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The Ides of March

The OOC Part

This event was originally posted on the CoX "Virtue" forum in March 2008 and included an audio soundbite for sh#%s & giggles, in hopes of generating interest! It was a very successful event, that was originally brainstormed by myself and Mindswipe, featured Dragonberry as our hostage (TY Deebs!!), lasted roughly 2 hrs, had music and commentary provided by The Cape (Thank you again for your participation!), went off without a hitch, and I like to believe... helped introduce both RPer's and PvPer's to the best of each other's worlds. Even if it was only for a little while.

I had lifted material from both Mindswipe and Mr. Mud in regards to the OCC section regarding the event's post(thank you gentlemen), I learned a lot about running a server event(Phew!), and made my first attempt at recording on the PC. It was my first attempt, so please forgive any uncomfortable levels, just adjust your volume accordingly should you choose to listen.

So without further ado, here is a reprise of the original event post, enjoy.


**While listening to the radio, you suddenly hear an unusual sound. An incoming transmission appears to block out any normal stations previously being listened to.**

Radio Transmission Interupt

*Tap tap tap*

"Is this thing on?"

"Thanks to the folks at WSPDR for... donating the airtime!

Dieselmeat here. Speaking on behalf of the villain group, Rogues Gallery. I have been selected to make an announcement to all you do-gooders and subservient meatbags of Paragon! You all seem to think you are safe and sound in your little gated city, but I am sorry to inform you that you've got a bit of a flaw in your security systems.

It just so happens, the War Walls you hide behind, happen to suck up a hefty chunk of Terra Volta's power supply. Seeing as you won't come out tah play.. we will be coming in!!!

We'd like to inform you all that "Terra Volta Reactor" has been rigged by us to blow sky-high!!!

As of this morning, the Golden Giza is already taking bets as to what will get you all first.

The Rikti? The fallout? Glow-in-the-dark Devouring Earth are the current sure-thing bet right now! The panic, mayhem, and lawlessness that ensues as people fight to survive. ...or all of our fellow villains, just frothing at the mouth to enter your city and have their ways with you?!?

I'd hate to forget to add that we are most certain, that there will be a massive blackout, thrusting the city into complete chaos.

Emergency services will be stretched to their limits, bank sercurity systems will be inoperative, traffic from a mass exodus will be nightmarish, communications will be sparse at best.. I think you are beginning to get the picture, no?

Now incidentally, one of your precious "heroes" has already tried to stop our plan. She made a valiant attempt, but she failed miserably, and we now have her in our clutches! Brave little thing.. feisty too!!! But now Dragonberry is resting quite uncomfortably as Mindswipe begins to attempt to extract certain information from her. For instance, select hero secret identities, access codes to alarm systems, etc..

So here's the deal...

We're not completely devoid of compassion, so we're willing to barter... Your hero and the codes, in exchange for 12 billion U.S. greenbacks! Now mind you, this is a steal!! A drop in the bucket of what it'd cost to rebuild! Now why not stop the bombs you say? Because we'll be monitoring the reactor from Recluse's Victory. So no funny business or else... KABOOM!!!!!

Be advised that we will be able to see any attempts at disarmament of the explosives. In which case, Independence Port and the surrounding areas will glow greener than Crey's Folly!!

We are also calling all villains of the Rogue Isles to assemble and help assist us in this exchange, just in case the heros decide to make an attempt to double cross us!! We'll bring the scrappy green girl and the codes. So bring the cash!!! Sunday, March 16th from 8-10pm EST in Recluse's Victory or else!!!

Don't be responable for adding another nasty piece of history to the 'Ides of March'!!

See ya soon ya turds!"

**The transmission abruptly ends and resumes playing the previous station you were listening to.**

((The OOC Part.))

So! What’s this about, I hear you ask? Basically, this is just going to be a fun event that we hope to get a huge turn out for, both a battalion of heroes to stop us, and a horde of villains to join us.

So what are we asking of you? Basically, turn up in Recluse's Victory on the 16th of March (Sunday), at 8pm - 10pm EST, and have some fun both RPing and beating the ever living crap out of each other! We’d love to get a somewhat equal number of villains and heroes turning up, and you never know... If the devs read this post, Ghost Widow might even want to join in on the fun.

So here’s the run down:

What: An RP/PvP event and hero scavenger hunt hosted by the Rogues Gallery, with entertainment provided by The Cape. Try to locate and rescue (team with) Dragonberry, saving her from the Rogues Gallery's clutches, followed by RP'd/PVP insanity before the Terra Volta reactor blows sky high.

Where: Recluse's Victory

Why not help swing the fight in your side's favor by taking the zone? Have some Signature Hero's or Villains assist your side? Bring a heavy to the party!?!?

When: Sunday, March 16th @ 8-10pm EST

Who: You, and hopefully a large number of others.

Why: Why not?

Come show us if you have the guts to assist the Rogues Gallery, and help cause Dragonberry's demise and get the money, or do you have the will and determination to save both Dragonberry and Paragon City from a potentially catastrophic, environmental disaster! Be there, whether it be to join us, or stop us!!!

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