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Galactic Shield
Founder: Universal-Guardian
Side: Hero
Motto: '
Leader(s): Universal-Guardian and Stormy Darkness
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Black and Gold
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Light/Medium for now
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Not at the moment
Contact: @The Barabeast or @Deertayorkay
No additional information available.


Main 1


Main 2


Tools for RP/Chat

We're 50/50 on the roleplaying/Out of character talk. If you absolutely must speak out of character, make sure to put double parenthesis around your comments, such as ((afk)).

The Scripting for the ((OOC)): startchat bind is as follows;
/bind [ "beginchat ((OOC)): "

(note: it is important to mention that there must be a "space" after the : and before the " at the end of the bind, also there is no spaces between the shift+enter.)

Another fun Bind is the AFK bubble message, useful for displaying RP info about your character while you are typing, it is as follows;
/bind enter "afk <your message here> $$startchat"

(note: it is important to inform you that the <,> brackets are not necessary for the bind, nor are the words "your message here" instead type the message you wish displayed above your character whenever you begin to type or are AFK, and also that a "space" must be after the afk, and before the $$.)

You can add some fun Macros with this Binding, allowing you to identify your current target (in game brackets) into your speech! It is best to demonstrate this Binding with an example;
/bind F7 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!"

(note: It is important to mention that the "$target" part of the bind (which identifies in text your current target) needn't be at the end of the bind at all, or be followed by the "!". Insert the "$target" part of the bind, whever you wish the target to be identified in your macro. It is also important to mention that the ("local) beginner need not be local, in this example it was used to automatically say this bind in the local channel, there are many different channels... The Bind requires a "space" after the channel and again before the "$target".)

You can add emotes into your binds simply by dividing the parts of the bind with "$$" and beginning the emote with a simple "e". Example;
/bind shift+i "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e point"

(note: It is important to mention that there are no spaces between the end of any part of your bind and the $$e, beginner of your emote.)

You can also add your own powers into your binds with "powerexec_name <<the power>>", you can find <<the power name>> in your Powers list tray from the pop-up menu... Example;
/bind shift+i /powerexec_name steamy mist

(note: It is important to mention that unlike emotes, powers do have spaces between each word in its name. Nor do you need to use the <<, or >> in your binds.)


We are currently coalitioned with the Kingdom of Horizons


(story teasers, tidbits, etc)

The Shield Leaders

The Shield Members
Eldritch Green

The Galactic Shield Base

Our base is small, but functional. We currently have 2 telepads, with access to 4 zones. Atlas Park, Steel Canyon, Talos Island and Peregrine Island. We also offer our members a personal salvage storage vault, enhancement crafting table and we are constructing lounges and common areas for people to hang out and relax.

Members Gallery

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