Dr. Mary Frost

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Dr. Mary Frost
Player: @ChromeFist
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 31
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human
Age: Looks to be early 20s (acctually mid 40s if not older)
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Looks American(with a slight british accent)
Occupation: Doctor/scientist
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknwon
Marital Status: widowed
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Ice manipulation
Known Abilities
armor, nanites, cybernetics
No additional information available.

Dr. Frost as a character started out as nothing more than a background character for my hero Chrome Fist, nothing more than an irate, slightly crazy mother that was in the teen's past and something he had to get past in order to grow as a hero. But that apparently wasn't enough for her as she grew into a solid villianous threat for the young teen and anyone associated with him. With each plot she was involved in she grew that much more.The latest plot has taken her from the insane villian bent on the death of Chrome Fist and his friends to someone that was used and manipulated from the begining. She's come a long way and is in fact my favorite character of the bunch I have bar none.



Shinsektor - Dr. Frost has few run ins with this hero, mostly because her son numbers among his closest friends.

Questing Eagle - This hero has encountered Dr.Frost more times than most others not Frost's kin. At first the rivalry was intense with hate and venom spewed on both sides, but as time went on and the nature of Frost's manipulation(see below) began to weaken, the two grew into an almost quasi-friendship that neither of them knows what to make of.

Chrome Fist - Her son. At one time she desired nothing more than his death, but now her relationship to him is undergoing a radical change.

Fiery Hawk - Frost's erstwhile Daughter. Despite the freedoms she tends to give Cayt, she is surprisingly protective of the girl and has come to see her as her child and will react very negatively to anyone who implies they are not.


Cold, Sarcastic, Arrogant, and distant. Dr. Frost hides any warmer emotions behind a wall of ice that only a select few ever get to see. A cyberneticist and Doctor, she specializes in nanite technology and using them to embue subjects with various powers. She is directly responsible for her son's powers.


Dr.Frost's powers were thought to have come from the enhancing body armor she wore at nearly all times, recent events have put this into question, however and it is unknown if her Ice manipulation powers have come from a mutation on her part or the nanites she is specialized in using.

Primary Set

Ice Control - Dr. Frost can manipulate the water moisture in the air at a whim. Including Ice slicks,Ice encasements, and much much more.

Secondary Set

Ice Assault - Dr. Frost can likewise fling shards of dagger like ice at opponents and create a sharp edged blade of ice that has somewhat become her trademark despite no formal sword training.

Additional Powers


Dr. Frost, while in her armor can fly using the anti gravity emitters in the armor.

Medical Technology

Dr. Frost has several small devices that can aid herself or partners when needed.


other than her ice creation abilities and her intelligence and the right eye which is cybernetic, Dr. Frost is by all extents, human and has the same limitations most of us do.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Dr. Frost's arrogance can at times get the better of her, as can her temper. Her temper when stirred up has and can make her lose sight of goals and dangers.


Dr. Frost 'at work' is always seen in some form of personal full body armor. When relaxing she appears in a business suit of high quality with a laptop not far away.

Character History

Improving Chrome Fist

Dr. Frost, feeling that her son had slighted her by running away and registering as a hero, decided that in order for him to be safe from the risks that heroing entailed, kidnapped and enfused her son with the experimental nanites she had just devoloped. These nanites and their hive-like mind went about improving her son and granting him the abilities that he now posseses.

Bird of Crey

Dr. Frost temporarily took control of one of Crey Corps R&D divisions and was part of the company when they made thier move on Caytlin Eagle AKA Questing Eagle. Having brainwashed Caytlin into a new personality, Cayt, Dr. Frost forged the girl a version of her own armor before having the heros rescue Caytlin and bring back her personality, this wouldn't be the last of Cayt however.

The Dish Best Served Cold

Dr. Frost, tired of being tied to Crey attempted to pull her R&D section away from Crey after infusing it with people loyal only to herself. This plot was found out and discovered by her son and Questing Eagle and along with a dozen or so other heros shut down Frost's labs and sent the Dr. herself to the Zig. This was the only known time Frost had raised personal arms against her son and Caytlin Eagle. It was also the rebirth of Cayt, now taken under Frost's wing as her daughter. She remained in the Zig untill the Arachnos breakout.

The Coldest Hours

Dr. Frost, free in the Isles along with 'daughter' Cayt was rising quickly through the ranks of villians, but it seemingly all at once fell apart on her. First came her scans on her own memories finding that they had apparently been subtly altered and changed by someone unknown for an unknown purpose going as far back as her college years. Soon after, her labs around the Isles were mysteriously discovered and everything in them confiscated, including several clones of herself that she intended to use to copy her memories over too once her current body got too old or too wounded to continue her research. Now on the run, Dr. Frost became more and more paranoid and less sure of herself, eventually running afoul of the bounty hunter Conspirator Zero She was quickly captured and taken away. Her captors, the Malta group intended to use her technology and her clones to their own ends it was also discovered that they had managed to capture her son as he was the prime example of her technology, but after several weeks of intense torture that included implanting her son's torturous past memories of her experiments upon him and his feelings and thoughts during the Dish arc, Dr. Frost, who had been constantly slipping away from the 'mad doctor' style she was once known for, broke free and once freeing her son, after a moment of indecsion of weather to kill him or not. They ran into both Cayt and Questing Eagle who were there looking for them, they were then hearded into a small room that the plots creator then unveiled himself. William Frost, Dr. Frost's husband and Chrome Fist's Father, long reveiled himself to be a malta agent working with the group to twist upcoming scientists to their own ends. By making them moralless monsters the malta group would benifit from their willingness to do anything it takes to achieve thier goals. He claimed to have manipulated and rewrote Dr. Frost's thoughts and altered her personality in order to do this, all the while posing as her husband. The manipulation, however, was slowly coming undone due to Cayt becoming more and more Dr. Frost's Daughter as the Scientist learned once more what it was like to have someone depending on you and also the weakening hate of her son and Questing Eagle. He was forced to act in order to rescue what was left of his work. This naturally didn't go over too well with the teens of the room and they attacked the man intent on ending his game of manipulation once and for all, but their efforts were in vain as the man brutally beat each of the teens to near death. It was then that something inside Dr. Frost broke. She had nothing left but the family ties to the teens in the room, add to that the discovery of her mental manipulation and that most of what had driven her to villiany was fabricated and she became determined to stop William at all costs. Pushing herself beyond any limits she knew of, Dr. Frost fought and killed William before succumbing to her numerous injuries and slipping off into a comatose state.

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