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Patrolling the skies of Peregrine Island
Player: @Bradders
Origin: Technology/Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Tera Louise Summers
Known Aliases: Clobber-Girl, Clobberella, Slobber-Girl, Summers, Clobber-Gank, Blapper
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 130lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Plum (dyed from Brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College Student, Waitress, Licensed Super Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Peregrine Island, Paragon City
Marital Status: With Partner, unmarried
Known Relatives: Linda Summers (Mother; deceased), Doctor Tony Summers (Father)
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation, Force Mastery
Known Abilities
Flight, Basic First Aid
E.V.A System
No additional information available.



Supergroup: The Other Guys

Former Supergroups: Heroes in Disguise, Freedom Factor


Always seen as somewhat "Happy Go Lucky", Tera is very much of the "go with the flow" personality type. Indecisive and at times overconfident, she tends to be considerate and usually happy to help regardless of the situation. During times of particular duress she has been known to binge drink heavily and project a far more aggressive character.


Under her father's studies it was believed her mutant gene was latent. This prompted her father to create a set of armor for her, tapping the power of her mutation. As the use of the armor became more frequent, her mutation evolved, enabling her to use her powers unaided.

Energy Blast

Drawing from the ambient energy around her, she is able to project it into concussive blasts. She is able to control the nature of these blasts, using them for accurate sniping to less pinpoint methods, although with the latter she is able to strike many more targets simultaneously. Over time she has mastered the "Nova" blast, able to hit an unconfirmed number of targets in close proximity.

Energy Manipulation

Using her own energy reserves she is able to concentrate her internal energy in her fists; when making contact with a foe this energy is released to devastating effect, often disorienting or knocking her foes back great distances.

The use of this power drains her stamina at a fast rate. She counters this by eating high carbohydrate foods, sugary snacks, and drinks.


E.V.A, or Environment Variable Armour, is a system designed by her father. Its original intended use was military in nature, though the field testing yielded poor results resulting in the project's cancellation. Doctor Tony Summers modified his designs to work with his daughter's latent mutant gene to great success; however, the military declined further funding on the project.

Utilizing billions of nanobots to form the suit, it is an infinitely reconfigurable shell that can adapt to most environmental conditions and is stored within a belt on the user. The suit's settings can be reconfigured using voice commands or attaching the belt to a personal computer via a USB link.

The armor uses a combination of solar power and micro-batteries to power itself, though prolonged use of its powers causes the suit to shut down automatically until it is recharged.

Force Fields

Her father later redesigned her armor to protect her in battle, enabling it to generate an almost impenetrable field around her; this ability has saved her life many times. While using this field she is unable to use her own powers, and it also prevents oxygen and other gases from penetrating the field; this means it is only useful for short time periods before it must be dropped.

The field has several settings: a more general purpose field protects her from minor damage, while the "Overdrive" mode works to heal and give her an energy boost from its own internal power supply. This too can only be used for short periods of time before the armor's batteries need to be recharged via mains or solar power.


Her armor provides her with moderate flight abilities.

Character History

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Random Trivia and OOC stuff

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