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Dia-Draw colorsmall.JPG
Diasumat, Roboticist
Player: @Quinz
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Master Mind
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Iris D'Argon
Known Aliases: Diasumat, Dia, Bitch, Lean-y, Ms.Perfect
Species: Human(Cyborg)
Age: 18 (Deceased)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 155
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Rogue, Thief, Ne'er-Do-Well
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Foster-Father: Johnathan D'Argon(Deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Engineering, drawing, cooking, acting
Unknown number of Robotic Minions, Shield generators, and explosives, Installed Cybernetics
No additional information available.

Diasumat came off of an idea I had a LONG, LONG time ago, about how a person became obsessed with returning to the way she would have been were it not for an accident, in honesty, she developed on her own the more I played her, with no real story at first.




The Young Rogues

Vicount De Crey

Crimson Princess




Volo(Uneasy affilation)



Always seeming to be confident and right, she's really tourmented. She always seems to act the fool around people, and attempts to keep them at bay from her real thoughts through off-color jokes, and a cocky attitude. Not many have seen the Real Iris, and she seems to like it that way.

Power Pools



The Battle Drones she started with were a design made by her father. She was told about these when his father suspected Arachnos might betray him. Her Rifle was a stolen Prototype from Arachnos, they origionally issuing it to her for a way to keep safe from Longbow when they broke her out of the Ziggurat. Her Other Robots- Shield Drone, Defense Drone, and Death-Tron- all came from her own designs and stolen technology.


The Web Grenades came standard issue for her when she started working with Arachnos, and the Tirage Beacons she has were a design of her fathers she found, and reproduced, he specializing in medical Technology. She Developed the Shield Generator after stealing parts from Sky Raiders and recreating her own kind. The Seeker Drones were an idea she had in a way to get away from bank hiests easier.


All of the leadership are programed protocols she inserted into her robots to form a better wave for attacks when in groups. These make the Robots more A.I. based in tactics but have been known to short out due to a bug Dia is trying to fix.


All the medical equipment were from her father's work, which was kept in an Arachnos base after his passing, when she broke into these she was able to recover them, and now uses them for her own deeds.


She deeloped a new device that enables a camoflage against others. This was meant for only her robots, and only by accident made it compatable with people.


A new device she wired her suit with, able to disassemble her atoms and reassemble them a distance away. This is still buggy and often makes Dia, and anyone else she teleports, nauseous for a bit.



Mental Instability

Though not seemed to have hindered her so far, Diasumat is mentally unstable. This is thought to be genetic, though have had quite a few influences to bring it out. She is Supposed to have Bipolar Disorder, and a Severe Inferiority Complex that makes her work hard to prove herself. It is suspeced she may have signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Though all these are assumed, she has never seen a registered Psychologist to comfirm these.

Personal History


Life as a Misfit

Iris was born in Cap Au Diable, and abandoned there just as fast. Since she can remember she was taken care of by a band of children around her age. The children were a gang of misfits that cared for one another on the streets. When Iris was around six years old is when things started falling apart. The last of this group came due to being at the wrong place. a Gang just pulled a Hiest and was escaping into the streets. The children were taken and held as hostages, including Iris. The children tried to escape, a couple of them being killed due to fighting, scaring the rest enough into staying. When the Police came the gang members used the chieldren as shields, the caretaker of Iris, an older girl, actually was able to distract the member holding her for her to run into an alley and hide. This left the other girl to be killed, but Iris was alive, though scared and alone. This is when the Technologist Johnathan D'Argon came and found Iris.

A New Family

Johnathan D'Argon took Iris in for much of the time, though he often told others he was just taking care of her until things with an orphanage was straightened out. However, Iris grew on the man, and he kept her along for the rest of his life. He was a bit mean to Iris at first, telling her that she wan't going to stay, That he'll toss her out on the streets again if things weren't settled soon. Though, dispite this, he kept her and she grew to love him greatly and visa versa.

Early Adolecence

Traumatic Occurance

The whole time Johnathan and Iris lived in a building in Cap Au Diable, which doubled a Johnathan's lab for technology. Unfortunatly This was when the Goldbrickers had started making thier appearance, and they targetted this lab for a theft. Johnathan was out at the time, leaving Iris to take care of the home, and that's when Goldbrickers raided the place. She was able to hide, so they didn't even know they were there, unfortunatly, they decided to destroy the place while they were at it. The bombing caused the building to fall, and Iris to be crushed and burned under debris. Iris was found when Johnathan returned, and he used as much of his technology as he could to rebuild her, placing in cybernetics so she was able to work effectivly.

A Move and An Alliance

Due to the bombing Johnathan thoughtt it safer to work for another group. He decided Arachnos, being the superpower in the Isles, was the best to work for. He went ahead and started building new technology for them so they could gain protection within an Arachnos base. Fort Darwin was where they moved, and where Johnathan did much of his work. There was a long time that this was going on, and due to the demands Arachnos made of thier scientists Iris was mostly left alone in her quarters, actually starting her depression.


Raid and Loss of Second Family

There's always a problem with one group protecting you, there's always another opposing you. Longbow had a largescale raid on the outpost lab that Johnathan was stationed, this, unfortunatly, was Iris's birthday and as a present Johnathan wa able to get Iris to assist him in helping build. She was just glad to be with him. Longbow's raid was indiscriminate, though, and they killed many Arachnos personal, including Johnathan. Iris wa captured, and put in trial for Terrorist intent, imprisioned in the Ziggurat in Paragon.

Escape and Re-Allying

Iris's scentence was short lived, because Arachnos broke into the prision so that they could get a select few people to work for them, and when they discovered the daughter of Johnathan D'Argon was here, they quickly took her out with them. She joined up with Arachnos again, though she knew how hard she worked her father, and knew better than to let them take advantage of her like that.

Starting work in Isles

Betrayal and Self-Reliance

Once she had found all the schematics from her father's work, and much of his technology Iris started a new plan, how she would break away from them before she would be too encased. Iris them set it into motion. She some grenades before she went to work in the lab she was issued to and then started things now. She set fire to the lab, and when people came in to look she bombed them with fragmentation, and clouded her way with smokes. She escaped the base, and finished the job, by detonating explosives she snuck around and set earlier.

Odd Jobs

When she started off as Diasumat, Iris went to be like her father, learning more about technology, and gathering parts from schematics she had gotten. Diasumat always gathered odd parts from raiding Goldbrickers, Counsel, Arachnos, and Sky Raider bases, starting her own plans for these parts.

Going to Groups

The Orphanage

Diasumat met Cosma when within the Pocket D, and was offered a good home with caring people. It was a tempting offer, after all, since her father was murdered she had no one. She developed a conniving mindset, she felt always at guard. She decided to join, just to see if it was worth it. Within the first month she metmany people and started feeling comfortable, and after finding a group here, she was able to find such a fine group of people and this is when she decided to start completing herself.

First Crush

The next time Diasumat went to the D after joining the Orphanage she met a hero named 'The Softest Touch'. She admired him so much, he was shy yet confident, in her eyes, and she quickly developed a liking to him. She never voiced this, especially when she suspected he was with someone else called 'Li'. After a time of her being in the Orphanage she learned from him a secret, and the fact he was no longer staying in Paragon. She was saddened, but was comforted by The orphanage enough to keep her up.

Fixing her lungs

After trusting this group she gathered up her technology and finished phase one of completeing herself. She trusted a few members to help her with the surgery to remove her defective lungs, and insert robotic ones. This was, obviously, successful, though it took a while for her to get used to it, and to recover.

Complete Body Phase 1

Also, after two more months of work Diasumat was able to fix up her new form. She completed a new jaw to replace her lack of one, and put in some new skin from missing burned parts. She added a new skull-plate, a new set of arms, and inserted braces directly into her skin. Less people were around when she worked on this, and there were major complications, she almost dying due to improper care.

Complete Body Phase 2

After a few more weeks she developed enough, this being brought forth from a spurt of ingenuity. She got a new set of arms, less robotic, but still far off, a new jaw, and some new cybernetic skins.

The Young Rogues

Another two months passed, and Diasumat's group was lost. No one ever was seen, and she assumed the worse. She sunk into a depression and started wandering The Pocket D for some comfort. She met a new person, starting up a group now. His name was Erik Von Crey, and he was bringing up The Young Rogues. After talking with him Dia agreed to joining, happily able to have a group of villains, instead of a group of misfits. She quit The Orphanage and joined The Younge Rouges in December.

Encountering Volo

The first hero encounter as an enemy was Erik's Nemisis, The Speedster known as Volo. As a joke she decided to persuade him into dating her. She thought he wa a good guy... He was a Hero after all, but she didn't really have an attraction to him. She did get angry at him not even seeming to try and ended up trying to blow up a hospital he was in, only to be stopped by Danny of the Dead, a fellow Rogue. Dispite all this, though, Volo considers her a friend, it seems.

Meeting the Rogues

After a few weeks Diasumat had met several of the Young Rogues. She become friends with quit a few of them - Crimson Princess, Skullguy, Kineko, Theorem 13, and Samoht. She grew especially fond of both Crimson Princess, and Skullguy, though she saw those two better as being with one another, and even did her own work to get them together, eventually the two going out, Dia proudly claiming to get them together. One other Rogues she learned to like was Danny of the Dead. However the two were at odds, they seeming like polar opposites.

Complete Body

After she had esablished herself well into the Rogues, and felt more comfortable she started her continuing quest to be complete. This was her last stage, and requested the people to come and watch the surgery, if not help as well. Due to the Rogues this went by well, not faulting at all. Theorem 13 was able to help, by stealing the intellect of a Cybernetic Engineer, Skullguy was able to help due to a basic knowledge in electronics, and the leader of the Rogues, Vicount De Crey was able to supply Crey engineers to assist in this.

Erik-Maria Phase

Dia had started getting a bit more than just a crush over the leader of the Rogues, yet she was beaten to the punch by a woman named Maria Artago, a Hero. She found this completely insane, the leader of a group of super villains, dating a Hero, and a hero of the opposing group at the time, The Youth League, none-the-less. She always voiced her distrust of this union the whole time it was brought up. She felt it would be the doom of The Young Rogues, but more importantly, thier leader.

Meeting Maria

Diasumat first met Maria, in person, when Erik kept her at the Mansion, which was, basically, a headquarters for the Rogues at the time. The girl was so nice... So, unbeleivable, perfect. And this just made her even more crazy about this whole thing. She was insanly jealous, figuring, by the way Erik fauned over her, and then way the woman was, as a whole, she wouldn't get any chance for him, being the cybernetic, mental little freak, she considered herself.

Break up of Erik

Due to a problem with Volo, which caused Erik to retaliate against him, maria left Erik, due to he having promised not to go against Volo earlier. This break up was an oppertunity for Diasumat, and she comforted him during the break up, losing her virginity to him because of this.

Erik-Iris Relationship

After a few weeks away from the break up of Erik and Maria, Diasumat started asking some of the people within the Rogues about if she should even try now. Mona immediatly said she could do better, saying Erik wouldn't be a faithful one. WildPyrre told her to establish a dominance, and telling her she should take him. Leon told her that if she felt she should, then she should, this one advice causing her to actually try asking Erik about it.


In Cap Au Diable at the University was where the two met. Erik was working there, a the time, when Dia requested they speak. She met him there almost backing down asking him again, before he told her just to say what she wanted. Phrased exactly, "Why can't ya go out with me?" was how she let her feelings out. Though ackward it seemed well enough for a date for the two of them was set for that night at The Pocket D.

The Date

Settling down on the top of the Monkey Fight Ring they started the date more like a talk of business before they got drinks, and started getting more personal... More personal than they already knew from being friends and allies. After about an hour and a half from the start the two accepted this as a new relationship, and kissed, hugged and held each other there for a time. They wnet along the isles breifly before going back to the Manor in Cap Au Diable. Dia spending the night within' Erik's bedroom.


Through the time Erik and Iris were together she and he have done what Teenagers are prone to, and through that time, Diasumat was impregnated. Though it was a surprise for both of them, they both were quick to find this as a good thing. Erik and Iris told many of the Young Rogues of this, and all were happy for them. Erik and Iris discussed this for quite a bit and actually had a name picked out for, what they found out, thier baby girl would be. Vanessa Iris Von Crey. This was cut short though, for after about two months into the pregnancy Iris had a miscarriage. It was a suprise for everyone because just a few days before she started feeling strange she had checked with her choice doctor, and she waas healthier than can be said. Iris is suspicious of a man known as Norman Morningstar, a vile villain who seems to enjoy giving pain towards Erik.


Due to anger and turmoil of the miscarriage Diasumat has gone a bit berserk, seeming to destroy with more detail than she originally had, especially within Paragon City.

Capture of a Hero

Diasumat took it upon herself to capture a hero named Pot-Shot. She did this as a way to try and get more fear of the Young Rogues as well as use her as a bargaining chip for items she wanted, specifically technology. Diasumat gained help from her Group-mates in the Rogues.

Withing Warburg

She, Erik and Samoht set up a plan for a meeting in Warburg with a representative of Pot-Shot's Group, The United Sentinels of America. A friend of Samoht's, Hinto was picked as the representative.

The plans were going around, but for one reason or another, both parties felt threatened and Erik, Diasumat and Hinto clashed in a fight. Samoht, being a friend of Hinto's abandoned the fight. The Rogues were winning, but Hinto was teleported away by another Hero before his defeat. They re-did a plan to meet, under the statue in the center of Warburg. There the villains were jumped, and taken down by the heroes. Captured Diasumat and Erik refuled to talk about where Pot-Shot was held until they knew Samoht was safe. Once they knew he was safe they restreated, using the Arachnos-given Medical Transporters.

In-Cave Battle

Once escaped the groups agreed to meet again, the Rogues bringing Pot-Shot to an undisclosed cavern location. Diasumat gave over Pot-Shot in exchange for Samoht. Diasumat played the villain card, and zapped Pot-Shot with an enhanced Quantum gun while the heroes were leaving, seperating the Hero with her Kheldian part. A battle ensued afterwards, the Villains retreating before being taken down as Diasumat's Robotic Minions held off the Heroes.

Unstable Relationship

Because of her depression she and Erik lost touch. Because of this Erik tried to break up with her but she talked him out of it. She tried to be with him more, though she was still out of touch. She and Erik grew a bit apart because of her depression.

Villainess in a Coma

For some unknown reason Diasumat slipped into a Coma. It was supposed as some plot by a person who did not like the girl. She slipped into the Coma after dinner on March 12th. The Villainous was taken into intensive care where she was paid for by Erik.

Death of Diasumat

While in Intensive Care, Diasumat was taken off by two unknown people, a man and a woman, who posed as a Doctor and Nurse that specialized in Metahumans. They were able to fool the medical staff into beleiving she was a threat to the hospital due to a special coma she was in making her easier to controll Psionically.

Once Diasumat was taken she was murdered and cremated on March 26th. Where this happened is not known to anyone, and even some people may think she is still alive. But this is a final saying for the Villainess known as Diasumat.

R.I.P Iris "Diasumat" D'Argon February 12, 1990-March 26, 2008



Diasumat is medical Terminology for 'Perfect Body'

Diasumat had three previous stages before she was finally 'complete'.

When soloing on CoV, no job that did not involve Technology theft, Data Theft, or Kidnaps of Engineers or similar personal were ever taken. (That's right!)

Diasumat origionally had a terrible lung disease that she cured by replacing her lungs with robotic ones she made when within the Villain Group: The Orphanage.

She's had a crush on a total of 5 people, 4 of which are within The Young Rogues.

Last picture was added... Because I think it looks cool.


Scar Notes

I decided to do crappy drawings to show scars she has, it's not perfect, but meant to be a reference so far...

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