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Walk with the Earth Mother.
Ptegleska Softcoat
Player: @Garimi
Origin: Magic, Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Incarnate
Personal Data
Real Name: Tkl'ska Softcoat
Known Aliases: None
Species: Shu'halo Taur'ahe
Age: Born in King's Calendar Year 15, is in 20's Human standard
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 380
Eye Color: Amber Brown with flecks of green
Hair Color: Sorrel Coat
Biographical Data
Nationality: Immigrant
Occupation: Data Entry and On -call military force
Place of Birth: Kalmindor, Azeroth
Base of Operations: Founders Falls, Paragon. Formerly of Steel Canyon, Paragon City and 2 years in Praetorian Earth
Marital Status: Engaged to be married June 20, 2012
Known Relatives: No Survivor or visitor Known in Primal
Known Powers
Nature Empathy :Druidic/Shamansitic ( No true "power" within other than natural extreme physical prowess with enhancements gifted by the Earth Mother with permission of Primal sub-deities in Elemental plane connection and Druidic tapping. Main skills in home plane were that of a Sun-walker instead of Clan. ) Durability (Invulnerablility) and Super Strength
Known Abilities
Minimal casting and elemental summoning. Armed and unarmed combat. Field First Aid
Blessed Armor considerable weaker in Primal and susceptible to technology (which is neither good or evil), Battledress using Mender's technology, Druidic Horde Fel Armor, A couple Magic Imbued Staffs, Holy Mace, Firearms, Numerous Gadgets including Primal Tech transporter signal and Gravity nullifier and some goblin retro-tech.


Personality and RP Notes

A survivor and tragic figure in childhood, Tkl'ska is a gentle soul with a pledge for protecting life. Quickly adapting to Primal earth ways with attendance of college and grasp of English she has developed a dry humor but is not sarcastic or cynical. Shyly friendly and approachable; she was the youngest of her Unit, Squad and Platoon. She has a near crippling fear of feral undead. Loyal , loving and passionate she can show ruthlessness on wrongdoers.


Typical of many in her race; she has clan background of shamanism or elementalism, as well as early instruction in hunting/gathering skills and herbalism. In her case, her Clan was primarily Shamans but her father came from a more Druidic bloodline. Small for her species and haunted by a childhood event she as considered unfit to have full instruction in summoning elemental or in the Path. But was directly blessed by the Earth Mother with the secret insistence of her Paternal grandmother, Elder Vruna of the Path of Restoration. Her induction to Horde Warrior training augmented earlier Tauren training. And her exposure to life in the Eastern Kingdoms gave her her true calling as a Sun-walker.... a Holy Paladin.



Lesh is Shu'halo also known as "the Tauren" in her home-world of Azeroth , in the King's calendar era of the Third War and Great Cataclysm. A world enmeshed in Iron Age Style Warfare that is steeped in arcane use. Though not advanced in the digital-electronic discoveries or Industrial Age style tech, it is high with ley line strength. It's strongest force is magic. Taurahe speakers are a native race, with Shu'halo are the highest evolved species of bovine natives. Once a race given special attention by one of the living deities of their world, they still often gained favor form that deity even after they had fallen from full grace. As in the case of many native races, they had small slow population further impacted by war and the Titan imported Vykrul who became the Humans.

Shu'halo evolved and spent the centuries as a nomadic culture that had high respect for the natural world around them. Having larger territory on the plains, meadows and open forest areas of Kalmindor (in contradiction to their cooler environ cousin race, the Taunka. . Elementalists and Animists. In their elder stories it was they who were the first of Druidic way. Though it was not much longer before the new Transplants to the region in the deep forests who gathered at the Well were also given these gifts though the Mother's Daughter gave them the direct power of the gods to please h r lover

== Early Life == Her birth was not particularly auspicious, she was the youngest of her bloodline and smallest of stature. Her Sorrel coat was uncommon and not a favored coloration. Her clan was traditionalist refusing to let go of nomadic ways despite the depredations of centaurs, monsters and things left from the Second War. Refusing to become part of the Horde they remained in the Wilds until after the Third War.

Most of her life, her only friend was a troll boy of the reclusive Shadowtooth. A High Shaman's grandson and marked for early Druid training, he often accompanied his elder kin. On impulse he saved her from bullying and had his little fan whom he indulged and called "fire beauty". Her odd coloration combined with very small stature and skittishness separated her from her peers with negative impact. One of the most beloved people in her life was her watcher (babysitter) was opposite with a coat of summer grain gold and sun-colored mane with unusually bright green eyes. A popular, beautiful and kind girl who had not yet been selected for training and was a developing healer. Her life as Tkl'ska was tolerable. Then came the tragedy. With a group of mixed age younglings tasked with getting herbs and small game, they wandered into Quillboar territory in the thicket. Though this in itself was already a restricted and risky behavior, what the children did not know is a that a Lich was setting up headquarters in the area and the new War was on the horizon. Only two of the children survived, the one who had been on outside watch and ran, and Lesh was the only massacre survivor, set aside for special dark plans. And she bore the brunt of the parents' grief over the loss of so many within her generation. A scapegoat without the honor of being the martyr. She became , shyer, fearful and furtive. Always on the edge of life and no longer able to train as a shaman. Even her own parents were not sure of the honor of her survival nor believing her deserving of it. Her Grandmother said it was the hand of the mother On her third visit she angrily took Lesh away with her and disowned her son. Already shadowed and tainted her very existence growing up beyond being considered weak and small, she was hard for her busy grandmother to reach. She lived her last years as an immersed Tauren with her father's mother in Feralas. She became fast friends with the daughter of a local goblin merchant who had established a trade route. When they settled near she was always in their home. That "Big" lout whose "strength" was put to good use. Despite harsh seeming words, they gave her affection, a sense of ability and the feeling of size and were always glad to see her. The troll boy was around more often after his own mother moved to the Wildland compound. They were often treasure hunting and lore gathering if not aggravating centaurs. They threesome gained notoriety enough to attract a Horde recruiter.

Daily Grind and the Portal blues

Lesh was earlier slated to become a shaman like many in her family. Being small she was tasked often with gathering and hunting small game. Never as she expected the ability to be a warrior.. Being considered substandard most her young life, and severely ostracized after the incident ;she happily allowed herself "conscripted' and drawn in the New Horde very young while sticking with her only two accepting acquaintances of any (repeat).; Vis Atal and Moxy Bestminion. The recruiter was doubtful looking at her age and stature, but could not move the talented Shaman , nor connected Goblin without her. So whisked them all to Ogrimmar for pre-training then to the eastern Kingdoms.

She worked hard to prove herself, overcoming her stature and any doubts over her age. Often having to execute things much harsher and more ruthless. She gained reputation as an apt warrior and when combined with her companions they were a crack team. They usually had special mission that stealth was required but having a warrior was a need. Being eventually stationed in Queldoras and spending weeks on end in Silvermoon, it was a day to day grind with adventurous counterpoints. |And so flowed the next few years. "Lil' Lsk" , squad pet and trusted as a warrior, Moxy bored to tears and tinkering constantly with Vis always studying. In that time she met Sun-walkers and was called. Her true heart was not a ruthless killer but that of a Paladin. And she gained quickly in that method of skill. The few Tauren she met she felt disconnected with. Only the Earth Mother ans the Holy Light had any meaning beside that of her friends.

In the Primal Earth year of 2010; her team was on a mission to scout opportunity and possibly task out the assassination of a high profile political figure of the opposing faction. Their travel was using a completely risky gamble using methods created by a mad gnomish warlock who claimed to be greater than Medivh. The trip behind the lines of hostile territory was without any major incident, though to the chagrin of all they had a mix-up.. Moxy, walked out wearing her height, hooves, and coloration. Lesh received the slightness of a Sin'dorei and a long pelt of gold. Quite disconcerting but the mission was still achievable since they wore glamouries for disguises anyway. BUT the trip home...

The warlock had too much Dwarven stout at the pub local and let information slip (as well as was not at his optimal for casting). AS events unfolded while he was trying to reopen the portal after they contacted him by gnomecorder to request extraction; enemy agents that had been spying in the tavern came and destroyed the gate just as they were stepping through!

Arrival in Praetoria

When the portal snapped in both ends it looked like the end... a terrible end drifting in the nether until faded away! But there was a tingling... |unbeknownst to the party, in another dimension 4 layers away, a huge science and magic based portal was being destroyed by warring factions at the very moment it had been spun up in charge for use. The backlash caused a vacuum to suck the party into that world during a Praetorian Portal Corp experiment... 7 of the party of 13 were dumped together in the street of Praetorian Neutropolis. The Weaker magic of that world left their party greatly at disadvantage. They were subdued and captured quicker than they would like to admit. The PPD and then mysterious Elite Security Agents and Anomaly Researcher Burtrow from the C-corp had them under intense study and quarantine for nearly a year. They were release on recognizance to become citizens thru services. They were also given devices to track if they tried to gather, for the probation dictated they not contact each other until full citizenship was earned. Last that she could glean from sources the ones taking this world hardest were in small extent the Blood Elven and in harsh impact the Taurens and Trolls. Probably because the ancestor and earth bond they were cut from as well as the less natural world and politics.. The Sin'dorei were affected by the lack of heavy arcane and mana availability, though the politics were in their element and traveling dimensionality and planar pathing was not new to them. Not even the concept of space travel. Many members would reunite eventually. Though Lesh was greatly concerned and very vulnerable being alone an suffering severe form change. The Warchief actually fought to the point of being killed, since his skills and attacks were not magic based and he was making up for the party's sudden weakness.

Life in Praetoria and Departure

Lesh's time in Praetoria was much shorter than her close companions. Because the resistance put up by Orcs and Tauren warrior armored members, they were under special observation. especially since the Tauren were suffering the most varied and severe changes to become compatible to the Earth dimensions. Lesh was beside herself and very vulnerable to Praetorian methods while "alone". During a session at the Behavioral Facility she was freed by default when a special ops team came for a high profile prisoner's release by force. When Capt. Steven Wolfsong found her she was was hiding in corner as he broke in. Her soft eyes betrayed her soft heart and She took the hand in the spirit that she hoped it was offered. 6 months in the resistance under Steve's tutelage gave her rudimentary English. He gave he a new name similar to her own from his native language "Tayleshka"; which ironically meant 'noble cow' in order to give her anchor in paperwork to him as her sponsor. He had known immediately that she was not a minotaur for evil experiment, but some other breed of bovine person. His kind spiritual teaching eased her transition to become a Resistance member. But the team finished it's particular mission..... And left her with a pivotal choice, would she step (* Oh Mother help!*) though yet another portal to another world still with persons of unknown intentions or stay to simply becme recaptured by persons of already negative motivations . And the worry over her friends if she became once again the only survivor was a flay on her spirit when she chose Steve. She was reunited happily with some of her belongings before her next journey. After application for citizenship and vouching her hero intentions, Steve enrolled Leshka in Steel Canyon University. She was put up at the Sidereal Residence since it was a well established boarding house for the dimensional and time challenged new arrivals of varied forms. It was here she was reunited with her beloved friends Moxy and Ari though no sign of Vis still. She found her friends were well. Moxy's family did not carry the name Bestminion through a couple generations for nothing. Praetorian hierarchy and Capitalism were quite enjoyable and she spent her last 9 months as free in Praetoria. Sh missed her companions more than she might admit and left in a hurry after a deal gone sour concerning double dealing and Resistance. Her other friend, a mellow Sin'dorei of the Light touched Sunwell, Ari also was defection that very same week as Moxy despite having advanced in rank pretty high up .She secretly worried about her "little" Tauren and to this day Moxy really wants to know what offer could get a political animal that loved clean cities like Ari leave the comforts for another unknown.

Life in Primal Paragon City

Again Lesh would find herself without a strong mentor and sponsor. Steven was KIA in a another raid in Praetoria and left yet another hole in her heart. She would wander in the D on occasion with sorority sisters. Mostly a hub of human styled social activity it confused, bemused ans concerned her more than finding any friends. Here she met the kindly, fly guy hero Tyrone Hammer, Aura, and the key to her happy future...Andrew Wronski. She was also hapily reunited with 4 members of her Squad including her close friend Moxy. She had seen and met many "Taurean" peoples since arriving in Primal. None were Shu halo. Many were minotaur-en or accidents formerly human. She had no interest. Until a pensive Grey bull, drinking the woes away on a crisp October night. Andrew, also known as Steel Hoof was a scientist and Professor and enjoyed her company. Within a couple of brief passings and she was drawn to his kindred spirit. His quiet gentle countenance and apt skills as warrior kept her interest, despite knowing he was not always so handsome and was formerly human. Even as she became more acclimated to life in Primal she also became closer daily to Andrew. After a nearly catastrophic failure during a Praetorian mission that had her away for some time, her subtle suitor spoke of his regard for her as a person he cared for. They would meet in places he knew would set her at ease and he used his connections and considerale education to learn more of where she was from and her ways. (WIP)

=Trivia= WIP

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At present Miss Softcoat is living happily in Founders Falls in the living quarters at the Headquarters for CoA. Her affianced and herself will be married 20 May 2012. They are miraculously expecting their first child in the New Year of 2013.


She searches to unite with her lost scout squad members, primarily hangs with her gurlz; Aristomache Sunrune Ari, Corpus Christie Cris, Grimalda Candlereader MissPlaced & Moxy Bestminion Moxie. Cenarion Circle [[Category:Dimensional Traveler]]

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