Ice Lynx

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Ice Lynx
Player: @LightofthePhoenix
Basic Data
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: N/A
Occupation: Resistance Fighter
Personal Data
Real Name: Sarah Peterson
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Human Mutant w/ feline features
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Blood Type: Confidential
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Miami, Florida
Birthdate: December 20, 1989
Citizenship: Praetorian
Current Residence: Confidential
Religion/Faith: Confidential
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Mother: Tammy Peterson (Deceased) Father: Jack Peterson (Deceased) Little Brother: Jacob Peterson Older Brother: Bobby Peterson (Deceased)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Heightened reflexes and senses
Dual Pistols (Armed with an endless supply of ice bullets made with her powers over cold and ice)
Is able to mimic Superhuman Speeds and Jump heights by creating sheets of ice in front of her to skate on (like Iceman from X-Men)
Resistance Icon Web.png
The Praetorian equivalent to Primal Earth's Snow Panther.


Originicon mutation.png Personality Archetypeicon blaster.png

Cold and calculating, Sarah is almost the complete polar opposite of her Primal Earth self. She rarely smiles and is always ready to do what it takes to get the job done, even if that involves taking a life.

Ice Lynx - Resistance.jpg

Originicon mutation.png Powers & Abilities Archetypeicon blaster.png

Possessing the mutant power of Cryokinesis, Sarah is capable of lowering the temperature of the air around her and produce ice. She uses this power to provide her dual pistols with an unlimited supply of ammunition. Her pistols are capable of firing these ice bullets with incredible precision, and once the bullets melt they leave no evidence. The piercing power of her bullets is a testament to her own power.

Originicon mutation.png Background Archetypeicon blaster.png

Sarah is a member of the Resistance[1] in Praetoria that fights to free Earth from Emperor Cole's grip. About four years ago her older brother, Robert, attempted to kill their parents. She was able to prevent their death at the hand of their eldest child, but at the cost of his life, and while she was distracted with him, the youngest, Jacob, finished the job and set fire to their home. She barely escaped but vowed to get revenge on her brother for what he had done.

She later discovered the reason for her brothers' betrayal. The Peterson family was a part of the Resistance movement against Cole's Empire. Upon learning of their identities, an as-of-yet unknown member of the Praetorian Guard offered the brothers a position in Cole's army if they killed their parents. Sarah took up her beloved parents' fight and joined with the Resistance.

Originicon mutation.png Friends & Enemies Archetypeicon blaster.png

Ember Fox - Jacob Peterson. Sarah's once beloved brother before he murdered their parents in the name of Emperor Cole. Now the two hate eachother. Though they rarely come face to face, when they do a furious battle ensues. The Praetorian equivalent to Primal Earth's Pyre Tiger

Originicon mutation.png Opinions & Thoughts Archetypeicon blaster.png

Originicon mutation.png Theme Songs Archetypeicon blaster.png

  • Linkin Park - My December [2]

Originicon mutation.png OOC Information Archetypeicon blaster.png

  • Reached Level 50 at approximately 10:30 PM November 22, 2010.

Ice Lynx Dual Pistols.jpg Ice Lynx Ice Sword.jpg

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