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Miss Fae'lina, Fae'lina Immahara
Player: @LittleSister
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 40 / 3
Personal Data
Real Name: Fae'lina Immahara
Known Aliases: Fae
Species: Vampire
Age: 572 (26)
Height: 5'3
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isle Inhabitant
Occupation: Instructor
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Lijuan Immahara (sire), Koi Shugaru (estranged childe), Alexia Fuggove (childe, deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities




Fae'lina was born on November 8th, 1437 in Brazil. Daughter to deceased father Rodriguez and mother Leticia, both or Portuguese descent.


Fae'lina was the daughter of Leticia, maid to a family in Brazil. At the moment of birth Fae lost her mother, born into the world as an orphan at the mercy of the family her mother had worked for. She was raised as one of theirs, more as a possession than ever actually being a daughter. The family who had taken her in had made her a slave to them, they form of reward for allowing her to live there.

Death and Rebirth

November 8th, 1463. Fae was awarded the right to leave her work early and go back to the living quarters where she was made to sleep each night with the African slaves. It was that night that she and the others had planned for weeks. Fae would sneak out of her quarters and leave the land she had been living on for 26 years. With little possession and money she ventured into the city to find new life. Little did she know she would find it, and in the hands of a strange woman. She was said to be from China, a traveling seeker of beauty. That night she found Fae wandering the streets singing to herself. Introducing herself as Lijuan Immahara and offering Fae a home and the life of a noble.

"I have been watching you... little Fae." Lijuan spoke with an alluring smile that brought Fae into her arms.


Not many years after being taken in as childe to Lijuan Fae became curious of their existence. Taking time to herself retreating withing an abandoned theater in Paris, feeding on those of artistic nature who wandered across her stage. After the disconnection with her sire Fae departed her own way, traveling and settling in London again around 1590 during the Shakespearean times.



Due to her teachings as well as her experience as a servant Fae has learned to restrain her true nature as means to show respect and gain the trust of others. She ofttimes shows a very calmed composure although underneath knowing the beast she truly is. Her respect is very formal and her self restraint can be seen by a weakness to others of her kind.


Fae use to 'reserve' her meals, normally in the form of glass more often than a private conjoining. Occasionally, especially as of late, Fae would ventured out for her meals. Now, with an almost sadistic nature, Fae enjoys toying with her prey, often luring them closer before attacking them.

The Theater

Fae owns and runs the Midnight Theatre. The theater can be seen as her most favored accomplishment, as well as the source of her biggest weakness.



Enilef Sisters: Keibna works as a designer for Fae's theater, and Laurena helps.


Lijuan Immahara: Fae's sire.

Koi Shugaru: He is Fae's first childe. MIA.

Alexia Fuggove: Fae's second childe. Deceased.


Daniel Moineau - A strong and wicked vampire whom Fae bonded with. Now with him gone her actions have become more agressive.

Kinneas - A very old vampire, his scent makes it hard for Fae to control her true nature. But she tries to avoid his company.


James Perkins: He slayed one of her childe.

Phoenix Insurrection: They came after people she cared for.

Her Victims

Marissa the Risen - A deranged girl who tends to wander around a lot.

Frigid Blue - A hero Fae lured at the D.

Enilef Sisters - Fae's workers, whom she feasts on when the need comes.

Chris Johnson - A soldier she drained completely.

Zach Perkins - A boy she has become fond of playing game with.

Ryoku Sei'Bara - A girl she has been targeting and playing games with as well.


Toreador Clan Symbol

Thoughts on Fae

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