Snow Panther

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Snow Panther
Player: @LightofthePhoenix
Basic Data
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Occupation: College student (currently on break)
Personal Data
Real Name: Sarah Peterson
Known Aliases: Skates (nickname)
Species: Human Mutant w/ feline features
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Blood Type: Confidential
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Miami, Florida
Birthdate: December 21, 1989
Citizenship: American Citizen
Current Residence: Confidential
Religion/Faith: Confidential
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Dating
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Mother: Tammy Peterson Father: Jack Peterson Little Brother: Jacob Peterson Older Brother: Bobby Peterson
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Heightened reflexes and senses
Is able to mimic Superhuman Speeds and Jump heights by creating sheets of ice in front of her to skate on (like Iceman from X-Men)


Originicon mutation.png Personality H archetypeicon defender.png

Sarah is usually upbeat and cheerful, though she knows when it's time to become serious. She's always ready to become friends with someone, unless they're mean to others. She doesn't understand why there has to be so much hate in the world but is more than prepared to do what she can to right the wrongs that plague Paragon City.

Originicon mutation.png Pre-Heroic Years H archetypeicon defender.png

Sarah was born with her cat ears and tail, as well as her blue hair, so it was apparent from birth that she was a mutant but that was perfectly fine with her parents, they loved her just the same. Her powers themselves didn't manifest until she was 10 when she wished for a white Christmas. Living in Miami she had never seen a snowflake in person, but on Christmas Eve a small pocket of freezing air formed above her house and yard and snow began to fall. Beyond this first event of a storm she didn't have much control over her powers for awhile, usually being able to just freeze water in a glass or, after she developed them further and concentrated hard enough, create a snowball to catch her friends off guard. Of course it didn't help that she was the only one in the whole city that was able to make a snowball, so she was always caught.

Over time she has harnessed her abilities further and is now able to create small storms, walls of ice, shards of ice which she can hurl at enemies, and can skate on ice she forms in front of her as she walks to achieve greater speeds than a normal human can run.

Her powers don't come at a severe disadvantage, however. Due to a mutated weakness to heat her family was forced to leave the sunny beaches of Miami and move to a cooler climate. They chose a small rural town in the mountains of Virginia where the temperature was relatively cool the majority of the year. It was here that Sarah attended high school, experiencing her share of drama and joy. Despite the hardships of being a mutant in such a small community she still considers the town her real home, as she felt a stronger connection to her friends she made here than in Miami.

Originicon mutation.png Arrival in Paragon City H archetypeicon defender.png

After graduating High School and talking her parents into letting her, she signed up to become a superhero in Paragon City. She arrived in Paragon City a couple months after her graduation and immediately began busting small-time thugs. She didn't get her big break though until one day she heard a call over the comm about a supergroup seeking members. She usually didn't think much of those recruitment messages but this one was different. Somehow she knew this was the group for her. So she quickly contacted the group and met up with Phoenix Cycle and Archangel Centurion of The Palladium Sentry at the Steel Canyon University. After a brief interview she accompanied them in stopping a robbery at the Skyway City Bank.

Deciding she was worthy of The Palladium Sentry they signed her up and she quickly settled in. Eager to help out her new friends, in the first few days she was difficult to keep track of as she rushed around Paragon City to set up teleporter beacons to various zones, but after mapping out half the city she finally slowed down and got back to the real hero work.

Originicon mutation.png The Palladium Sentry H archetypeicon defender.png

In her time as a Sentry member, Sarah gained a reputation as the group's scout. Her speed, agility, and stealth helped her live up to this reputation with relative ease. Unfortunately her clumsiness and eagerness would sometimes get the better of her and cause her to get into trouble.

(More to be filled in later)

Knight Sentinel's Disappearance

Originicon mutation.png Affiliations: Supergroup H archetypeicon defender.png

Sarah keeps pictures beside her bed.

Originicon mutation.png Affiliations: People H archetypeicon defender.png

Knight Sentinel - The leader of the Palladium Sentry. Knight has saved Sarah's life multiple times and continues to believe in her. Because of his support she has begun to look up to him as almost a fatherly figure.

Tsunami Dynamo - Fellow member of the Sentry, and Sarah's boyfriend. Josef's charm has swept Sarah off her feet almost since they met. Though he sometimes leaves for his motherland in Russia for weeks at a time they have still kept a strong relationship throughout all the hardships, always being there for eachother.


  • Pyre Tiger - Jacob Peterson, Age: 16, younger brother. Able to create and control fire to a degree. Currently living in Sarah's apartment.
  • Twilight Jaguar - Robert "Bobby" Peterson, Age: 22, older brother. Able to create black holes and warp gravity (in-game he's a Warshade but ICly he's a mutant)

Originicon mutation.png Opinions & Thoughts H archetypeicon defender.png

"Just throw a ball of yarn on the ground and she is hours of fun *laughs* . . .Actually I havent tried that yet hmmmm" - Dorreen Winter

"Pretty Ironic... Sarah harnesses cold ice... Yet her personality is so warm. Snow in an essence that melts and becomes nothing. However, She is always there when you need her: dependable. The one and only, Snow Panther." American Avenger.

"I think she's really cute and so kind! I am glad the Sentry has Snow! Now if only I can stop myself from trying to reach for her ears!" Divine Maiden

Originicon mutation.png Theme Songs H archetypeicon defender.png


  • John Williams - Luke and Leia theme (from Return of the Jedi) [2]


  • Catchword - Virginia Skies [3] - When Sarah left her home in Virginia to become a hero in Paragon City
    Rachael Leigh Cook as Snow Panther.
  • Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive [4] - Personifies how Sarah doesn't give up, even if things don't look great.

Originicon mutation.png Other Tidbits of Information H archetypeicon defender.png

- The air around Snow Panther is inherently, noticeably colder than a distance away from her. Usually it's not noticeable until within three feet of her but when she is using her powers or if she just feels like it she can make an entire room feel like the AC is on steroids.

- After a run in with one of the Palladium Sentry's archvillains, Turbushido, Sarah recieved two injuries from the cyborg. Though not life threatening, they were enough to take her out of commission for awhile. Her left shoulder and right thigh now hold the scars of that battle.

Originicon mutation.png OOC H archetypeicon defender.png

  • The profile box pic and the pair images in the gallery are by Wolvtrune on DeviantArt: I absolutely love their style and they perfectly capture Snow Panther's innocent beauty.

(More to follow, eventually)

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