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Are you a mutant looking for a friendly supergroup that's also RP-friendly? Want people to run with who see you as more than just a number? Evolution-X is the place for you. Evolution-X is a medium to heavy all-mutant RP supergroup that has been around since 2005. Evolution-X has a fully functional and fantastically designed base which is pretty incredible considering that the group doesn't impose SG mode being on all the time for its members. The only requirements to join are that you are social, laid-back, friendly, and agree to the Supergroup Uniform policy.

We ask that all our heroes try to be friendly to our members and our coalition allies. We ask that you try to be active, but we have no set number of hours a week you're required to be "on-duty" for us. In other words, we know that real life can get in the way, but it would be nice to see you more than a few times a month. We like to view our members as friends here, and its always good to see your friends, isn't it?

For Admissions inquiries and other info, check out the Evolution-X forums HERE


Our Mission Statement

Evolution-X is a specialized institute devoted to helping budding mutants develop, harness and utilize their powers to assist them lead a fulfilling and secure lifestyle. At the institute, experienced and caring instructors are available in highly developed training environments to better fit the needs of the students.

At Evolution-X, we believe the integrity of the students is priority one. Which is why all students will be trained to utilize, and ultimately master their gifts. Also at the students' disposal is a variety of resources in which to further their knowledge of their mutant genome. Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) is generously stocked with virtually every volume that a mutant should need.

History and Formation

During the course of the First Rikti War, countless mutants selflessly gave their lives in service of their country. Impressed by both their courage and their unique abilities, the United States Government commissioned a new organization, committed to helping mutants develop their abilities, with the interest of helping them harness their gifts, at the same time utilizing the group as an active security force.

The initial group consisted of several arrogant and inexperienced young mutants. The team was completely unprepared in a mission involving the Freakshow villain group, and the mission ended in utter failure. The last surviving member of the group, Metal Smith, had then been tasked with leading the next wave of recruits, with the help of long time friend, Attache'. Training fresh-faced mutants wasn't an easy task, as Metal Smith retained an extremely watchful eye over the progress of the new recruits, still very wary of the outcome of his last team.

Evolution-X Today

Today the school has grown to quite large proportions and has many additions to it. It has become recognised in Paragon as a safe haven for mutants in need of understanding and instruction in how to use their abilities. Students are enrolled to attend public school in Steel Canyon, but the real education they face takes place within the academy. Tactics, combatives, flight training, and training exercise are all party of the day-to-day routine at Evolution-X.

What we are looking for

Currently, we are looking for young mutants to join up with Evolution-X. We would prefer mutants aged from 11-17 who are just learning their powers and want help or guidance in learning their abilities. Let it be known we don't turn down application based solely on age, due to some mutations happening later on in life or if the characters concept and story are just too good to pass up.

We are looking for experienced RPers, as well as people with a sound knowledge of CoX and mutants (Marvel style) in general. While these are not requirements, they are defiantly a benefit to those wishing to apply.

Regarding RP powers. While we accept that powers you wish to RP can be different from those that are actually playable in game, please let it be known that we tend to frown upon "God Moding" type powers. We dont' wish any one persons Character to be so over powered that it makes other people feel less important. At time we run stories involving such "God Moding" but these events are short and leave everyone's character in tact.

The final thing we are looking for is people who wish this to be their "main" SG. While we understand that players have many characters and SG's, to keep a lot of our RP and team nights going, we prefer people who are dedicated to a main SG and try and keep this one their priority. We also do not reject applications solely on this either, but would be an advantage to anyone applying to make this their main SG.

Rules and Regulations


The uniform is very important to not only representing your position with us, but also helps show what a well organised and structured group Evolution-X is.

It is not required to wear at all times, but when on Evolution-X teams, and events, it is encouraged to be worn during those times. (Which will be obvious since everyone else on your team will be in uniform too)

Do not worry about paying for Halloween salvage or the costume itself, as the Officer in charge of your application will help provide and guide you in the costume.

Representing Evolution-X

It is very important to represent your Super Group in a manner that will reflect well on us. When other people see you in uniform, RP with you, team with you, they are going to remember which Super Group you represent.

In saying this, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding certain RP issues. The first is forcing any form of RP onto another player. If we hear anything regarding one of our members forcing an RP situation on another player, the offending memeber will automatically kicked from the Super Group. This is common sense, for we do not wish self centred "God moders" in our group.

The second part is more along common sense. Ask. If you wish to RP certain storylines and events, ask around and find out who is willing to do this with you. Never assume that someone is going to go along with what you say.

This also goes for powers. If you RP you are a telepath, aura see'er, whatever. It is common sense to ask another player before saying anything regarding what could be private or classified information at that time.

We also do not in anyway shape of form condone bad mouthing, flaming, or noob calling. While in PvP zones you are to act like you are a mature intelligent person and can be above simple name calling.


Honour Student

Honour Student: In RP terms, a Student is promoted to Honour Student after he or she has demonstrated a great deal of control over their abilities and no longer require instruction. They make up the backbone of the team, as well as work to instruct the aspiring Student. Honour Student is not considered to be a command position.

Being granted Honour Student rank gives the following advantages: (In addition to those granted at Student)

  • 1: Super Group Permissions: Pay Base Upkeep
  • 2: Able to personalise the student uniform choosing one’s preferred colours
  • 3: Is allowed 1 alt character within the main SG.

When looking to promote a Student to Honour Student, we're looking for characters that have generated a minimum of 100,000 prestige for the supergroup and have reached level 30.

Squad Leader

Squad Leader: In RP terms, Squad Leaders are members who have shown an aptitude for leadership in the field. Squad Leaders must be adept in using their abilities, as well as have a fair amount of knowledge about team tactics, and leadership quality. Squad Leaders are typically mutants who've mastered their abilities. This rank is given at the discretion of leadership.

Being granted Squad Leader rank gives the following advantages: (In addition to those already granted at Student and Honour Student)

  • 1: Super Group Permissions: Invite members, Change base entry permission, Schedule arena events
  • 2: Is allowed 2 alt characters within the main SG

When looking to promote someone to Squad Leader, we're looking for folks that are active in the SG, participating in group events, showing up on Evo's group nights, who checks the forums and weighs in on matters concerning the SG, running teams with Evolution-X members...generally, being a presence, not just another person on the roster. Squad Leader is considered to be a command position.


Teachers: In RP terms, Teachers are officers in charge of squad wide duties, such as leading missions or heading up instructional sessions with Students. Teachers frequently interact with Professors and convey orders from the top to all students. As with squad leader, this rank is given at the discretion of leadership.

Being granted Teacher rank gives the following advantages: (In addition to those already granted at Student and Honour Student and Squad Leader)

  • 1: Super Group Permissions: Edit the description, motto and change the message of the day Promote, Demote and Kick members, Edit the base, Set Super Group Missions, Edit emblem and colours
  • 2: Is allowed 3 alt characters within the main SG

When looking to promote someone to Teacher, we're looking for someone who is very active with the SG. Leading groups, participating in discussions on the forums, consistently showing up for Evolution-X group nights, and offering suggestions to help the betterment of the SG are all things we're looking at. Teachers are expected to help make sure that ideas and policies brought up by Professors are not only conveyed to the rest of the super group, they are also expected to enforce these policies as needed (please don't read into as policing...that's not what we're getting at here). Teacher is considered to be a command position.


Professor: In RP terms, the Professors command the team in both an administrative capacity as well as act as able field commanders should the situation arise. They are responsible for the group as a whole and their job is a full-time commitment.

Being granted Professor rank gives the following advantages:

Yeah, you run the joint. ‘Nuff said.

It goes without saying, to achieve this rank you must have a high level of involvement with the SG. It isn't a position given out lightly for this reason. Participating on the forums. Leading groups. Bringing in new recruits. Listening to the concerns of the member base. Mediating when there's conflict. The list could go on for quite a while. It is a serious commitment, not just a star and a fancy title. Professors are at the top of the command chain.

Forum Boards

The forum boards are our main place for communication. While you are not required to post anything here, we would appreciate it if the time was taken to visit as regularly as possible to see what changes, upcoming events and general funny stuff is going on.

We cannot stress the importance of checking the forums regularly. As it’s the best way to sign up for events and make sure you don’t miss out on anything going on in game.

Most important about the forum boards is the calender. This is the easiest place to see upcoming events, (Which are also available on every page on the forums). This is important so that you can sign up to events here and we can gauge a good sense of people attending events and their level ranges.

The other important part is the leave of absence thread. This is very important if you are going to be away for some, and let's us know for what ever reason you are no longer playing.

Evolution-X OOC Channel

We have an OOC channel ironically called Evolution-X. This is a private channel and so you must be invited by an officer to be able to use it.

This is an invaluable tool for getting teams going within Evolution-X, we ask (but do not enforce) that people monitor this channel and use it to help better coordinate our group efforts.

This combined with using the forums should ensure that you never miss out on anything that goes on in Evo-X events.

Voice Communication

We use Skype as a voice communication device while playing, this is in no way a requirement, it is there for those that wish to discuss RP ideas, running Task Forces more smoothly, and general funny shenanigans.

If you are accepted into Evolution-X, our Skype details will be in the Members section of the forums.

Power Leveling

We don’t do it. Period.

Alt Characters

While we do have some rules on alt characters according to rank, please note that others can be accpeted for certain conditions. When wanting to get an Alt into the SG, members simply need to find an Officer and have a quick discussion about it. The Application Process for Alts is not required.

In-active Characters

Any character within Evolution-X that has not been online in over 90 days, will be removed automatically no questions asked. If the person has stated on the forums that they wish the character re-invited to the SG, the application process is waived, but if for a second time the character is deleted due to inactivity, that character will no longer be able to rejoin the SG.

Evolution-X Reserves

Evolution-X Reserves is our Alt SG used for when your main character is no longer your main. What we will be using Evolution-X Reserves for, is say your main character within Evo-X no longer has any real on going RP, and you just feel the need to play a new character, we will transfer your old main to Evolution-X Reserves, while putting your new main character into Evolution-X proper.

This is to ensure that we will always have an active roster.

Final Note

All rules and regulations are never a final law. If you have questions or suggestions, you are more than welcome to voice them. We are willing to hear your ideas and discuss them.

Current Members



Squad Leaders

Honour Students


Names listed are those that have logged on since Dec 1 2008. Don't see your name and it should be there? Check with @gijoespouse ingame.
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