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Dark Walker
Player: @Jade Defender
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Darenzel
Known Aliases: The Aerdenkai
Species: Celestial, Angel (Fallen)
Age: Unknown, Ancient
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Pitch Black
Hair Color: Black, and soot
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Fallen, within the Sanctuary of Darkness
Place of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Azazel, and Belial (Brothers)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Mastery of blades, Combat tactician(single combat and large scale warfare), Scholar in occult and politics, Musician and Artist.
Blades of the Illumni (Tainted by hells embrace)
No additional information available.

Note: (Mature RP)

(Warning: the content of this character is considered sensetive subject matter, do not continue if you are heavilly religious or easilly ofended)


This history does not nearly incorporate all the dealings of this angel, but provides a timeline to the MAJOR events of his existence.


The Second Age


The Third Age


Turmoil (The Time of Troubles)


Darenzel's Vigilance


Virtue's Ruin

Azazel2.jpg Belial0.jpg Confrontation.jpg

      Azazel                 Belial


DarkWalker2.jpg DarkWalker4.jpg


DarkWalker3.jpg DarkWmortal.jpg

Now Darenzel is no more, he Fell, and there is only the Dark Walker, who must find a way to exist in this world. He must piece back together his fragmented memories, to discover who turned him. So much needs answering, and so much is left broken. He must discover who he is. He thirsts for the knowledge, and if the world must bleed to get the answers... So be it!

SoD Darkbanner.jpg

Dark Walker has befriended the Daemon prince Auren Phoenix, since the immortal helped him escpae the Lazarus pits from the Outer realms. He is discovering the mortal world of the mid realms with the unholy prince, and collecting the fragments of his past through whispers, and occultist dealings. He has unknowingly stepped into a web of intrigue, and finds himself a pawn in a deadly game of thrones.


DarkWalker was captured by his brother Belial in a gambit to retrieve the demonsword Rahxenon, for Red Delilah, to restore her fractured soul. Darkwalker had also hoped to find and rescue Auren while infiltrating the Northern reaches of hell, belonging to Belial.


Darkwalker had disappeared for a long time, thought lost to the Fallen Angel Belial and his twisted torments for his lost brother, however, the ruler of the northern reaches instead corrupted his brother, and with powerful arcane magics, has overwhelmed the lost angel with the power of darkness...


Belial had Darkwalker slay the rebel Dathrym and consume his daemonic soul, and consuming his essence of hellsfire! This was only one of the first actions of wickedness, Darkwalker is now responsible for, under Belials power, Darkwalker seems to have lost all of the being he was, and is consumed with darkness, and perversion.


RP Notes( Mystics, Mindreaders,etc)


(WoD Friendly)

(Demon - The Fallen)

Nature: Martyr, Demeanor: Penitent, Concept: Religious, House: Reconciler, Faction: Devil, Visage: Qingu...


Physical Social Mental
Strength:6 Charisma:6 Perception:6
Dexterity:6 Manipulation:5 Intelligence:6
Stamina:6 Appearance:6 Wits:5



Talents Abilities Skills
Alertness:5 Etiquette:5 Academics:4
Athletics:5 Melee:5 Investigation:4
Brawl:5 Stealth:3 Law:3
Dodge:5 : Linguistics:
Empathy:5 : Occult:5
Expression:5 : Politics:4
: : Theology:5


Conscience: 5, Conviction: 4, Courage: 5


Eminence 4, Fame: 4, Legacy: 5, Allies: 5


  • Radiance(prime): 5 "Voice of Heaven","Exalt","Aura of Legend"'
  • Awakening: 5 "Find the Faithful","Cleanse","Heal"
  • Longing: 5 "Read Emotion","Empathetic Response","Manipulate Senses"






12 / 12


(+2 Str, +2 Sta, +2 Cha, +1 Man, +1 App)

  • Qingu(Rev)...(Wings, Inhuman Allure, Radiant Aura, See the Hidden, Damage Resistance, Spark of Faith, Improved Initiative, Improved Str, Improved Sta)
  • (Abys)...(Liar's Ear, Halo of Mastery, Razor Wings, Abyssal Eyes, Voice of the Damned,Casts no Reflection, Corrosive Spit, Horns)


Attempts to Lie to him Always Fail, this is an automatic Fallen Ability, allowing him to always discern truth from falsifications.

DarkWalker can sense those that try to hide from him, mortals or Immortals of Divine origins will find it difficult to "hide" themselves from his sight/knowledge.

Attempts to read his mind by mortals (Non immortals, Demi-Gods, etc) will always fail, recieving a blank reading. However, he can allow such a reading upon request through RP, its an automatice Celestial defense.

Attempts to read his mind or emotions by Immortals of Divine Origin will discover a troubled mind, confused, and angry. Feelings of loneliness and despair, often masked by false sense of power and anger. He feels he has lost his place in the Light, and is doomed to Reside forever in darkness, though he committed no sin.

His Origins are ancient, if a scryer is an Immortal of Divine Origin, they may know all that is present at this page about Darenzel through "Legend Lore/Past Reading", and his arua radiate's Celestial, though tainted by the Arcane of Falling.

Other Divine Origins may sense the lingering power of a specific Being upon him, its "scent/feel" is unmistakably that of Mammon. They may also discover if particularly talented (level 35+) that is he Brethren to Azazel, Belial, AND Gabriel.(He does not know about Gabrielle's relationship to himself, nor do his brothers)

For more info on the World of Darkness, or White Wolf visit "http://www.white-wolf.com"

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