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"For the Lost Lands".
"Christie" Harper
Player: @Garimi
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: applying experience
Personal Data
Real Name: Christobel Harper
Known Aliases: None
Species: Undead Human
Age: 23 at death(aprx)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Milked over Cornflower blue
Hair Color: Fading Gold
Biographical Data
Nationality: Arathian, Azeroth Immigrant
Occupation: Mercenary, Researcher, Freelance extraction specialist
Place of Birth: Arathi Highlands, E.K., Azeroth
Base of Operations: Founder's Falls
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: one younger sister by blood in Gilneas, Azeroth. None in Priaml or Praetoria
Known Powers
Necromany; dark nether offensive spells. Levitation and target summoning
Known Abilities
Scholar, Arcane Cloth Tailor
Arcane Protection Robe, Spell scrolls, arcane charged icons and talismans, Firearms.
Not a fan of Chaos she found her self in the unlikey descriptive of "hero". But the necromancy she learned brings out her darker side; "The Harpy" when she is alone and without her friends.



Raising the long deceased, resurrecting the newly dead, .


Quill pen, Dimensional Pack (aka bag of holding) Armor, day clothes from Silvermoon, dayclothes from Icon


General Racial

Forsaken: The Forsaken are necromatically raised dead humans ("zombies")that regained portions of their soul to become cognizant again. As such they maybe in any stage of decay before the arrest of decomposition. (WIP)



Azerothian Humans are the mutated descedents of an offworld imported gene pool. The elder race on this planet was Titan implanted warrior race called Vykrul. The weaker tainted specimins were saved in small numbers by attached parents adn called "Azotha". The Azotha became what the natives called humans adn now call themselves so. Humans are more adaptable, prolific and intelligent than their ancestral counterparts, but as all Old God tainted races of Azeroth in a less extreme chamge, they have become smaller and softer of flesh:

Early Life

Christabel Harper Hopewell was an ordinary girl for the most part. A newlywed, a happy only daughter. She had just been sent to further her arcane studies at the Academy when the Zombie invasion came. Resurrection was horrifying even after she became more or less whole and no longer feral. Then her new life began :

For the Dark Lady

The fragmented remains even now float in a netherspace area between planes connecting Azeroth and doomed Draenor and are stage for some remaining battles. Assigned to Fistcrush Squad Six; she had nothing common with most of her Squad. Team members most civil to her were tight as sisters; a Tauren Lsk'ka Softcoat(renamed in Praetoria) Ptegleska Softcoat; Aristomache Sunrune , a haughty Blood Elf and Moxy Bestminion, a typical Goblin girl of the lighter inclinations.

Recent Events: Pre Arrival

In Kings Year 631, on a tour of Duty, Fistcrush Squad was lost. The Squad was on a mission to scout viability and possibly attempt the assassination of a high profile political figure of the opposing faction. Their travel created by a typical crazed gnomish warlock who claimed to be a wizard greater than Medivh, as dubious at best. Behind the lines of hostile territory was gratefully without any major incident though they mixed some.. which Moxy got their tauren companion's height and hooves and coloration. Ari was green and stockier. Poor Leska was willowy and her pelt grew 8 inches into a coat of silky gold. Disconcerting but the mission was still an option since they wore glamouries for disguises anyway. It was the return summoning that became a crisis...

The Accident and arrival to Praetorian Earth

The silly fel begotten warlock had too much dwarven stout at the pub local and blabbed information (as well as was too impaired for reliable casting). More events came to over the rise while he was trying to reopen the portal after they contacted him by gnomecorder to request extraction; enemy agents that had been spying in the tavern came and destroyed the gate just as they were stepping through! The portal broke and death yet again... nay light came to eyes that could open... {unbeknownst to the party, in another dimension 4 layers away, a huge science and magic based portal was being destroyed by warring factions at the very moment it had been spun up in charge for use. The backlash caused a vacuum to suck the party into that world...} 7 of the party of 13 were dumped together in the street of Praetorian Neutropolis. The Weaker magic of that world left their party greatly at disadvantage. The most effected were the elves because the weak nearly dead arcane emanantions ungrasped by mana tap, the Trolls were struggling as well with unfamiliar elementals and no loa. The Tauren being cut from their Earth mother seemed stunned senseless. The Orcs..though weaker, were still orcs. The goblins seemed unaffected as well. The ragtag survivors were subdued and captured quicker than they would like to admit. The ones that gave a strong fight were taken to a different facility with exception to the orc Warchief who fought savagely until they had to kill him. This made Christie the command default. Her thought on that "um..? yay?". Dead are dead, and dark forces are dark forces. Very few of her abilities were affected and humans are adaptable if nothing else. Praetoria was a dream come true. The tech to hide her condition, the lack of history not to fear it as anything more than abnormalty adn ability to work through a structured rank. A beautiful clean city so reminicent of a mighty less technological Lordaeron. She was in bliss. Despite the PPD and then mysterious Elite Security Agents and Anomaly Researcher Burtrow from the C-corp had them under intense study and quarantine for nearly a year. Then some were released to the Behavioral Adjustment Facility for later release to the society.


Like Ari, and nearly at the same time; release on recognizance to become citizens thru services was a welcome event. They were also given devices to track if they tried to gather, for the probation dictated they not contact each other until full citizenship was earned. Unaffected by the lack of heavy arcane and mana availability; the politics was newer on this scale of intrigue. She had been to Draenor and the elemental realms so was not overly shock by what had passed. as teh new Captain of the forces she was honmor bound to know what had become of them all and reunite them eventually. She was not overly concerned about the dead..

Life in Praetoria and Departure

Unwanted and repelled being the historic definition or her "race"identity, the structured heierarchy of Praetorian govenmental service was a comfort and joy. Preator Berry's fascination with her condition allowed her early release, and after volunteering for studies, her following freedom mostly unobserved, but it was great working for the office of an elder statesman. Praetoria remionded her of life in the Great City before the Prince went mad and killed his father before killing them all. But her most moral choices came when she discovered the secret approval of Cole for the Experiments she had helped Berry with. Teh plan wa snot so much a cure but an even more powerful adn insidious plaugue?!! How the scourge and the Worgen curse came about. Her perfect happiness in Praetoria was destroyed! And the disgust and terror a the thought of another Fall like that of Lost Lordaeron and even Silvermoon (>shudder<). And then when the Arachnos encroachments came to light and her misson to set things right in Primal earth was given, she left with mixed loyalty. The choices- stay in a steadily unraveling security OR go though yet another portal to yet another world, one she had doubts of. One that had spawned and supported the violent Resistance insurgency; the chaotic and covert Longbow who were trying to overthrow a legitimate and stable government for their own gains and trampling ordinary citizens to do it. And often making alliances with the worse criminals and monsters for more minions to their "Just Cause" Or lastly the smooth, honeyed Arachnos agents, using the strange mind tricks similar to Seers, and effective recruiting propoganda to fool the disenfranchised into joining them when they also had no business in a place that not only was not their country, it was not even their planet or dimension! Using her position, she learned that Lska evidently had chosen alliance with this evil Resistance during a prisoner raid & smuggled over out of captivity and never even had to work for praetorian regime or even Resistance. The mellow Sin'dorei of the Light touched Sunwell, also was defection that very same week. Moxy came over after but was easily found, obvious it was the convenient or expedient thing to do moreso than any firey speech and chest thumping. She was surprised Ari also had gone over despite having advanced in rank pretty high up; societies with rigid structure mixed with population well cared for was rare. It was probably her sense of responsibilty as she was officially the command lead now their former ranks. The easygoing Orc, Candlereader Miss Placed was there as well . . She searched to unite with her lost scout squad members, primarily her team; Moxy Bestminion Moxie, Aristomache Sunrune Ari, & Ptegleska Softcoat Leshka All the female members that have found their way to Primal Earth are finding sanctuary in The Sidereal Residence and dutifully protecting the citizenry of that realm as they promised for various motivations.

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