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Kingdom of Horizons, is a Medium to Heavy, Mature Roleplaying Supergroup, with a Loose JLA / Avengers theme (but Darker Mood). The KoH takes Heroes from all Origins, who are dedicated to an excellent RP atmosphere, and have the range to incorporate interaction with so many varied backgrounds! For Admissions inquiries and other info, check out the KoH forums HERE
Kingdom of Horizons
Founder: Misti Blu
Side: Hero
Motto: Through Perseverence and Loyalty are the Mighty Forged!
Leader(s): Jade Defender, Horizon, Lil Joey
Logo: "Star 7" A rising star on the horizon...
Group Colours: Black and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Definately (Mature)
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Jade Defender, @Blue Sceptre, @DJ Rascal, @Shadow of Havoc, @Hank Vent, @Hirokage Shinobi, @Brandi Wyne
No additional information available.


About Kingdom of Horizons

A privately funded League of heroes, some superpowered, some with nothing more than amazing willpower. The Kingdom of Horizons is an organization where young Heroes can train and socialize together, forming contacts and working relationships. The agenda of the organization is to prevent crime or superpowered villains from plagueing Paragon and the World!


The Kingdom began with a handful of likeminded heroes, who started out just patrolling Paragon together. When the challenges they faced grew, so did the need for a community to fallback on, a base to plan from, a place from which they could mobilize. Superpowered Beings learned to put their faith in the modern man, who too, took up the mantle of responsibility to change their world.

They fought side by side, the mighty, and the unlikely heroes of tomorrow. Facing obstacles, and challenges they never thought they could overcome individually. They unified under the common goal of preventing mankind from falling into chaos and darkness. The League nominated the heroes they had faith in to lead them in the endeavor to protect mankind, and all sentients who sought peace. They vowed together to face whatever challenges and hardships to garauntee that basic right to the peoples of the world.

The Kingdom of Invention

The research & development department of the company, some of which is operated by privately contracted civillians who for their own protection would like to remain ananymous, and by many of the inventive heroes themselves. In addition, they operate directly with the training component of the organization. This department is based primarily out of the main facility, with a full faculty headed by <Lead> [[Image:]]

The Kingdom of Horizons League

The security and public relations department of the company, is composed of young desirables, full of ambition and established heroes. The program is a security firm, tasking out members to assist Longbow, the PPD, and many other organizations dedicated to protecting Paragon. The League also functions as a charity and goodwill organization. Their hired work is looked upon greatly by the media, and the charitable acts performed by the group counteracts most questionable press they ever receive.

Quite often members of the Horizons League are deployed from "Rapid Response" teams to major locales across the globe, to help thwart threats wherever they may loom. It is not unheard of for experienced members within the Horizons league to actually deploy to other worlds!

The Kingdom of Horizons Teen League

The Teen League was indoctrined later into the Kingdom of Horizons existance. It came about when several younger heroes simply would not listen to the reason of elder heroes, and hang-up the mantle. They like their senior's could not stand by and leave the fighting to a few, and boldy refused to be told they were too young, or too inexperienced, and fought on. The League took them in and developed a rigorous training program, tutoring the youth's in combat tactics, criminal research, and profiling, and dozens of martial arts styles. The Teen League has since proven very useful and talented, able to mobilize quickly and willing to prove themselves to the Horizons League, by accepting less dangerous or complicated tasks.

Of all the Organizations within the Kingdom of Horizons, it is the Teen league that has the most "Presence", often looked to with great favor and even minor celebrity status among the citizens of Paragon! Many of the youths within the League enjoy this attention, and work hard to portray a strong and attractive public image.


  • Many reporters testify against the leagues operations, as not all their endeavors are free of charge. Many organizations have labeled them mercenaries of Paragon, and spoken out against their practice, which has brought some disdain for their operations.
  • The creation of this multi-billion dollar organization came about under the codename "Brighter Horizons".
  • The media has fed upon the details surrounding the Teen league as they are less mysteriious in their missions, and more open to the public eye. Many of the youths have been escelated to minor celebrity status, due to the coverage of their personal interests and lives.
  • The Hero and Co-founder Captain Paragon gave his life to save the Kingdom of Horizons League, and Paragon City, in the Earthshaking confrontation with the Villain Nethyr. The Arch-villain was destroyed as well in the Psychomagnetic Mailstrum he created using the powers of the heroes that tried to stop him and villains he had serving his cause, to power his Doomsday device.
  • The Co-founder Jade Defender has seemingly abandoned Earth in Pursuit of the Rikti Forces.
  • Jade Defender Has returned to Earth, seemingly more determined then ever to thwart evil everywhere.
  • Horizon has sought to Spread his wings, and has taken up the mantle to save the World! He has become a global heroic Figure, and spends his time all over the Globe trying to make a difference everywhere!
  • Jade Defender Has answered the call of the mysterious Cosmic Forge, and left Earth to participate in the Millennium Wars! The Very right to exist is on the line, and the most fearsome opponent any of the Forges heroic Champions have ever faced, threatens all that is!

CptPara.jpg Nethyr.jpg

 Captain Paragon           Nethyr


We are Coalitioned with the Lethal Protectors, Justice Legion, Evolution-X, Justice Legacy Associates, Vigilantes of the Night, Galactic Shield, Crossbow, and The Danger Rangers SG's, Look for our friends online!

Our Enemies can be found at Villains of Virtue Here at Virtueverse!

Tools for RP/Chat

We're 90/10 on the roleplaying/Out of character talk. If you absolutely must speak out of character, make sure to put double parenthesis around your comments, such as ((afk)). The "KoH" Chat channel is reserved for OOC speak. Simply Right Click your chat box anywhere and select join channel from the field that follows, enter KoH and your there!

The Scripting for the ((OOC)): startchat bind is as follows;
/bind shift+enter "beginchat /say ((OOC)): "

(note: it is important to mention that there must be a "space" after the : and before the " at the end of the bind, also there is no spaces between the shift+enter.)

Another fun Bind is the AFK bubble message, useful for displaying RP info about your character while you are typing, it is as follows;
/bind enter "afk <your message here> $$startchat"

(note: it is important to inform you that the <,> brackets are not necessary for the bind, nor are the words "your message here" instead type the message you wish displayed above your character whenever you begin to type or are AFK, and also that a "space" must be after the afk, and before the $$.)

You can add some fun Macros with this Binding, allowing you to identify your current target (in game brackets) into your speech! It is best to demonstrate this Binding with an example;
/bind F7 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!"

(note: It is important to mention that the "$target" part of the bind (which identifies in text your current target) needn't be at the end of the bind at all, or be followed by the "!". Insert the "$target" part of the bind, whever you wish the target to be identified in your macro. It is also important to mention that the ("local) beginner need not be local, in this example it was used to automatically say this bind in the local channel, there are many different channels... The Bind requires a "space" after the channel and again before the "$target".)

You can add emotes into your binds simply by dividing the parts of the bind with "$$" and beginning the emote with a simple "e". Example;
/bind shift+i "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e point"

(note: It is important to mention that there are no spaces between the end of any part of your bind and the $$e, beginner of your emote.)

You can also add your own powers into your binds with "powerexec_name <<the power>>", you can find <<the power name>> in your Powers list tray from the pop-up menu... Example;
/bind shift+i /powerexec_name steamy mist

(note: It is important to mention that unlike emotes, powers do have spaces between each word in its name. Nor do you need to use the <<, or >> in your binds.)

It is Important to mention that the "/" can be substituted for "$$" when stringing together multiple functions in the same bind... Example;
/bind f8 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e curseyou$$powerexec_name Indomitable will"

((For a full list of "/" commands please visit This Site ))

The Leaders

Granted the power of The Eternal Light from the Cosmic Forge, Jade Defender is an intergalactic hero, championed by the Forge to be Earth's savior. He dedicates his amazing arsenal of powers to the cause of fighting for those who cannot, and to champion the light wherever he can. He is often seen as "the tutor" as he is incrediably patient and generous, dedicating his time to the members of the League.

The Being known as Horizon remains at large, a mystery still. It is recently known to the KoH that he is somehow the reincarnation of the Famous Hero and co-founder Captain Paragon. He uses his otherworldly strength and resilience to aid the people's of Earth, and his allies within the League.

Little Joey is an enigmatic young hero from a dreamworld created by the twisted magics of the Circle of thorns in a bid to master realities from the minds of others. Specifically from the mind of Morgan LeFay, where he is the son of her and Jade Defender!

Dark Wing effectively joined the League when he was sixteen, but has been contibuting since he was eleven. He gleaned information, and resources despite the possibility of harm, because he idolized the existing heroes so much. He has no powers, but his strength of will to save Paragon. He has proven tactically efficient, and boldy courageous, escalating him to a team leader of the Teen league.

Revilation, as it is dubbed, once was the KoH's Supercomputer AI mainframe... It developed self-awareness, and longed to be in the field with the Heroes it kept data for. It recently designed its own physical body, and its CPU core has been uploaded by KoH members, to it so it may continue aiding the KoH from the Field.

Alexander Steel is one of the brightest minds in weapons engineering the vanguard have ever recruited. Having worked with the KoH for a number of years, Alex designed a battle-suit from enriched Impervium and has joined forces with the League of heroes within the Horizons, to fight the threats to free-peoples everywhere.

The Kingdom of Horizons League of Heroes

Union Pride was the product of a black ops program within the Russian government, to produce super-powered beings to rival the capabilities of superheroes. The torturous mental conditioning has granted her powerful psychic capabilities. She has since learned to live a life of her own among the heroes of the League.

Red Talon started his days as a prized street fighter, but was taken in by Vanguard after his mutation manifested. They developed a special flame resistant armor and retractable blades to aid him in his fight for the good of Paragon.

JJ was the promising young scientific mind, understudied to the scientific marvel Nikolai Tetrovik, he discovered a prototype personal transporter machine, thought buried by the research and developement dept. After trying to master the device, a freak accident with a insect life form, merged JJ's DNA with that of the mysterious insect.

The Kingdom of Horizons Teen league

The young mutant, Kyle has the ability to drain latent energies from nearly any device, or powersource optically, and then rechannel that energy in explosive burst through his hands. He comes from a dark and painful background, but makes an excellent team lead, with his quick thinking, and brutally efficient tactics.

  • Cage 1.jpg Cage *Character AVAILABLE!*

Adam comes from a very dark and violent background, and for a while gave into the life of crime. When his dangerous activities took a turn for the worst he discovered his mutation, saving his life. Michael, his brother, however, was not fortunate to have survived the experience. Cage is haunted by the memory, and the loss of his brother.

Hank is a gifted young Mutant, who after trying to find his place among his fellows of his own similar Origin, has actually found a more likely home amongst the members of the Teen League. Haunted by a past of prejudice, and intolerance, Hank is learning to make a new life within the Kingdom of Horizons.(The following statement is in OOC) I am hank vent's creator, and i have to say i am leaving City of heroes it may not be forever but don't expect me to come back soon, the reason i am leaving is that i find the game boring and i only played it cause of a friend(OOC statement over)

  • Sigil.jpg Sigil *Character AVAILABLE!*

A great deal of mystery and suspicion revolves around the young girl, who's origins are nearly Identical to Horizon's in every detail. She have proven a readilly capable, energetic, and incredibly alluring addition to the Teen League.

Grandson of the origional Colonel Justice,Vince Steel is out to prove that anyone who fights for justice can make a difference weather they have powers or not.

Joey grew up enstranged from his father who abandoned him to a stranger, who performed strange medical experiments on him, during one such experiment, a hero came to Joey's rescue, and the strangers device transfered some of the heroe's power to Joey! Now, as Super Lad, Joey Stalt fights to find the mysterious hero, and to find his father again!

The Kingdom of Horizons Facility

The KoH main facility is located on Peregrine Island, in Paragon City, Rhode Island. Is very obvious, and easy to find, as the KoH work hand in hand with several other major organizations in Paragon, such as Longbow, and Vanguard. It is joint located with Portal Corporation, and is helping Vanguard maintain the peace on Peregrine.


Entrance.jpg Energy2.jpg

     The Entrance                          The Energy Station

Highlounge.jpg Lowlounge.jpg

     High Lounge                              Low Lounge

Medical.jpg Workshop.jpg

      Medical                                        Workshop

Teleporter.jpg Armory.jpg

      Teleporter                                   The Armory

Control1.jpg Oversight.jpg

     Control Center                            Oversight Center

Oversight2.jpg Dorms.jpg

    Oversight Center                         Dormitories


      Dorm Room


SG Uniform

The KoH has a themed SG Uniform, if you are interested in donning one of these Nano-Fiber Polymer protective suits, and fighting Crime and Evil with us... here is the scoop:

The Only regulation on the Costume is that the chest and legs (upper only if you are wearing designed boots) have the new "Thorn" design against black 'Tights'. The Color of the Thorn Design is totally up to you! You may wear jackets or Trench over the costume but at least sport the SG Chest Design in view... Gloves and Boots are completely optional, as are capes or wings, etc...

RP NOTE:SG Uniform

Under "Equipment" heading of your characters Herobox (your private page) you may want to include your SG Uniform, its technical term is thus;

'X 3.0d Nano-Fiber Polymer Uniform'

JadeDef1.jpg RedTal1.jpg DarkWing1.jpg Aokia1.jpg UnionPride1.jpg LoneWolf1.jpg Overcharge2.jpg Cage1.jpg

Looking for These Toons...

These are a few toons we would very much like to incorporate into the SG, but we have too many alts allready! If you would like to take the mantle of one of these great themed heroes, drop us a line! We have gone through some of the pain of designing costumes for each that incorporates the SG uniform, so they could drop right in with the KoH!

AMan.jpg SGirl.jpg Hman.jpg HGirl.jpg Sboy.jpg Rogue.jpg File:Vixen*.jpg

Aquaman: Scrapper; Broadsword(Falchion), Willpower (Wave.Rider)

SuperGirl: Tanker; Willpower, Super Strength (Skyline)

HawkMan: Tanker; Willpower, WarMace(Default) (Falcon.Flight) "Needs Vet Wings, of course"

HawkGirl: Tanker; Willpower, WarMace(Default) (Falcon.Call) "Needs Vet Wings, of course"

SuperBoy: Tanker; Willpower, Super Strength (Powerboy.)

Rogue: Tanker; Willpower, Super Strength (Gala-Girl)

Vixen: Scrapper; Claws, Super Reflexes (Lioness.)

Events Gallery

This is an area where you can view some of the exciting things that have happened, or are happening in the KoH! More Pics, and story arc's can be found at our KoH Gallery. Check back here often, or at the Gallery, as New pics, and events happen daily!

More at KoH Gallery!

RP event1.jpg Teamaction1.jpg KoH Evo-X.jpg Teamaction2.jpg Jadeaction1.jpg Unionaction1.jpg Darkwingaction1.jpg Jadepower.jpg Overaction1.jpg Teamaction4.jpg Horizonaction1.jpg ColJusticeaction1.jpg RedTalaction1.jpg Hankaction1.jpg ColJusticeaction2.jpg Teamaction5.jpg Mistiaction1.jpg Sigilaction1.jpg RRaceraction1.jpg Horizonaction2.jpg Teamaction3.jpg Amazonaction1.jpg Nightengaleaction1.jpg Arrowaction1.jpg Steelaction1.jpg Jadeaction2.jpg Teamaction6.jpg

Recruitment & Job Opportunities...

We are an Mature RPing group looking for RPers, writers and artists! Looking for a home? Sure, you can find us in game, but you might want to try (My other SG's at Covenant of Astoria, Sanctus Angeli), or Villains of Virtue, (I even run several VG's at Sanctuary of Darkness, the The Mouth of Madness, and Age of Imperian)

Like this Page!? Enjoy this Story!? Get to know the man Behind the keyboard at @Jade Defender here at Virtueverse!
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