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After coming out of retirement following the Crisis of Infinite Dale-Mans, Dale-Man formed a new supergroup with his recently gained fortune. He called this group Dale-Man Inc because he "wanted a group name as good as Dale-Man." While most felt this group was nothing but an ego stroke, Dale-Man insisted it would become the premier superteam in the city.



Desiring a first-class base, Dale-Man sought out others to join the group to help with the fund-raising. The group seemed to attract only new heroes and heroes no other group would take, which is odd considering there are groups out there specifically for those purposes. Nonetheless, Dale-Man allowed anyone and everyone to join, seeking the prestige new members would bring.

Some members didn't last long. Krulle, a Praetorian scientist who used an injection to turn into a flaming beast, was doused by the fire department while showing off his powers. Being that he was mostly fire in this form, he died quite painfully. The Viking hero Norse-Man died in an early mission when he was shot. He was not bullet-proof.

Dale-Man's clone Danger Dale happily joined, wanting to work with his genetic match. Then came Captain Zooom, a man who looked like an old sci-fi character and claimed to be from the very far future, the year 1980. His story didn't make much sense. There was also Timothy Time, a time traveler who sought to maintain the integrity of time.

Others soon followed. Full Shell was a giant turtle with blades who did not infringe on any trademarks. Radical was a radioactive hero who talked like a surfer. Sam Lashley was the Praetorian version of Sammy Sapper who wielded two pistols. Louis Walker was a light-saber wielding hero from Praetoria who had conflicts with his dark side.

There were also some shady members who joined. Macintyre and Arbiter Makino were two of Arachnos soldiers who joined swearing they'd be good. Tommy Five was a career criminal who reformed after merging with a warshade. Finally, Dr. Braininajar was a mad scientist bent on world domination who has not given up on his quest, but joined the hero group anyways. Dale-Man believes he's harmless.

Along came more Dale-Mans

While wandering around aimlessly, Dale-Man came across Daleman, an alternate version of himself who came from Praetoria. Bacause he was in Praetoria and not his home dimension, he had managed to avoid the Crisis of Infinite Dale-Mans. Feeling that having more if him around would be good, Dale-Man brought him into Dale-Man Inc.

When Galaxy City was destroyed by the Shivans, another hero named Dale-Man emerged. From what they could tell, this was a past version of Dale-Man who got sent into the future. Since there's a present day Dale-Man who has no memory of this, it has been assumed that this Dale-Man was duplicated, thus there are no contradictions. This Dale-Man, referred to as Dale-Man(II), also joined up with Dale-Man Inc.

Incarnates One and All

As Dale-Man sought out more and more power as an incarnate, the members of Dale-Man Inc decided that they too shall seek this power. Dale-Man expressly forbid it, decreeing that him having this power was sufficient. At this point, Dale-Man(II) was left in charge of the group, as Dale-Man felt he was now above the level of threats the group tended to face. He still wanted the prestige from the group though. Dale-Man(II) decided they should all become incarnates.

Empire's End

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Daleman and Sam Lashley were still loyal to Emperor Cole. They took a passive approach by observing Primal Earth. However, after the death of Mother Mayhem, they realized they needed to get more proactive. They ambushed and killed Danger Dale and Louis Walker in the base. The rest of the group quickly discovered this, so the pair retreated back to Praetoria.

They found the place in disarray. People were fighting, buildings were burning, it was no longer the paradise they had known. They headed for the Magisterium to help Cole against the onslaught of the Primals. They got there just as Cole nuked the place.

Daleman barely survived the nuke, and Sam Lashley did not. The Primals were all very powerful Incarnates, and all of them survived. Daleman lied helpless as he watched Cole's defeat. His Incarnate powers did help him recover, but he could not make his escape, for he was spotted by Dale-Man.

They had an epic battle throughout Praetoria. It finally ended when Dale-Man bashed Daleman through the sonic fence. The fight had greatly injured Daleman, and the sonic fence had done even more damage. As he stood up, he saw a giant tentacle. The Hamidon then swallowed him up.

The Coming Storm

For years the threat of The Coming Storm loomed. Heroes became Incarnates. Villains became Incarnates. Dogs and cats became Incarnates. Most important of all, Dale-Man was an Incarnate. In fact, there were two Dale-Mans who were Incarnates. The Battalion felt they could handle one Dale-Man, but two was out of the question, so in their crippling fear they decided not to attack Earth. (See also: God Modding)

The world went on. Nemesis kept plotting, Hamidon kept trying to rid the world of people, Lord Recluse kept trying to take over the world, Statesman stayed dead, plots moved forward; but ultimately, things stayed the same.

Dale-Man kept getting richer and more powerful. Dale-Man (II) kept Dale-Man Inc. in line. Dr. Braininajar kept trying to take over the world, but kept saving it in his spare time. Radical won a surfing competition. Full Shell ate a lot of pizza. Captain Zooom returned to the year 1980. Also, Dale-Man married Ms. Liberty. (See again: God Modding)

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

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