Sanctuary of Darkness

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Sanctuary of Darkness
Side: Villain
Motto: Stand Resolute against the Hordes of Darkness, let them Tremble in YOUR Turbulence!
Leader(s): Auren Phoenix
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Cardinal and Black
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Definately
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Hirokage Shinobi, @Jade Defender
No additional information available.


The Darkness Stirs

After the Daemon prince Auren Phoenix plotted his departure from the Realm of Draconis Nexus, of the Outer realms, where the light of the worlds never shines, he put together a brotherhood, a union of Outsiders. These beings also, outcastes, nomads, and exiles, gathered and swore an oath of Treaty. To use their supernatural gifts, birthrights, or stolen power to benefit the whole so as to garner strength in numbers, from the many evils of the Abyss.

Dark Sun Rises

In this modern day, many dark and sinister things stir within the shadows of the mundane world. Some plotting their return to power, others the ultimate corruption of everything beautiful, but ultimately they serve a very dark plan. Those that are outside of the dark plan, the masquerade of doom, those that choose to be their own masters of their destinies, they are the unholy blessed. For they have sanctuary within the order. None can escape the dark mechinations of the masters plots, but they can choose not to be pawns, they can choose to be rogues, and they can find solace here. To raise their own citadels in history, and be the dark legends that the bards sing about in hell. Go out standing, fighting, a brilliant flare who's voice shook the heavens, or go out on your knees...


You can find all our Background Story at Our Canon/Mythos page

The Sanctuary's Inner Sanctum

The members belonging to the Inner Sanctum are the elites found within the Sanctuary's members. They are driven and methodical. They carry themselves with dark purpose, and have earned their place among the finest members of the Sanctuary, with their devotion, sacrifice, and determination.


The Sanctuary is Coalitioned with The Blackest Heart; belonging to Addramalech the Necromancer, with The Dark Brotherhood; Lead by the madman Carnivale, with The Forces of Tarka, lead by Princess.... and with Once and Future Queen Home of Red Delilah.

Tools for RP chat

All conversation outside SG chat is considered "In game" unless denoted by (()) around your statement, ie; ((brb drink)) So when speaking out of character (OOC), please use the appropriate annotations.

The Scripting for the ((OOC)): startchat bind is as follows;
/bind shift+enter "beginchat /say ((OOC)): "

(note: it is important to mention that there must be a "space" after the : and before the " at the end of the bind, also there is no spaces between the shift+enter.)

Another fun Bind is the AFK bubble message, useful for displaying RP info about your character while you are typing, it is as follows;
/bind enter "afk <your message here> $$startchat"

(note: it is important to inform you that the <,> brackets are not necessary for the bind, nor are the words "your message here" instead type the message you wish displayed above your character whenever you begin to type or are AFK, and also that a "space" must be after the afk, and before the $$.)

You can add some fun Macros with this Binding, allowing you to identify your current target (in game brackets) into your speech! It is best to demonstrate this Binding with an example;
/bind F7 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!"

(note: It is important to mention that the "$target" part of the bind (which identifies in text your current target) needn't be at the end of the bind at all, or be followed by the "!". Insert the "$target" part of the bind, whever you wish the target to be identified in your macro. It is also important to mention that the ("local) beginner need not be local, in this example it was used to automatically say this bind in the local channel, there are many different channels... The Bind requires a "space" after the channel and again before the "$target".)

You can add emotes into your binds simply by dividing the parts of the bind with "$$" and beginning the emote with a simple "e". Example;
/bind shift+i "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e point"

(note: It is important to mention that there are no spaces between the end of any part of your bind and the $$e, beginner of your emote.)

You can also add your own powers into your binds with "powerexec_name <<the power>>", you can find <<the power name>> in your Powers list tray from the pop-up menu... Example;
/bind shift+i /powerexec_name steamy mist

(note: It is important to mention that unlike emotes, powers do have spaces between each word in its name. Nor do you need to use the <<, or >> in your binds.)

It is Important to mention that the "/" can be substituted for "$$" when stringing together multiple functions in the same bind... Example;
/bind f8 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e curseyou$$powerexec_name Indomitable will"

((For a full list of "/" commands please visit This Site ))

Event Timeline

  • DarkWalker Awakens in the Lazarus Pits of the Outer realms, a dimension of prisons of sorts, where the damned gather the essence of souls for the Fallens uses. The Newly Fallen Angel awakens without any memory of who he is, or how he got there.
  • Auren breaks through the Lazarus Pits with heavy pursuit, DarkWalker aides the renegade Daemon-Prince in evading his captors..."Something told me to help you..."
  • Auren and DarkWalker have to confront the Daemon Lord 'Infernal' to escape the Pits, and through his private chambers discover a one-way portal to the Realm of the Dead.
  • Battles continue for the duo in the Realm of the dead, overcoming wraiths, and other malignant spirits, they must solve environmental puzzels involving Pipes and Bells to overcome a Behemoth Gateway Guardian, for a focal point, to manifest into the Prime Material Plane.
  • The Duo's powers are greatly reduced as they manifest for the first time on Earth, and are both effectively 'Mortal', the two crawl forth from the refuse of a ruined graveyard in the SharkHead Isle.
  • DarkWalker kills for the first time in self defense, and his power, and strength grow greatly as others cower in awe and fear, He discovers his tie to "reverence" and his ascension.
  • Auren and DarkWalker begin carving a name for themselves, gleaning information, on who is in power, where they are in the world, and the location of powerful supernatural artifacts. The two begin to rise in infamy, and gain a reputation of fear, and mystique.
  • During an encounter with Legacy of Chain members, smuggling archeological artifacts, DarkWalker is refered to "Dark Angel" and "Daemon", thus giving birth to his thirst for answers to his past. His quest begins to garner the truth about who is is, and where he came from...
  • Auren and DarkWalker begin the process of creating the 'Sanctuary' together. They transport themselves back to the Outer realms and using DarkWalker's divine blood to gain access to the Cathedral of Azrael, and enact a planar binding Ritual...
  • Auren is confronted by his half-brother Damian, after the rite. The Daemon-prince subsequently defeats his lesser brother, in open combat. Damian secretely follows the pair back to the mid-realms, piggy-backing their transportation portal.
  • Auren and DarkWalker seperate ways somewhat, as both begin paths of self discovery, leading down seperate roads, but remain united in brotherhood.
  • Auren relishes in his dark nature and quickly emboldens to his superiority over mortals, carving a path of power and fear, with the skulls of his enemies.
  • Likewise DarkWalker uses his supernatural powers to carve his way to truth, scripting his own tale in blood... upon discovering his Celestial Heritage, his path of Penitence begins...
  • Damian Confronts Auren, the Duel leaves the lesser Daemon drained and defeated, Auren casts a curse of death upon his half-brother, and strikes him down eternally with the legendary family heirloom, the sword Rahzanon, scattering Damian's Essence into Oblivion.
  • The Fallen Angel Belial has sensed Damian's scattered Essence, and narrowly saves him from the void.Granted the Fallen Angels' Boon and Reborn through Hellsfire, he eagerly awaits a confrontation with Auren.
  • DarkWalker is joyous for his friend, but secretely covets the union, wishing too, to be of such value to another as to experience love... DarkWalker wears a mask of total support, and tries with his full power to help the relationship.
  • Auren has given up his mortality in a bid of powerful magics, to live a mortal (normal) life with Princess Delilah, the ritual proves long and ardous, but the Daemon-prince, succeeds and starts at a new life...
  • Auren's enemies begin to multiply after discovering his sacrifice, seeking 'easy prey'.
  • DarkWalker is astonished by his companion's sacrifice, nearly weeping at the former Daemon-princes resolve to risk dying and his own immortality for a chance at love...(the poetry is not lost on the Fallen Angel)
  • The fallen have finally discerned a way to walk amongst the mortals of the mid realms, albieght at a large sacrifice to their celestial power.
  • Dathrym, a Lesser Fire daemon from the same realm as Auren has approached the Daemon prince with whispered warnings of dire omens from the outer realms.
  • Delilah pleads with Auren to regain his heritage, and undo the spell of mortality when an encounter with Supernatural agents, nearly kills him. She does not want to be the cause of his death, and cannot bear the thought of his loss...
  • Auren secretely makes a pact with a daemon to committ blood sacrifice to help the former prince return to Draconis Nexus (The former princes soverign realm). With the Blade Rhazanon, he carves his way to the Unholy Daemon Armor, an ancient Phoenix family relic of potent dark power. There he drinks from the legendary Daemon Font, committing his soul back into damnation, and restoring his birthright.
  • DarkWalker is mortified by Auren's actions, and hurt further that he was decieved by his closest friend. Auren knew that DarkWalker would never have understood...
  • DarkWalker discovers Delilah gravely injured, loving his friend too much to see him lose his love, despite the tension's between the two... DarkWalker 'lays on hands' upon the Princess, merging his soul with hers, and restoring her body and spirit.
  • The mortal woman Red Delilah has begun her mastery of hellsfire, being a master of all forms of flame, she has dedicated herself to the study of its destructive elements.
  • Dathrym had a confrontation with the young monster hunter, stalking Auren. The results were deadly, as Dathrym underestimated the youth, believing him to be lacking experience. Before he was banished to the outer realms, Dathrym marked the young hunter as a "daemon slayer".
  • Red Delilah has discovered a manifestation of her lost father, as it turns out he was a daemon prince of a lost realm. Perhaps she will have the opportunity to learn all about the man she never got to know.
  • Damian has attacked the young demoness Sentient of Darkness, also known as Shai, leaving her an inch from death's door. It was a grim message to Auren that his time is near, and that his vessels were not safe.
  • DarkWalker has "layed on hands" on Sentient of Darkness, also known as Shai, merging his soul with hers, she now knows expicit details of his soul, as he does hers.
  • Damian and Auren have had their confrontation, and Auren has spared him in hopes to rebuild his shattered family, and welcomed his half brother into the Sanctuary. Infuriated, Belial has declared the Phoenix bloodline traitors to Hell's plans, and invaded Draconis Nexus, the homerealm of the Phoenix brothers.

The Sanctuary of Darkness Leaders

The Sanctuary of Darkness Members

The Sanctuary's Inner Sanctum

The Sanctuary Lair


The Sanctuary itself is another dimension. The Cathedral built on the Archangel Azrael's grave, the monument where he fell in service to the light.


One angel against hordes of Daemon lords and Fallen angels, he stood resolute, a beacon of defiance under the greatest of odds. So impressed with his Valour, with his Prowess, and his courage, the Fallen angels ordered a dark citadel built upon where he finally fell, in commemeration of his final moments, never to be forgotten. The citadel stood in the Outer realms for hundreds of years a reminder to what it meant to give your all, and never accept defeat.


When the Daemon prince Auren acquired the blood of a Fallen (DarkWalker) he gained access to its long forgotten halls, and with the aid of members of the Order, cast powerful ancient magics to transport the location to his own sub realm, where he is master.


The Citadel was chosen for its symbolism, for fighting for what you believe in, for giving it all... for going out in a blaze of glory, its history is never forgotten or tooken for granted by the members of the Sanctuary, for its that essence that unites them all.


It has grown into the Safe Haven of Auren Phoenix and the Fallen Angel DarkWalker, where they operate and reside along with their fellow outcast's.





Gallery of Darkness

This is just a few shots of some of the exciting events, and people within the Sanctuary! There is plenty more pics of our adventures at our SoD Gallery.

DarkWalkeraction.jpg Nymrielchair.jpg SentientPower.jpg DathrymHangin.jpg Super Delilah.jpg AurenArmor.jpg GaylesGargoyle.jpg Born through Fire.jpg

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