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"Cayt" first appeared as an alternate personality for Questing Eagle during a story arc. She was brought back later as a secondary villain for another arc, and from there rapidly developed her own rich, complex persona. She places the blame for her defection to the Isles on the shoulders of the people who were once her friends, when it's also her fault for being too proud to accept the help they offered her. (Or refusing to accept that it was help they were offering.)

Fiery Hawk
Player: @LadyAndreca/@LadyA
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Cayt
Species: Human
Age: appears 17
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: steel
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: not declared
Place of Birth: one of Frost's hidden labs
Base of Operations: not delcared
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Dr. Mary Frost, Caytlin Eagle, Jessie Eagle
Known Powers
Fiery close combat, armor, reflexes
Known Abilities
armor, cybernetics
No additional information available.

Neither hero nor villain, Cayt Frost is constantly somewhere in between. Longbow agents hate her, heroes tend to try to 'redeem' her, and villains seem to know she's not really one of them. She doesn't really know what category she fits in either--she seems determined to define her own.



Dr. Mary Frost - Cayt's creator, later her mentor, and finally her mother. Cayt is ferociously loyal to her and has scornfully rejected any and all attempts heroes have made to draw her away.

Shinsektor - They argue about as often as they talk, but Shin is one of the heroes Cayt actually bothers TRYING to talk to. There's an unfinished fight between them, but when it will take place is anyone's guess.

Questing Eagle - Once she hated Caytlin for refusing to let her connect with their shared past--including their sister Jessie. (And for the wound that cost her her arm.) But over time, they've come to something of a truce.

Vangelus - Just WHY the hot-tempered teen and masochistic robot are friends is a mystery the two of them haven't revealed. But they've been seen talking quite often.

Chrome Fist - Cayt is very wary of Mike and her feelings towards him, and tends to avoid him. The few times they have met, they got along well enough.


Cayt is aggressive, harsh, stubborn, and reckless. After the extensive freedom Frost has let her have, she resents any attempts others make to put restrictions on her.

She's also fairly solitary. Having lost her past and her friends to Caytlin, she's reluctant to let others get close to her. Still, underneath the harsh exterior, Cayt does want friends. She won't relinquish the few she makes easily.


Some of Cayt's abilites are natural, while some are derived from the technology Frost has gifted to her.

Primary Set

"Fire Melee" - Cayt has combined her knowledge of street scrapping and swordplay with the fiery power Frost built into her cybernetic arm. She's a ruthless fighter, rarely holding back blows.

Secondary Set

"Energy Aura" - This is the best representation of her natural reflexes combined with the protection afforded by her armor. She still depends on her own abilities to keep herself in one piece, but when that hasn't been enough, the armor has kept her alive more than once.

Additional Powers


Cayt, like the hero she was cloned from, is capable of flight. Whether she can also grant this power to teammates has yet to be seen.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Cayt is highly confrontational, and often costs herself allies because of her stubbornness. She's also very reckless and will charge into a situation when it's better to plan and wait.


Cayt is rarely seen in public (at least, outside the D) without the armor created for her by her mother. Also, her right arm is cybernetic, almost all the way to the shoulder. Within the arm is the mix of chemicals that creates her fire, as well as an extendable rod that serves as the base for her fire blade.

Character History

(Work in Progress)

Bird of Crey

A Dish Best Served Cold

The Coldest Hours

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