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I'm a boy!
Instant Catgirl
Player: @Prof.Renegade
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Johnathan Kramer
Known Aliases: Cat, IC
Species: Homo Sapien
Age: 14
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 154
Eye Color: Green (Brown in kid Form)
Hair Color: Pink (Brown in kid Form)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Jacob Kramer (father), Martha Mishop (mother)
Known Powers
Can Transform into a Mystical Catgirl
Known Abilities
Archery, SuperSpeed, Occasional Ancient Wisdom
Mystical Bow
John and the Catgirl often fight, with the catgirl speaking telepathically and John talking out loud
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Character History


Johny Kramer, one fateful day, was wandering around a construction site when he noticed something odd buried in some rubble. He pulled at the end, struggling quickly as to not be seen, and uncovered an ancient looking bow. He quickly hurried home and cleaned it up. Under all that dust the bow seemed strangely pink. Must be from strange culture Johny thought to himself, thinking that an odd color for a warriors weapon.

When he properly grasped it, as if to fire, a strange sensation surged through his body. He found himself surrounded by a pink glow. He grew taller, stronger, and had pink hair. His transformation was over in an instant, and he stood before his bedroom mirror a catgirl!

Before the initial shock was over Johny began hearing a strange womans voice inside his head. He tried to ignore it, thinking he must hallucinating, and with a sigh the voice started speaking to him with Johny's own mouth! Johny was at first taken back by the female sound of the voice and found when he replied it was his voice as well. Well of course thought Johny, seeing not a catboy starring back through the mirror but a catgirl.

Dropping the bow, he found he changed back to his normal self. He tried to go back to his normal humdrum life, but found he could not. Not that he wanted to be a girl or anything, cause girls are dumb. However, an ancient mystical artifact of power just doesn't come into your life everyday. Johny lived in Paragon City, and looked up the heroes of the city greatly. This was his chance to be a great hero just like the Legion or Statesman.

Picking up the bow again he began to communicate with the catgirl voice, referring to herself as Kalista. She seemed to think by listening to her, he could unlock great powers while using the mystical bow. Johny wasn't terribly interested in listening to some girl, he wanted to make his own decisions and be a great hero. They came to a compromise, Johny agreed to take up the bow and begin training and developing its powers on a regular basis, however that training had to take the form of doing super heroic good.

It's Cattastic!

The Super Life

After explaining his power source to a reporter he was quickly dubbed the Instant Catgirl by the media. A name which Johny loathes but Kalista thinks will do for now. Johny still guards his secret identity but is foolish enough to accidentally drop hints on occasion and very often will exclaim to confused heroes that he is, in fact, a boy.

His training began very shortly after Johny's first trip to Icon. The transformation to Instant Catgirl does not include clothing, and Johny had to borrow some of his Mom's in secret just to leave the house the first time. Kalista insisted on an outfit that let take full advantage of the catgirl abilities as well as her ancient cultural colors. Johny was eager to get started and somehow ended up in blue and pink tights, complete with heels and fishnets.

It took some time to get used to moving in such an outfit without embarrassment but soon enough they could control the one body reasonably together, making arrows appear from thin air, as well as running and jumping with amazing agility.

Kalista looked down on the ragtag heroes they would team with through early security levels, but Johny was pleased just to be considered a hero. As their powers developed Instant Catgirl began to discover new kinds of mystical arrows she could produce and also got more media attention. Soon Johny was able to be a valuable sidekick to impressive heroes such as Arrelin Windspire and Coyote Kid.


Instant Catgirl in action!


Summoning Arrows mystically from the bow itself, Instant Catgirl can provide a variety of effects. The mystical properties she has produced includes arrows of pointy pain, arrows that slow the enemy, arrows that light aflame and arrows that produces poison gases!


Instant Catgirl not only is agile she can run at super human speeds. While she is not yet the fastest hero alive, she is coming close.


Arrelin Windspire

Instant Catgirl has had the opportunity to act as the sidekick to this hero on several occasions, to the point where Johny will occasionally boast to others that Instant Catgirl is his official sidekick. He has offered a shiny example of heroism as well as friendly advice. Kalista finds him arrogant, though gives him more respect than others due the nature of his abilities as well as his tendency to address her directly instead of both her and Johny at once.

Coyote Kid

While their team up did not last longer than many others, Coyote Kids support and attention made a lasting impression on Johny as a hero whose abilities are above his renown. Kalista thinks he is far to human for respect.


Instant Catgirl found this group of primarily magical heroes through her contact with Arrelin Windspire. They seem to be a bit disorganized than the mystical organizations Johny often fantasized about, however their base of operations is incredibly 'neat' and Johny found it quite fun to solve heroic puzzles with heroes who understand his situation slightly better.

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