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Player: @chainlightning
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Marsius Denthar
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Andromedan
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Andromeda 3
Base of Operations: Sansheer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Super strength/Invulnerability
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Crimsonstar is the second character I made in City of Heroes, my first being Chain Lightning. He was to be my ‘Superman’ clone and while I enjoyed playing him, it wasn’t until he was in the mid 30’s that I started to concentrate heavily on him both in terms of role-playing and writing character fiction. This had the effect that he’s now the favorite of all my characters and I’ve even gone so far as to ‘re-image’ him into the Pulsar Denthar character, which while being a different archetype and having different powersets than the Crimsonstar character, it is the same character from a RP and fictional standpoint.



Marsius Denthar is a human from the Andromedan galaxy and a member of an organization called the Star Brigade. His hero name of Crimsonstar is actually a rank of office in the Star Brigade. In the summer of 2001 after having been recently promoted to the Crimsonstar rank he was assigned by the Star Brigade command to leave Andromeda 3 in an experimental spacecraft for a mission on Earth, a planet considered still in it’s infancy in the closest neighboring galaxy. The Andromedans had discovered that an ancient alien enemy of their galaxy, the Rikti, had made plans to invade Earth. Both the Star Brigade and Kairin Empire, the ruling government of the Andromedan galaxy, felt that while they had never had contact with their human brothers in the Milky Way galaxy, they couldn’t let the Rikti attack Earth without finding some way to offer assistance. Marsius arrived on Earth mere hours before the Rikti portals first opened to drop the Rikti’s initial assault wave. Crimsonstar fought alongside Earth’s armed forces and heroes in the war against the Rikti.

In a final last ditch effort planned by the Portal Corp organization in Paragon City, Marsius volunteered to accompany Hero 1 and the Omega team in what was viewed as a suicide mission to use the Rikti’s own dimensional portals to take the war into the Rikti’s home dimension. Alpha team, headed by the legendary hero Statesman, would engage the Rikti troops hoping to distract them from the intentions of Hero 1 and his team.

A heavily shielded Rikti ship was discovered just minutes before Marsius was to join Omega team and Marsius was called away to join Statesman and Alpha team in investigating the ship. Marsius was able to identify the Rikti ship as large scale portal generator ‘mothership’ whose goal was to open a portal that would transport sections of Paragon City off Earth and into the Rikti dimension itself. Unable to take down the protective shield around the ship through conventional attacks, Marsius flew his own ship using its hyper drive engines to breach the shield surrounding the Rikti ship and shut it down, allowing Earth’s combined heroes to infiltrate and disable the ship before it could generate its portal. Only the Andromedan starslider was damaged beyond the ability to travel back to his home world and Marsius found himself stranded on Earth.

The chaos of the war had allowed several villainous factions to rise in power, along with the pockets of scattered Rikti that were left abandoned on Earth once Hero 1 and Omega team had succeeded in shutting down the Rikti’s transport portals. With no way to make the thirty million light year voyage home, or even contact The Star Brigade, Marsius registered as a hero with Paragon City and used his Star Brigade rank of Crimsonstar as his moniker.


Crimsonstar has worked with various individuals and supergroups over the years as he’s been adapting to his life on Earth. Although he is still human, there are still numerous differences between way of life on Earth and on Andromeda 3, his home planet. He had brief stints in the supergroups Justice Force and The Defenders of Paragon. It was just over a year ago that he joined the ranks of The Dawn Patrol. He had of course known of them due to his brief interaction with their former member Hero 1 and part of his motivation to join them was his desire to work with the group that once boasted the famed hero as one of their own.

He has been sighted in the company of the heroine Northern Might and the two have often been observed in each other’s company either at dinner or having drinks and quiet conversation in the inter-dimensional night club, Pocket D. The two of them have become involved in a romantic relationship, and they have often been sighted wearing matching outfits.


Marsius is the eternal optimist. He grew up in a near utopian society and honestly believes that Earth and its people are on the road to becoming just as great if not more so, than the world he left. He has at times expressed his disappointment at the slow progress that is being made, but feels that given time, all of Earth’s governments will eventually all find each other on the road to an ideal society. Over the years tried to become more like the Earth inhabitants to the point of increasing his social time outside of doing hero work and trying to encompass the subtleties of slang language into his conversations.


See article on Star Brigade history for explanation on the origin of his powers. ( In progress)


Crimsonstar has enhanced durability and recuperative abilities that have made him close to indestructible. He has taken anything from point blank weapons discharge from fully automatic machine guns to entire buildings collapse on him and emerged unscathed. On occasions when he has been physically hurt in combat, his wounds healed quickly, in some cases overnight.

Super Strength

Marsius has developed fantastic strength as a result of his star-implant and has yet to find the upper limits of his ability. He most recently raised a sinking ship from the waters of Independence Port to allow the occupants to be evacuated safely.

Force fields and star bolts

In the spring of 2007 Marsius discovered that his star-implant powers were mutating. He suddenly found that he could summon protective star fields around himself and allies protecting them from harm. He could also discharge blasts of starbolts at his enemy. In the initial phase of his power mutation, Marsius lost both his strength and invincibility in favor of these new abilities. Since that time he has learned to not only regain them but seems to be able use all of his star-based powers in tandem with one another.

Significant Events

"The following events were done either as in game role plays, or as a piece of single author character fiction."

The U.N. address and the attack on Camp David.

Frustrated by what he viewed as an unwillingness on the part of Earth’s governments to step up and guide Earth to the ideals he saw for it, Marius took it upon himself to become the catalyst for change on the planet. He first visited the United Nations where he addressed the assembled delegates and stated; = " Earth will never achieve the greatness that both it’s resource and its people are capable of as long as you insist on existing as separate nations. Only until the people of Earth unify as one race can you hope to ever reach the level of contentment and prosperity as we observe in my home galaxy. Someone must step up to take control of Earth and guide you to that goal.= " His words were naturally met with resentment and distrust and he was forced to leave before U.N. security personnel arrived to apprehend him. Then, thinking that he was foolhardy to change the world at once, Marsius surmised that change had to start one nation at a time and there was no better place to start than with the United States. He proceeded to the Camp David Presidential retreat. While he went with the intentions of simply sitting down to discuss the current state of Earth with the President, his exploits at the U.N. had reached the ears of the Secret Service and he was met with severe resistance upon his arrival. Marsius found himself in a prolonged battle with Eagle’s Claw, a super human group assembled and solely charged with the protection of the President from other super human threats, of which Marsius was now considered. Their fight lasted well over an hour, causing substantial property damage and garnered national media coverage. The combined attacks of Eagle’s Claw finally proved too much for Marsius to stand against and he was defeated by them and due to be placed in lockdown in an undisclosed facility specifically constructed for the interment of super humans. Only a phone call by a quick thinking member of the Dawn Patrol avoided that happening. Speaking on Marsius’ behalf and providing the NSA with a full copy of Marsius’ dossier, he was instead placed on special status of the NSA as a secret operative where they could not only call on him anytime to perform certain super human chores, but also keep an eye on his future actions. That situation would be resolved the following year, but the records of what he was required to do while under the NSA’s control remain sealed.

The Portal to Andromeda and the formation of the Kairin-Earth Alliance

Using their existing portal technology in tandem with navigation charts from Marsius’ crashed starship, Portal Corp scientist Jessica Sheppard was able to open a transport portal Andromeda 3. After six years stranded on Earth, Marsius was able to finally return home and see members of his family and his superiors in the Star Brigade. Unfortunately the amount of power needed to activate the portal the thirty million light year distance it had to cross resulted in the trip being temporary. Anyone traveling to Andromeda 3 was automatically recalled by the portal after only a couple hours. The trip did however allow Marsius to report back on his mission and also to establish that he had not perished on Earth, as his long absence suggested. While the Star Brigade command was pleased to learn Marsius had survived, his returning to Andromeda plunged another life into chaos.

Tanna Callen, his former fiancé, came to visit him in the offices of the Star Brigade. Like everyone else, she had learned to accept that Marsius had more than likely died on Earth and wouldn’t be returning. Over the last few years she had learned to deal with her pain and fell in love with another man, and was now betrothed to him. That man was Janus Darron and he had once been a junior officer under Marsius’ command. Through a series of disastrous events, Janus had been labeled as a ‘Black Hole’ and dismissed from the Star Brigade. He secretly held the belief that his dismissal from the Brigade was the result of Marsius testifying against him and not from the results of his actions. Tanna upon learning of Marsius’ survival and meeting with him realized that she still had strong feelings for him, feelings that made her doubt her commitment to Janus. She informed Janus that she didn’t believe she could become his wife now knowing that Marsius was still alive. Janus became enraged and stole a star ship and kidnapped Tanna and left for Earth to confront Marsius. He had become mad with revenge on the wrongdoings that he felt Marsius had inflicted upon him. He now viewed that not only had he lost his Star Brigade career because of Marsius, but his lover as well.

Back on Earth, things turn another turn for the worse as Marsius learned that Dr. Jessica Sheppard had engineered the portal to Andromeda for selfish reasons. She was madly obsessed with him and had designs on being his lover. She wrongly assumed that his disinterest in her was because she didn’t possess superpowers like him, and sought to gain her own superpowers to be by his side. She offered her soul to a demon of the mystical Circle of Thorns cult in exchange for superpowers. Only the powers mutated her body and mind turning her into a hideously deformed creature. She cursed Marsius for not loving her and fled from him after having a tense street battle and disappeared.

Janus arrived on Earth shortly after Dr. Sheppard’s disappearance and brazenly attacked the Green Line in Steel Canyon to draw Marsius out to face him. His plan worked and Marsius found himself in a fierce battle against Janus and the weaponry of his ship. He managed to bring the ship down, using the energy fields of the war walls around the ‘Boomtown’ district to disable the ship and bringing it crashing into an abandoned office building in the war ravaged district. Unbeknownst to Marsius, Tanna was held captive in Janus’ ship and found herself flung into the back of the ship even as Janus exited the wreckage to face Marsius in battle. Once out in the open Marsius learned that Janus had had sympathizers within the Star Brigade that had arranged for him to illegally acquire his own star matter implant, granting him powers as well. Each star implant grants it’s owner different powers and Janus was able to fire pulses of dark, life draining energies. Energies that Marsius found could hurt him greatly.

Inside the downed starcraft, Tanna could hear the ensuing battle between Marsius and Janus and struggled to get to her feet to head outside to stop them from killing one another. In the heat of the battle, Janus fired one of his blasts which Marsius managed to barely dodge, but the blast found another target in Tanna, who had emerged from the ship at an inopportune moment. Marsius rushed to her side and as she lay dying in his arms, Janus blamed her death on Marsius. Marsius flew into Janus in a fit of rage beating him to within an inch of his life. Janus, his mind now fully disassociated with sanity, mocked Marsius, telling him it would never be over, that he would continue to hurt and punish Marsius by killing any and all who dared to love him. He told Marsius the only way to stop him was to kill him, but that Marsius didn’t have it in him to take a life, no matter how dire the circumstance, that his Star Brigade training held him back. He then tried to further illustrate his ranting by next attacking Alumette, who had come to Marsius’ aid upon hearing he was in trouble. Marsius stopped Janus, but at the cost of taking his life. Marsius deeply regretted having had to kill Janus, but it was clear that Janus wasn’t going to leave him any other resolution to stop him.

Once the dust had settled, Marsius used the starcraft Janus had come to Earth in to return Tanna’s body to Andromeda for her funeral. His mission on Earth was considered complete and Star Brigade command expected him to remain home, but Marsius felt that Earth had become his home over the last few years and requested to stay on Earth. It was then decided by both the Kairin Empire of Andromeda and the Star Brigade that a new union between Earth and Andromeda was the next clear step. The Kairin-Earth Alliance was and it exists to further assist Earth in the event of any future alien invasions should the need arise.

Marsius' Promotion in the ranks of the Star Brigade.

For successfully completing his mission of aiding Earth in the Rikti war of 2001, and his continued presence on Earth and helping form the Kairin-Earth Alliance Marsius Denthar was promoted to the rank of Pulsar in the Star Brigade. He continues to go by his Crimsonstar moniker for the ease of identification by the citizenry of Paragon City, but has also been known to go by his new title of Pulsar Denthar.


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