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Surveillance image of Dr. Annette Borisov taken by Arachnos prior to Ava Adore's kidnapping
Dr. Annette Borisov
Player: @Ran Kailie
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Ania Borisov
Known Aliases: Annette Mannheim, Dr. Annette Borisov
Species: Human
Age: 47
Height: 5"8'
Weight: Estimated 145lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Romanian
Occupation: Genetic Scientist, believed Direct of Division A.R.E.S.
Place of Birth: Bucharest, Romania
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Ava Mannheim (daughter), Brendan Aft(son-in-law), Stephen Mannheim (Deceased), Stanko Borisov (deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
IQ Ratio 175
Modified Crey Power Suit (Broken)

Annette has become my ultimate evil scientist, and its easy to hate her, she created her only child as an experiment for the 5th Column fascists, then later kidnapped her planning to turn her over to a 5th column representative in the Isles. She creates horrible genetic experiments which she carelessly tosses away, and she has no qualms breaking any moral or ethic codes regarding her research. She's brilliant, driven, calculated and a frightening person to encounter.

As she evolved for the Project Ares storyline, she has become a evil that creates a unifying force for heroes to attack. Much of her inspiration comes from Mr. Sinister. She is a brilliant genetic scientist, capable of cloning, manipulating genes to create or empower others, and able to take information from others to build super powered beings. She is the director of one of Crey's many secret divisions that perform various types of illegal genetic experimentation, these divisions often don't know about each other and are unknown to the general public.

Dr. Annette Borisov is played by @Ran Kailie.



Villain Groups

Known Associates


Physical Description

Annette is in her late 40's and appears to be in considerably good health for her age. She is quite athletic and it is assumed she has been genetically modified. She has long black hair, fair skin, gray eyes and the facial structure typical of Eastern Europe.


Shrewd wouldn't even begin to cover the depths of Annette's personality, she is a calculating and intimidating presence, nothing she says or does is without purpose or meaning. It appears that she calculates for every possibility and very few things have worked against her carefully manipulated plans. Her heightened intelligence makes her a truly worthy opponent, and has left even the most brillant tacticians scratching their heads at what her true goal is. Her entire life seems geared however towards this unknown final goal and the realization of some dream.

Not her daughter, husband, father, or even her associates and underlings mean anything to her in the grand scheme of things. Annette has a superiority complex even greater then the Nazis and their hopes for Aryan purity. To her only her work, efforts, ideals, and goals are worth any of her time, attention and effort. The problem however is that while many discount her as inflating her self worth, Annette knows her superiority complex is not without merit.

Above all Annette is the perfect example of a Malignant Narcissist, a methodical emotionless and conscious-less woman with a tendency towards violence and the extreme. Only interested in and involved in her own self interested projects and ideas. Thankfully for Crey so far the seem to be beneficial to the company, that however doesn't make her underlings any less petrified of her.

Character History

Before Arrival in the Rogue Isles

Ania Borisov was born into notoriety on a cold winter day in 1960, the child of an unknown Slavic woman and a brilliant scientist best known for his cruelty in the holocaust camps of Nazi Germany, Stanko Borisov. Stanko's history prior to WWII is shrouded in mystery and was probably lost during the chaos at the end of the war. He was a specialist in eugenics, but cruel in his methods and execution, many people lost their lives at his hand, and many more were created or modified in his efforts to perfect Nazi Germany's super soldier program.

Stanko Borisov managed to escape Germany near the end of the war and took refuge in Romania, where he fathered Ania Borisov with an unknown woman. Interpol however did not become aware of Stanko or his daughter Ania until 1970, evidence collected leads interpol to believe Stanko raised Ania to be his successor and that perhaps his skill with eugenics had something to do with her birth. She was however raised and taught everything he knew, until his death during a bungled capture attempt in 1977. Ania however managed to escape capture and disappeared for several years.

She would turn up in Paragon, RI in 1982 as an employee of a fledgling company that would be later bought by Crey Biotech company named Biogenics under the name Annette Borisov, her work visa applied for and received through her employer. A year later she would marry Stephen Mannheim, a city employee and they would purchase a home in Woodvale. Interpol continued monitoring her, but made no move on her given lack of her criminal background. In August of 1985 she would give birth to a daughter, named Ava Mannheim aka Ava Adore.

Ania, now known as Annette worked on several high profile projects for Biogenics, including a project for the US Department of Defense to create super soldiers using chemical and genetic enhancers. However the resulting rage, insanity, and blood lust of subjects in the human testing phase of the project doomed the project to ultimate failure. It has been found however by Interpol that this project was not immediately shelved as was originally reported by Crey Industries. It appears that Annette continued human trials on her unborn daughter in utero, for this reason her daughter is now continually monitored.

Annette's projects after the failed berserker project were all classified by Crey upon acquisition of Biogenics in the early 90's and were never released to the public. She was however heavily involved with the early parts of the Paragon Protector program, including a project related to genetically inducing super powers and abilities in human beings. With destruction of Woodvale, now classified as Eden, on May 23, 2002 by the Rikti, and the subsequent razing by Nemesis forces, and the Devouring Earth, it is unknown the extent to which this project went or her further involvement with the Paragon Protector program.

Recent information, obtained however points to the explosion of the lab for this project being the cause of Annette's daughter, Ava, mutating. Annette was originally believed to be dead after the Rikti War, killed during the original bombardment along with her husband. However she has been identified recently in the Rogue Isles working for Crey's division there during routine surveillance in the Nerva Archieplago by Longbow operatives.

After Arrival in the Rogue Isles

Her activities upon arrival in the Rogue Isles have thus far been covert, but she has recently hired Rhiannon Gladstone to complete the apprehension of her daughter Ava Adore. Rhiannon was successful and encased Ava in ice delivering her to Annette in Grandville. Annette now works to complete her 20+ year long genetic experiment to create a super soldier out of her daughter.

See Project Ares Storyline


Unknown, Annette has not been seen since her encounter with Brendan Aft left her power Armor useless. It is assumed that her extremely high intelligence and tactical abilities have been retained. She is believed to be powerless however in her position as the director of an illegal genetic experiementation division of Crey she could potentially modify herself as needed.

Weaknesses and Limitations

While she is spry and powerful for her age, time has not taken no toll on her, she weakens easily and has she has much less control over her berserker nature then her daughter Ava Mannheim. She often lashes out in anger creating more destruction then she ever intended. She is also fanatical and quite obsessive about her work, unable at most times to pull herself away for even the basic life necessities.

She has also seemingly lost control of most of her power suit following the fight with Brendan Aft during his rescue of Ava.

Other Sources

1. HeroCorps Threat #2386

Creator Contact Information

Global: @Ran Kailie
Official Forums: ransim
VirtueVerse: User:ransim

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