself as equal with other heroes in Paragon City.


Chisoku's powers include super reflexes, and above average strength and speed, harbored from Scientific modification and Technological implants through surgery.

Super Reflexes

Chisoku's prime power is his super reflexes. Received from a Neuro-Accelerator serum injected into his brain, Chisoku is capable of multiplying the affect of his adrenaline by a hundred times of its normal capacity, allowing him to think and move quickly and precisely in the moment before he can be hit by any sort of danger.

Though the power of the serum is strong, Chisoku still hasn't mastered control over it yet. Sometimes, the serum fails him, and he is left without energy to dodge attacks nearly as easily as he could when under the influence of his boosted adrenaline.

Enchanced Speed/Strength

Chisoku is capable of running at a speed of 35 miles per hour(and sprinting at a speed of 45 Miles per hour), and leaping through the air at a height of 30 feet, allowing him to easily scale and jump from building to building. He also is able to bench around 223 pounds, which is more than his actual bodyweight.

His strength and speed roots from the modification of the inside of his body; his bones replaced with an ultra-light weight, and ultra strong alloy endoskeleton, muscles replaced with mechanical joints and metafibers which simulate muscular contraction, and other various replacements of the inside of the body, What used to be simply a normal boy has been turned into a superhuman body.


In order to be able to put his reflexes to use in combating crime, Chisoku has learned the art of Muay Thai, which he has actually modified slightly into a more fitting style.

Muay Thai

Chisoku in low stance.
Chisoku learned and mastered Muay Thai after he received his powers from his modification by surgery. Muay Thai is the martial art of Thailand, involving the use of eight 'points of contact'; the fists, the shins, the knees, and the elbows. The style was chosen by Chisoku because of this; the appeal of being able to hit quickly with everything he has was a concept that Chisoku liked.

However, after becoming a blackbelt in the art, Chisoku began to make modifications to his style. He began to throw bits of influence from Boxing and Karate into his fighting style, spawning a versatile, deadly martial art, used when the odds are piled against you, and you need to do anything you can to survive. This art was named Chisoku-Jitsu by Chisoku, and includes such signature attacks, like the Rocket Kick, a powerful, forward kick, used often to finish off enemies, or the Victory Punch, a devastating punch that sends enemies tumbling when hit. Needless to say, Chisoku-Jitsu is a deadly fusion martial art, which makes Chisoku a force to be reckoned with.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Chisoku, generally, is an all-around solid warrior in close combat. However, in many cases, he lacks the ability to really defend himself against far-ranged assaults. Especially against targets that fly higher or run faster than him, he will find himself outmaneuvered.

With that said, it should also be noted that Chisoku does not have any spectacular ability to travel at any significant speed. Though easily capable of running faster and jumping higher than a normal human being, among other Paragon City Heroes, Chisoku falls short in his ability to move swiftly.

Another limitation of note is his weight. Chisoku is only 6 feet tall, and very slim in build, yet he weighs 198 pounds; much heavier than a man of his size should weigh. This is due to his metallic internal build, which is made mostly of titanium and steel. While this does help to make him more resilient to heavy blows, it also makes him very dense. Because of this, he has a VERY hard time swimming in water, and due to the fact that his Respiratory system was practically untouched, he can also drown in water.

Chisoku is also extremely conductive to electricity. This, coupled with the fact that he still has a human brain, opens up the possibility of having his brain fried by an electric current.


Chisoku was also equipped with a few dabbles of extra equipment to help him combat his foes. Chisoku uses his Titanium Exoskeleton, Boomerang Crest, and whatever gadget the PPD might lend him for the time being.


Chisoku's outfit and protection roots from his exoskeleton. A shining, blue and white armor that encompasses Chisoku's entire body, the exoskeleton offers slight protection against damage from his enemies, and of course helps him hide his identity. The Exoskeleton is quite lightweight for the moderate protection it offers; weighing in only at a mere 8 pounds.

Chisoku, sans helmet.

His helmet is also another aspect of his exoskeleton that has unique advantages. The visor of the helmet is actually a large targeting reticle, which allows Chisoku to find, and properly hit his targets. His visor also includes options for a map, objective reminder, and excellent face protection. The helmet itself is very strong, and works flawlessly in stopping intrusive mental waves, stunning blows, outwinding attacks, and any other sort of assault that might possibly disable Chisoku and render him helpless for any amount of time.

In addition, to further amplify his power, Chisoku has taken liberty to install extra motors into his exoskeleton, further boosting his leg and arm power, offering him the extra strength and speed needed to take on the villains of Paragon City.

Boomerang Crest

The golden crest on Chisoku's helmet is not only for show. Recently, Chisoku has utilized it as a hidden, and deadly weapon. With razor sharp edges and made of a strong metal, the crest lives up to its name. Not only does the crest return to the person who threw it, it automatically homes in and reattaches to the helmet.

This weapon is rarely used in tough combat, however. The crest is actually quite fragile in comparison with some of the other parts of Chisoku's equipment.

Lent items

Because of his affiliations with the PPD, Chisoku has been lent many different pieces of equipment. From smoke grenades, to jetpacks. Motorcycles, cryo pistols, and kinetic shields, Chisoku can count on the PPD to give him something that can help him in one situation or another.

Character History

A Hero's Birth

Akira Stone was no older than Three when he first moved to the United States. He and his family could not afford life in Japan, so the father, Gerard Stone, decided the family should move to Palo Alto, a Californian city shortly south of San Francisco. Akira went through a normal childhood, graduating successfully from the Henry M. Gunn high school. Akira had successfully applied to many colleges around the United States, but out of all the colleges that he had visited, it was Paragon University, in Paragon City, Rhode Island, that caught his attention as the place to be. Not only did Paragon University offer great courses in computer science and robotics, but it also had solid courses in literature, playwriting, and other courses that merged well with Akira's hobbies. It wasn't long before Akira took a plane trip to Paragon City to begin his days in college.

Akira arrived in Founders' Falls of paragon city; the location of the Paragon University, and got acquainted with his peers and dorm room, then, at sunset, he left the university to explore the city for a while. It was this action that nearly cost Akira his life; while he was exploring, a man, cloaked in black robes and with an eerie glow from under his hood, bludgeoned Akira over the head, and took him to a warehouse. This man was a member, a robotic assassin in a sense, of the Ayus Clan, an obscure, but quickly growing technology gang. The gang used the body of people as their template and basic threshold for all of their cyborgs and robots. The brain, especially, is required for Ayus robots to work; no computer chip can simulate the advanced workings of the human brain, and when properly toned and drugged, a human brain can be as easily controlled as an obedient dog. This was why they needed humans, and why they needed Akira.

Akira was taken in quickly into the operating room of the Ayus Clan. When Akira came around from the trauma caused by his whack over the head, he found himself surrounded by many surgeons. Akira was on a steel table, and was held down to it by metal shackles. he asked the surgeons, "Where am I?"

"You are in the base of the Ayus Clan. Here, we shall replace and rebuild your body into the perfect combat machine, and tone your mind so that you will... follow us more willingly." Replied the head surgeon, scribbling furiously on a clipboard.

"W-wait! I don't want this! What's going on?!"

"What you think won't matter in the end. We need your body and your brain to create a robot, and we're going to get the job done." With that, the scientist applied anesthetic to Akira, putting him into a deep sleep.

Ayus scientists operated on Akira, replacing his internal organs with advanced mechanics and various, stronger materials. The operation was nearly complete by the break of dawn, but the brain still had to be modified. However, the surgeon responsible for the drugging of the brain, Tom Barsad, felt guilty for the actions for the clan. "I'm not interested in this!" Tom thought to himself, "I do not want to create robots that destroy; I want to make robots that create and protect. I need to protect Akira, and get him out of here safely!" Tom would have to wake him up using something, and the only thing he could find was a Neuro-Accelerator serum, which would boost mental processes of anything the serum was applied to.

When Tom returned to the operating room with a syringe, Akira's body was absolutely done. Nothing was opened on his body; he was fully functional and ready to move, and only his mind needed to be awakened and prepared. He applied the serum, and almost instantly, Akira woke up. "What's going on?" He asked.

"Impossible! The experiment is not meant to ask questions!" The head surgeon exclaimed, "What's the meaning of this, Mr. Barsad?!"

"Well, uh... I must've made a mistake." Tom said nervously, slowly inching his way over to a lever in the corner of the room.

"Well, we'll just have to reapply the proper drugs to his brain. Reapplying anesthetic!"

In that moment, Tom pulled the lever, and the shackles on the operating table burst open. "Quick, Akira! Run!"

Both Tom and Akira escaped the Ayus Complex without much difficulty. Tom, being familiar with various escape routes and secret passages in the building, managed to escape silently and without having to combat deadly sentinels or other Ayus guardian cyborgs. Akira escaped through the front entrance, running unusually fast, being chased and shot at from all directions, but Akira found himself able to avoid and elude all the dangers of the base without difficulty.

Tom and Akira met up in a hidden alleyway shortly after their escape. Akira, confused and completley unarmed, asked tom, "What happened to me? What did you guys do to me?"

Tom, apologetically, replied, "We replaced your body parts with machinery.

"I get that, but how did I.. Manage to escape the base so quickly?"

"As a cyborg, you now have enhanced strength and speed. You must've been able to run quickly to get out of the base alive."

"That might be, but I was... Able to avoid everything that was flying at me, and I really don't think that would be possible if I simply ran faster than normal."

"Oh, that... In order to awaken you from your anesthetic, I needed to use something. That something was a neural accelerator. It must've boosted your thought processes, giving you super reflexes!"

"Super reflexes? Increased Strength and Speed? Does this mean... What I think it means?"

"Maybe so. Paragon City could probably use some extra muscle to help keep the city guarded."

"Well, what if I don't want to?"

"You never know. Come on. The Paragon Police Department can probably help explain your abilities and prepare you for danger in the city."

With that, Akira and Tom drive off to the Paragon Police Department in Kings Row. There, Akira took it upon himself to become trained in a martial art, which Akira chose to be Muay Thai. Akira also received a metal suit, which would be his armor and disguise. Finally, Akira needed to register himself under an alias in his Security Card. The Alias Akira chose was Chisoku, a Japanese word that equated to the English word of "Quick". Though he was initially forced into servitude by his powers, he now takes up the job with exceptional zeal.

Eradicating the Ayus Clan

Though the Ayus Clan was a quickly growing gang, it was still in fledgling stage, and could easily be derailed by even a novice hero. Still, Few heroes were aware that this gang even existed, and now that Tom Barsad had put Akira and the Clan into the view of the PPD, they immediately sent him on a sort of initiation mission to find out more about this gang.

Akira Stone, caught on an Ayus survalence camera. Chisoku was ambushed by Ayus spy cyborgs shortly after this photo was taken.
For 4 days, Chisoku went on patrol in the city, searching for the few and scattered cyborgs of the clan. Some were found spying, walking among the normal people of the city, waiting, in fact, for Chisoku in an attempt to recapture him for the Clan. However, Chisoku was able to defend himself against the spy cyborgs, not necessarily designed for combat. Other cyborgs, mainly Ayus sentinel cyborgs, were found patrolling streets in Baumtown, and still others found dealing drugs with other gangs such as The Family. It was these sentinels that provided the true lead which Chisoku needed to track this clan.

Through fighting and interrogation, Chisoku found out that the clan had three chief recruiters, or specialized cyborgs, specifically created to capture people off the streets and return them to the base.

IconStopwatch.gifStopwatch The recruiter that Chisoku was captured by. He has the ability to bend time around him, enabling him to move quickly in comparison to opponents. Wields a katana and a wide array of tranq and poison darts.

IconBlkFox.gifBlack Fox Heavily modified recruiter. Has claws and super reflexes, much like Chisoku does, and has a mind so modified by drugs and cybernetics, he is incapable of speech.

IconBattery.gifBattery A heavy recruiter with large, electrode like gloves on his hands. Leg modifications enable him to leap great bounds into the air. His brain is completely unmodified; he accepted being turned into a cyborg recuriter. Is capable of firing bolts of electricity, and also absorbing electrical energy.

If Chisoku were to finally end the Ayus clan, he'd have to destroy these recruiters. Without a steady production of cyborgs for the clan, they would not be able to stand long in Paragon City. After that, it would be a matter of getting the word out about the clan so that other heroes could finish the job.

First Recruiter Chisoku went to take care of was Stopwatch. Chisoku had been told that he was in hiding in a warehouse in Argosy Industrial Park in Atlas Park. When Chisoku arrived, however, it seemed he had walked into a trap; there were sentinels waiting for him there, and Chisoku was ambushed. He came close to defeat in the battle, but in the end, Chisoku pulled through and continued through the warehouse, which now resembled some grotesque cross between a robotics workshop and a meat locker. Regardless, Chisoku found Stopwatch waiting for him, and the two dueled. Though Stopwatch had a speed advantage and also had a weapon that gave him more range, Chisoku found that his cybernetic body was able to rise to the challenge, and pulled through the battle, taking glancing blows from the blade of Stopwatch and countering with powerful blows that eventually snapped the Recruiter in half.

Next to fall was Battery, who had been reported causing havoc in Kings Row, sapping energy from pylons, and also crushing quite a few clockwork in the process. Unlike Stopwatch, Battery was not expecting the intrepid cyborg hero to show up, but unfortunately, it turned out he had the upper hand. Able to block Chisoku's blows with his large arms, Battery leapt away and dealt a near-lethal electric shock to Chisoku. Chisoku was forced to run, and Battery gave chase to the heavily damaged hero. In an act of daring, Chisoku abruptly changed direction and leapt right towards Battery, dealing a marvelous kick to the recruiter that sent him flying into a nearby building. That kick would go on to eventually become Chisoku's famed Rocket Kick. Bleeding, short-circuiting, but still alive, Battery was interrogated by Chisoku. He complied, but was just then dealt a fatal shock. PPD investigators concluded that this was actually due to a device that had been installed into him to prevent him from letting out disclosed information about the Clan. The search for the final recruiter continued...

Though he had no lead on Black Fox, it did not take long for the two to meet. In fact, it was Black Fox that found Chisoku, who had been keeping watch on top of the statue of Atlas. Black Fox was everything that Chisoku was and more; he could move just as fast, and dealt powerful blows with his claws, and even though his body was not entirely metal like Chisoku's was, Black Fox had an unwavering resolve to destroy his target. The fight raged on atop the globe, lasting from midnight all the way to 4:00 in the morning. The claws were taking toll on Chisoku's exoskeleton, and Black Fox didn't seem to be tiring at all, but suddenly, a flame of determination sparked in Chisoku. Wether caused by rage, passion, or just sheer impatience, nobody really knows, but the result was in Chisoku throwing a punch that caused Black Fox's cybernetic right arm to rip and fly into the plaza below. This punch would go on to become Chisoku's Victory Punch. Black Fox lost his balance from this, and went tumbling down into the plaza as well... And he did not get back up. The three recruiters were now exterminated, and it was time to reveal the secret of the Ayus clan to the heroes of Paragon City.

It did not take long at all for the word to get out; Tom Barsad was more than happy to make the announcement to the newspapers, and Chisoku took his own bits and pieces from the recruiters he had defeated to provide solid proof that this clan indeed existed. One crucial piece of information found, however, was from a barcode on the dismembered cybernetic arm of Black Fox. The barcode revealed that the arm had been made in an industrial district shortly west of Independence Port; incidentally the location where the Rikti had attacked a few years ago. The press accepted the message, spreading it through the common media. The Clan, unable to make new cyborgs and now right out in plain view, was directly assaulted by Heroes, and within 2 days, the main base of the Ayus Clan was all but torn to the ground.

Even to this day, however, a select few Ayus spies and sentinels wait in hiding, hiding among the normal people of Paragon City or deep in the sewers. Officials hope that these remaining cyborgs will eventually succumb to maintenance problems. Even though a sliver of Ayus power remains, they are without a base and without means of making more of their kind.

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