The Peterson Family

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The Peterson Family is a small family originating in Miami, Florida though later moving north to Virginia. Though the previous generation shows no evidence of mutation, all three children in the current generation possess mutant abilities, and in Sarah's case, a physical mutation.


Central Family


Jack Peterson (Father)

Tammy Peterson (Mother)


Bobby - Hero name: Twilight Jaguar. Eldest of the siblings at 23. Has mutant ability to manipulate gravity in the form of blasts and creation and manipulation of localized black holes. Second to gain his ability.

Sarah - Hero name: Snow Panther. Middle sibling at 19. Has mutant ability to manipulate cold fields, able to form ice, snow, and fog at will. First to gain her ability. Physical mutation in the form of blue hair and certain feline features such as ears and a tail. Due to affinity for cold is highly susceptible to high temperatures unless concentrating on keeping the temperature around herself low.

Jacob - Hero name: Pyre Tiger. Youngest sibling at 16. Has mutant ability to generate and manipulate heat and flame. Mild physical mutation in the form of bright red hair (closer to the color red rather than the hair color). Last to gain his ability.

Rayner side

Amber - Hero name: Nyte Leopard. Not-Warshade (Warshade archetype RPed as something else). Mutant with powers of illusion. Uses her illusion ability to appear as a catgirl, or in some cases, an actual cat. Age: 19

Emily - Hero name: Pneuma Wildcat. Arachnos Widow. Mutant with mild psychic abilities. Powers first manifested in a burst of psionic energy when under distress by being assaulted by an Arachnos squad. This burst simultaneously knocked the squad unconscious and caused her to instantaneously 'download' the combat training of a nearby Blood Widow, giving her great skill with a Blood Widow's claws. Age: 16

Peterson side

Shane - Hero name: Ridge Runner. Kinetics/Dual Pistols Defender. Mutant with superhuman agility/speed. Age: 26

Alex - Hero name: Street Crusher. Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker. Mutant with superhuman strength/dexterity. Age: 23

Cordelia Took - Hero Name: Electric Lynx. Electric Armor/Electrical Melee Tanker. Mutant with ability to manipulate electrical fields. Age: 18

Family Tree

Peterson Family Tree 3.jpg



  • The reason for only the current generation getting mutations is because both sides of the family (taking Snow Panther's family as the center point) actually carried the mutant gene, but it was dormant. It became active when Snow's parents got together, bringing together the two genes, causing a ripple effect through the families that activates the mutant gene in the current generation. Not all cousins have to be mutants but a good number of them will.
  • The basic idea for this family is that they're relatively ordinary. Excepting the fact they've suddenly been gifted with extraordinary abilities. Despite some members of the family becoming heroes they try their best to keep things somewhat normal.

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