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Docfrost 300px.jpg
Put 'em on ice Doc!
Doc Frost
Player: @Transwarp
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Ernst Hart
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 40
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 265
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White (Frosted)
Biographical Data
Nationality: German (legal alien in the USA)
Occupation: Professor of Cryogenics, Paragon University
Place of Birth: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents : Werner and Dr. Ursula Hart Brother : Dr. Franklin Hart
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Ice Punch, Ice Swords, Ice storm, Ice Armors, Ice slicks


Character History

Public Record

Hero Entry #1392A, Hall of Records, Paragon City, USA: The Hero known as Doc Frost is actually Dr. Ernst Hart, a professor of cryogenics at Paragon University. He has been active as a hero in Paragon City since the Rikti invasion of May 23, 2002. Of late, Doc Frost has been seen in uniform less and less. Some intelligence reports suggest that he is dedicating more time to further cryogenic research while others surmise that his age is simply catching up with him. Regardless, Paragon City owes a debt to Doc Frost for his long term aid to the city and the numerous plots and evil machinations of the enemy that he has thwarted.

Early History

Dr. Ernst Hart, PhD, was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1970. His parents were Werner Hart, a TV repairman by trade, and Dr. Ursula Hart, a bio-chemical professor at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. He has one sibling, a younger brother, named Franklin, who is also a professor at Paragon University along with Ernst.

After finishing Gymnasium Ernst received a scholarship to study at M.I.T. where he majored in applied physics. He continued on at M.I.T. for his graduate work and was awarded a doctorate there for his dissertation on improved cryogenic tempering techniques using coupled microprocessors. Shortly thereafter he received an invitation to teach at Paragon University in nearby Paragon City and has been on the faculty there ever since.

The Invasion

Doc Frost appeared as a result of the worldwide Rikti invasion of May 23, 2002. Dr. Hart was conducting cryogenic experiments in his lab on that fateful afternoon when the red lights appeared above Paragon City. However, so engaged in his work was Dr. Hart that he never heard the commotion forming outside the building. Later that evening when the Rikti attacked in full force, a huge blast from an assault ship's laser cannon slammed into the building housing the cryogenics lab with Dr. Hart still inside. Curiously, unlike other buildings hit by the alien weaponry, the lab did not explode but instead imploded and then immediately froze solid under a sheet of ultra-hard ice. Investigators now speculate that the energy from the cannon interacted in some way with the professor's cryogenic equipment. This was quite fortunate for Dr. Hart for instead of being vaporized he was encased in the frozen wreckage of the building.

After three days rescue teams were finally able to cut into the slowly melting mass to free Dr. Hart who was in remarkable condition despite his three day ordeal. Soon thereafter however, while recovering at Bell Medical Center, Dr. Hart began to exhibit strange powers that all seemed to be related to frost and ice, such as being able to control the temperature in his immediate vicinity and to generate objects formed from pure ice by merely willing to do so. Experts on Hero powers were quickly called in for a full examination. Their diagnosis was that Dr. Hart had been molecularly modified by the radiation of the reaction between the vast power of the Rikti's energy cannon and the cryogenic materials in Dr. Hart's lab.

Many brave heroes had given their lives defending Paragon City during the invasion so in the immediate wake of the attacks a severe shortage of heroes quickly became apparent. Indeed as the war progressed over the next few months it wasn't long before Dr. Hart, recovering at home, received a summons from Vanguard that he consider using his new found powers for the good of humanity and Paragon City in particular. With the university mostly destroyed and the timeframe until its rebuilding uncertain at the time, Dr. Ernst Hart agreed to become Doc Frost, a new hero of Paragon City.

Powers and Abilities

Doc Frost has the ability to generate intense cold, frost and ice at will and has learned to shape and modify these effects for various purposes. These can include ice sheets, ice and snow storms, intense cold auras that slow almost all movement, and the creation of ice-based melee weaponry. He is immune to any cold damage himself and can walk around on sheets of ice with no ill effects. He has also perfected the intricate crystalline structure of his ice effects to such a degree that they can even provide deflective and refractive protection from wave-based attack forms such as energy, force and even psionic waves. And finally, he can mimic the power of flight by reducing his density to that of a snowflake and thus be carried aloft by the winds.


Prior to his transformation into Doc Frost, Dr. Hart was of a more average height and build, somewhat similar to his younger brother Franklin. Afterwards however, his height and mass increased by about 25% as the molecular changes within him seemed to give him increased strength and incredible resilience and endurance. Over time however, Dr. Hart has discovered that, as the old adage states, there are no free lunches. As he has aged the cells in his body have been damaged prematurely due to the constant exposure to extreme cold and the cellular crystalization they must endure. Due to these potential long term harmful effects Doc Frost has diminished the level of his Hero activity in the last year, preferring to help other younger heroes in their endeavors as well as spending more time in his research activities.

Friends and Allies

Doc Frost has been friends with numerous other Heroes but not to any extent where one could call them close. That is, with one exception; the Hero known as Transwarp.

Unknown to the public, Transwarp is actually the younger brother of Doc Frost, Dr. Franklin Hart. When they are not protecting the city as Transwarp and Doc Frost, Franklin and Ernst share a luxury apartment in Founders Falls, which works out fine for both them since they are each rarely home. They both have their classes to teach and research to continue so little time is left for much else. They have been known to conduct missions together on occasion but by no means do they intend to form themselves as a team.


Doc Frost has had a wide variety of foes in his days as a Hero. As most post-invasion Heroes have he cut his teeth on the Skulls, Hellions and Clockworks. He did his share as well of fighting Trolls in Skyway City and the Tsoo in Steel Canyon and Talos Island. However, if he had to choose one enemy that really has grown to despise him he would have to choose the Rikti. Ironically, the creation of Doc Frost in the first place would never have happened without their involvement and Doc Frost has been sure to remind them of that fact over and over again. He may never succeed at forcefully ejecting all of the Rikti from Paragon City (especially with his advancing age) but no one can accuse Doc Frost for not giving that goal his best effort.

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