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Jackie Bones 1.jpg
The Petite Pumpkin Pirate!
Jackie Bones
Player: @DoctorVoid
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 31
Personal Data
Real Name: True Name? You want Jackie's TRUE NAME?! *cackle*
Known Aliases: Petite Pumpkin Pirate! Petite Pumpkin Py! Petite Pumpkin Pirate Admiral! Pumpkin Queen! ummm...other names too, probably?
Species: Unseelie Fae!
Age: Ladynevertells!
Height: Petite!
Weight: As much as a CUUUUTE little pumpkin girl should!
Eye Color: Whiiiite. Or black. Or cut out!
Hair Color: Green!
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not from around here!
Occupation: Petite Pumpkin Pirate!
Place of Birth: Not tellin'!
Base of Operations: Wherever Jackie feels like it!
Marital Status: Jackie-was-a-flo-wer-girl! At PyConnorwedding!
Known Relatives: Deeeeelicious!
Known Powers
Fire, can make plants do stuff, spacehoppin' (portals to pocket dimensions and teleportation)
Known Abilities
Shapeshiftin', BIIIIIIG appetite, learnin' from "food", heal fast! Oh yah...maaaagic, too!
Jackie has glorious airship, the Pumpkin Queen! Also...um...pocket dimensions? Oh! And Mr. Fanhead Snakey.
Lots of energy!

Ahhh, Jackie. My sweet little man-eating pumpkin. She didn't really have a specific inspiration source that I can remember. One day after COV went live, I just felt the urge to create a rather very UNHINGED character. Over time, she evolved little by little. She's oh-so-much fun to play. Quick note: some of the information below may make your stomach...eh. Unsettled? So I've stuck a "Mature Content" warning on it. As you can see in the data box, she...kinda decided to fill in most of that information herself.



In her short time in this dimension, Jackie has identified far too many people as "friends" to list here. However, the following are ones that leap immediately to the forefront of her thoughts as often as not. Jackie has insisted on writing the titles for each entry.

DJ Py-inna-Sky

While Jackie is a longtime supporter of the Cape, there is one DJ in particular whom she has always favored, possibly for her eclectic taste in music, which matches Jackie's own wandering thoughts, possibly for her friendly personality; DJ Pyrria. With Jackie, one never knows. One only knows that she likes "DJ Py-inna-sky" enough that she becomes quite upset when she is unable to attend one of her shows, and has gone as far as acquiring an outfit that is a near-exact replica of DJ Pyrria's usual attire, referring to herself as "Petite Pumpkin Py!" when dressed thusly. Based on DJ Pyrria's reactions to Jackie's presence and behavior, this affection is reciprocated. She has also gone out of her way to make a pumpkin pie (Jackie specialty) as an engagement gift for Py and her fiancee, the Lunar Eclipse (Known by Jackie as "ConnorPyFiancee" and, more recently, ConnorPyHusband or ConnorPyHubby). Recently, Jackie was given even more cause for excitement (as if she needed it); she was asked by DJ Pyrria to be the flower girl at her wedding. This was met initially with some confusion, as Jackie had no idea what a flower girl was or did; once Pyrria explained, however, she became so excited that she actually caused herself to explode. As one might expect, she pulled herself together almost immediately and began hopping around the rooftop of the Ice Palace in St. Martial, cheering in a sing-song voice, "Jackie-gonna-be-a-flo-wer-girl, Jackie-gonna-be-a-flo-wer-girl!" As one might expect, DJ Py-inna-Sky added the caveat that Jackie was not allowed to eat guests. Perhaps surprisingly, Jackie only took a split second to agree to the condition. After all, "Jackie love Py-inna-Sky!"


One of the first friends Jackie made upon coming to this dimension was Lucy Jones, a.k.a. the Shutterbug. Jackie became quite taken with the girl, and they would often chat over whatever had come up, sometimes one of Lucybug's articles from the Shutterbug Society Pages, sometimes life in general, sometimes what Jackie had been up to recently, or who she was hanging out with. Interestingly, they met around the same time that Lucy had an interview with Jackie's good friend Dr. Walter Lamont, a.k.a. the mad genius Baskerville.

The Con-spee-rye-see, or the Con-spy-ricey, etc.

Jackie's first solid group of friends upon being broken out of the Zig was the Conspiracy of Shadows, a wildly diverse group at the time run by the aforementioned Baskerville, amongst others. She was quite taken with Dr. Walter Lamont (who she insists upon calling by his full name to this very day) upon meeting him, even after discovering his partial responsibility for her presence here. Jackie finds his reactions quite amusing whenever she utters the name "Cthulhu" - usually he becomes increasingly paranoid, asking that she stop, until finally breaking down in panicked hysteria. Jackie also became fast friends with other members, including the telepathic religious zealot known as Sister Rion, the Norse troll cursed into the body of a woman, Ragnar Torsten, the maniacal Englishwoman Tammany Fig, the techno-savvy Joan Prime, and the cute, childlike extraterrestrial parasite, Entola. Jackie engaged in numerous adventures with the group, but, during her various lengthy periods of hibernation, many members of the group have gone their own way. Most recently, Jackie, too, has parted ways with the Conspiracy, moving on to pursue her whims.

Battyperson and Minxzii

Two of Jackie's newer friends are Black Batty and Minxzii. Curiously, they are the two people who Jackie least often gives nicknames to, though she completely adores both of them. Jackie took an interest in them at one of DJ Fallen Angel's show, simply because they seemed interesting, and like they were having a lot of fun. Batty seemed reluctant to this friendship at first (perhaps due to witnessing Jackie's particular eating habits firsthand), but they have since become quite friendly. Jackie adores Minxzii, but also seems to have some degree of respect for her, surprisingly enough. Whatever the case, Jackie has invited both of them to be the first passengers on her airship when it's completed, an invitation they have accepted. This has made Jackie even more anxious to see her ship completed.

DangerousDaira (or, more recently, Admiral DangerousDaira)

Jackie has also become somewhat attached to the dimension-tossed elf, Daira SilentStriker. While initially this was simply because Daira was VERY tall, had an air of danger about her, and was fun to talk to (or watch cracking jokes), Jackie has since become VERY enamored with the elf upon discovering that she was, in fact the admiral of one of the three great pirate fleets of her homeworld. For an aspiring Pumpkin Pirate captain, she can only be described presently as one of Jackie's heroes, and possibly a role model. Though Jackie will probably still do as she wishes, she listens with rapt attention whenever Daira has told her stories or tidbits from her old lifestyle. Jackie has also asked Daira to teach her about being a pirate.


The Petite Pumpkin Pirate and Downrange have an...interesting relationship. When Jackie began attending DJ Fallen Angel's shows at the Golden Giza, one of the first things she asked the bartending cyborg for was good water. Downrange complied with her request by giving her water that was mildly irradiated. This had numerous unusual effects on Jackie - she began burping fire (which she has been known to do when consuming too much alcohol, so not quite as unusual), some of her hair fell out, and ultimately, she exploded. Moments later, when she pulled herself back together, she gave Downrange an earful, to which he only replied that she should have been more specific. Jackie has been more careful about her water orders since then when dealing with the Soviet cyborg. In another instance, she caused a temporary shutdown of Downrange's functions by wetting her finger, and sending the now-moistened fingervine to insert into one of his head armor's (or possibly his head's. Jackie's not too clear on where the metal ends and the man begins) earholes, giving him a Wet Willy from across the rave room. Downrange was offline for a few moments, causing panic in many of the show's patrons (including Black Batty). Moments later, his human consciousness Arkady (DownrangebarbotArkadyperson) asserted itself for awhile, until the cybernetic system was finally rebooted. Jackie has since promised Black Batty not to mess with the bartender. To his credit, Downrange seems unfazed by the occurrence, at least mentally. Physically, he appears to have undergone an almost complete overhaul to his external components. She has also taken an interest in his adventures into the Giza's dark and mysterious wine cellar, and hopes to one day accompany him.


Lunar Wrath is someone whom Jackie seems to love tormenting interminably with her childish antics and fractured psyche. While Dr. Gardner is most certainly not someone whom Jackie considers a "friend", she does enjoy his company for the simple reason that he is so very easy to irritate, and his reactions are, to her way of thinking, priceless. Some of the situations that the two have been embroiled in include: Gardner making a flip remark about Jackie's lack of brains, with Jackie responding that she, in fact, had many brains, producing a few from her pocket dimension as evidence; Jackie teleporting above Gardner during one of Demoryel's shows, growing some grapes from her hand, and then squeezing the juice out to drip all over his nice, white Armani suit ((It was later pointed out to me that one could make a joke about "the Grapes of Wrath" somewhere in there)); and questioning whether or not his oversized hairstyle was, in fact, a wig, or if he simply used, as Jackie put it, "Looooooots of product!" (Wrath matter-of-factly stated that his hair was, indeed, real). Their initial encounter would result from Jackie momentarily mistaking him for the Lunar Eclipse, and then commenting that they probably weren't twins, since Connor had never mentioned having one. Wrath confirmed this (at the same time berating Jackie's intellect), and as Jackie correctly guessed that he was, in fact, from an alternate dimension, earned the distinctive title shown above. Dr. Gardner seems to barely tolerate Jackie's presence (even less since the Grapes of Wrath incident), and she continues to regard him as a source of endless entertainment.

DJ DemoryelSexySuccubusFallenAngel

On her most recent return from "hibernation", Jackie heard about a Cape broadcast being done from the Golden Giza in St. Martial. Being compelled to seek out some manner of enjoyment, Jackie made her way to the casino, and quickly became a fan of DJ Fallen Angel. On one occasion, Jackie grew a black rose from her hand and planted it in the ground before the DJ as a gift. On another, more recent occasion, the DJ complied with a request Jackie made during her show, and, when it came time for the shoutouts to those gathered at the party, Demoryel referred to the former interdimensional conqueror, Vorn (formerly known as Emperor Vorn), by Jackie's new nickname for him: HornyVorny. She did this several times, to Jackie's delight. DJ Demoryel is most definitely on Jackie's list of favorite people, and Jackie has become a frequent attendant of her broadcast.

(( More to come here. You didn't really think this was it, did you? ;) Still need to include some screenies of Jackie and Py, as well as a few others. ))


To put it simply, Jackie Bones is utterly insane. She talks about herself in the third person, often using poor English, and acts like a hyperactive child with little-to-no concept of right and wrong. Her philosophy of life is simple: "Jackie does what Jackie wants. Jackie has always been dat way!" When she greets someone, she always mixes up the word "meet" with the word "eat" - but is quick to correct herself. To her friends, she is sweet as can be (if a bit...disturbing...to be around at times). If someone is Jackie's friend, she will go out of her way to be nice to them, or try and make them smile. This can range from giving great big hugs, to baking them a pumpkin pie (using a pumpkin she grew in her garden...usually in a matter of seconds), to producing a flower or bouquet, sometimes of a variety they've never seen before.

Jackie has few enemies. Most of them are in jars in her walk-in refrigerator. If Jackie does not like someone, and especially if they attack her, Jackie will make a concerted effort to eat them. However, she always advises her friends that "Jackie doesn't eat friends!" The Petite Pumpkin Pirate is not averse to eating regular food; indeed, there is very little that she won't eat; Guard rails, floors, guns, people...she has even been known on occasion to (accidentally or otherwise) bite off her own fingers. She is quick to speak her mind, very, very seldom putting any kind of filter between her brain and her mouth.


Plant Control

Jackie has the ability to create virtually any kind of plant that she desires. Due to the level of control she possesses, she is able to grow massive amounts of plants, or just massive plants, in a matter of moments. Her body likewise seems to be part plant, as she has been known to produce seeds from her hair, or even her hands. Further evidence would be that she has, on more than one occasion, demonstrated the ability to extend her arms and fingers with the flexibility of large vines, the better to hug multiple friends at once, grab something at a distance, or, in one case, give a certain cyborg bartender a long-distance wet willy. She has also demonstrated this flexibility in her other joints, bending her neck back until her head is pressed between her shoulder blades, looking at someone or something behind her upside down. Further still, she has been known to burrow into the ground and "sleep" for extended periods. She also has been known to dump water over her head instead of drinking it normally, and still absorbs it through her hair and skin. In combat, Jackie uses her plant control with a frightening degree of skill for someone who seems as unfocused as she; she binds and crushes the life from enemies with roots and vines, or confuses them with hallucinogenic seeds, or conjure a "spirit tree" to revitalize her allies. Jackie has also been known to comment on "adding her own seasoning" to foods. Jackie's regenerative abilities are likewise derived from her plant-like nature. It can be surmised that the full range of her abilities has not yet been seen.

Fire Manipulation

Jackie has also displayed a high level of skill with the control of fire. She most often uses this ability in combat, throwing fireballs, conjuring bursts of flame to give herself "breathing room", and even breathing fire. Jackie has been known to comment about liking to cook her food herself. She has been frequently seen using her plant control and fire manipulation abilities in tandem, to brutal effect.


One of Jackie's greatest (and most often used) abilities is the power of teleportation. With this ability, she has been known to get the drop on friends and enemies alike, 'porting into their midst from great distances. She has also displayed the ability to open portals to a pocket dimension, or possibly several pocket dimensions, either with a simple gesture, or, more recently, "unzipping" a space in the air. She has been known to open such portals inside her pirate hat; whether there is a specific reason for this, or it is simply an act of whimsy, remains to be seen. She is often seen after a battle shoving the bodies of vanquished enemies into these self-described "dimensionholes", for quick storage until she can put them on ice back in her base. She has been seen to store other items in the pocket dimension as well; pies, clothes, and candy, for example.


Dimensional Sensitivity

As her power has grown, one of Jackie's potentially greatest abilities has resurfaced. As a being who has traversed innumerable dimensions and alternate realities, Jackie is quite sensitive to dimensional distortions, particularly those relating to fae realms. Once she has detected the distortion, often her mind unconsciously catalogues the nature of it; before coming to our dimension, she had used this ability countless times to discover and travel to a new dimension, simply out of curiosity. To put it more simply, once she detects the rift, her mind copies down the dimensional "address" so that she can access it later. Or could, were she at full power.

This sense also has its drawbacks. Upon her first visit to Peregrine Island, she was nearly overwhelmed by the volume of dimensional "traffic" coming from Portal Corporation. She has since adjusted to it, and, with her power and control returning, been able to pinpoint when rifts have opened outside of Portal Corp. It is also able to be blocked with suitable technology or magical wards. Further, this ability seems to be more effective the closer in proximity she is to a distortion. It has also been shown that while she knows where a dimensional rift has opened, her sensitivity does not extend to who has opened it, or how many people or entities have gone through, though she has been able to deduce at least some of this, given the location of the rift. Given her distractible (and scatterbrained) nature, it is entirely possible for Jackie not to have realized, or to forget, such an event as well.


Jackie possesses the ability to alter her form at will. The one current limitation to this is that, thus far, she has not been able to take on a more "grown-up" form; she is unable to increase her height. However, she has been known, on at least one occasion, to take the form of a regular pumpkin rooted in the ground. Most often Jackie appears in her form as the "Petite Pumpkin Pirate". She has been known to take other forms, including a plant-girl (wearing no clothes, only leaves and vines), a sailor-uniform-wearing schoogirl (Jackie sometimes watches too much TV for her own good), and, more recently, her guise as "Petite Pumpkin Py" - a tribute to her dearest friend and favorite Cape DJ, DJ Pyrria. She seems to enjoy her pumpkin-mask face, as most of these forms maintain the same face. Her true form, however, is closer to the plant-girl form; the one major difference being that, like a Fir Bolg, her head resembles a very large Jack-o-lantern. At DJ Pyrria's birthday party, Jackie dressed as her interpretation of Praetoria's Dominatrix, even going as far as taking on a normal, flesh-colored skin tone. However, she claims that this effect was accomplished with a rather large amount of makeup. Jackie has also displayed, on a few occasions, the ability to change her voice. Most times, she speaks in something that resembles a child's tone, or the parody of a child's voice, but a few different times has spoken in a voice borne from something out of a nightmare.


Jackie has what can only be described as a boundless appetite. She will (with one exception, mentioned later), quite literally eat anything. Floors, walls, guns, sometimes even regular food. Where she puts it all is another great mystery - despite her massive intake of "food", she never seems to gain any weight. Jackie's main source of food, however, is often quite disturbing to the general populace, and a key reason why she can be considered a "villain" rather than a super-powered nuisance. Jackie Bones likes to eat people. Human beings, aliens, mutants (though she has said that the Lost taste kind of funny), demons, other Fae...all of them are fair game for Jackie. She seems to confine her hunger to people who attack her, and is often seen clearing the battlefield of bodies by shoving them into her "dimensionholes" for storage and later consumption. The one exception to this is anyone whom Jackie has identified as a "friend" (whether they accept the title or not). In combination with her shapeshifting ability, Jackie has been known to widen her mouth to near-ridiculous sizes to accommodate a piece of food. Her choice of beverages tends to be a bit less strange, though there is one known instance where she consumed radioactive water supplied by the cyborg Downrange, and exploded shortly thereafter. Luckily for her, her regenerative abilities are quite exceptional. Another somewhat disturbing ability Jackie has displayed is the occasional talent for learning from her food. For instance, if she eats the brain of someone from a foreign country, she has displayed the ability to speak in their native language. She does not always seem to make use of this ability, so it remains to be seen if it is something she can "turn off".


Perhaps surprisingly, given her immature and unfocused nature, Jackie has several times displayed an aptitude with sorcery, unrelated to her natural powers. This has been witnessed in several events: in one case, her cursing of Jimmy Martignetti with a glowing, color-changing hairdo; in several others, her creation of different flavors of coffee, ranging from pumpkin pie to hazelnut - with none of the coffee flavor remaining. It is unknown how far her mastery extends, though she has offered in the past to assist with rituals, and hinted (not-so-subtly) at least once to Jimmy that she could have given him a much worse curse (for example, turning him into a woman).


Jackie, like many fae, is able to recover from most wounds rather quickly, with the main exception of wounds inflicted with cold iron. As mentioned before, she has been able to pull herself back together after spontaneously combusting, and has displayed fairly quick regenerative abilities in combat (though not as fast as some heroes and villains). Jackie's recovery time tends to be much quicker for small wounds; for example, on several occasions, she has become so overzealous in her eating that she accidentally consumed her own fingers. With a bit of a stage magic display, the appendages grew back in the blink of an eye.

Weaknesses and Limitations


While she can be defeated temporarily by opponents of greater power, or opponents in sufficiently superior numbers, the true bane of Jackie's existence, like many fae, is weapons forged of iron. Particularly cold iron. Such a weapon could conceivably snuff out her existence entirely. For this reason, the one substance that Jackie avoids consuming at all costs is cold iron. She knows the effect the metal has on her kin, and, even as insane as she is, maintains a certain degree of self-preservation instinct. Similarly, she avoids tempered iron as much as she can; while it is not a life-threatening substance, it is...unpleasant for her to touch it. For this reason, she will not knowingly ingest regular iron. She has also displayed an ability (at a time when she was supercharged with magic) to detect the presence of this substance. It is unknown if she possesses this ability under her normal (current) circumstances.

Promises, Promises

Once Jackie has given her word, her promise that she will do or not do something, she is bound to uphold that oath. For this very reason, Jackie has (several times) been very careful in her choice of words to people. To her, promises are very serious business, and not something to be made lightly (though she has impulsively done it once or twice in the past, usually over a little thing that she didn't mind).



Jackie got it into her head that in order for her to be a true pirate, she must have a vessel. As Jackie is not the type to do anything halfway, she had her malformed little heart set on a craft that could function both on the water...and in the air. She shopped around, even going so far as to have an acquaintance at one of DJ Fallen Angel's shows draw up plans for her. Further, she was given a metal plate by another friend, Rijarin, with which to call upon a fae inventor. Jackie made contact with the inventor, a Knocker by the name of Spyndle, and waited with great patience (as much as Jackie is capable of, and still popping in from time to time to see if it was ready). In early October, her patience was finally rewarded, as one of Spyndle's clockwork piecemeal constructs brought a note summoning her to his workshop. Jackie had never been more excited about anything in her life (not even dinnertime), and she set about decorating her new vessel in her choice of colors, a (perhaps somewhat tacky) black with orange trim. She painted her own Jolly Roger on the side of the balloon, a jack-o-lantern with crossbones clenched between its very pointy teeth. The vessel is a classically-styled frigate (except for the propellers and engines) attached to a sturdy balloon. It is outfitted with several old-fashioned cannons, and may have some more modern armaments as well (Jackie's not telling). It is also outfitted with a hoist in a secret compartment in the bow of the ship, for loading and unloading passengers (in style!). Jackie made certain that her vessel had a fully-stocked galley, along with a walk-in refrigerator, though she tends to keep "peoplefood" for her guests in there, and "Jackiefood" in her usual pocket dimensions. Jackie has named her vessel the Pumpkin Queen.

Pocket Dimension

Due to her steadily increasing magical power, Jackie Bones is capable of accessing pocket dimensions. She often makes use of these dimensions to store clothing and snacks. She has displayed a variety of ways of opening portals (what she calls "dimensionholes") to these dimensions, including snapping her fingers, making a simple flick of the wrist, and, most recently, she has taken to "unzipping" a hole in the air - complete with a sound effect from the "zipper".

Mr. Fanhead Snakey

Early on in her stay in the Rogue Isles, Jackie ran afoul of the Snakes. She almost immediately took a fancy to them, deciding they tasted a bit like chicken. One day, Jackie was feeling particularly whimsical, and proceeded to remove the head from one of the Cobras she had recently defeated. Rather than consume it, as she would normally have done, Jackie noticed that there was space enough in the stump of a neck for her to fit her hand up inside. She soon discovered that the severed Cobra head made an excellent sock puppet. Thus, with a little treatment of preservative herbs, "Mr. Fanhead Snakey" was born. Jackie has performed with Mr. Fanhead Snakey a number of times, to varied reactions. Some of her friends find her act absolutely hilarious, while others have recoiled in horror. Jackie has fun either way.


Jackie came to this dimension around August of 2005. Her arrival coincided with that of Croatoa in Salamanca. This was something of a freakish coincidence; at the time, a much more powerful Jackie Bones had taken a break from wandering through various dimensions to visit her "cousins" (as she calls them), the Fir Bolg, in Croatoa. Jackie sensed a great disturbance as the spirit world began making a connection to the material world. In that moment, a few very random things took place; first was the cataclysmic upheaval of the dimensions connecting. Second, Jackie made a quick attempt at opening a portal to swiftly escape, lest she herself be swept away by whatever was happening to Croatoa. As luck would have it, she was not successful: in that very same moment, somewhere in Salamanca, a small group of novice mystics had begun a poorly-prepared summoning ritual; unfortunately for Jackie, the shift somehow augmented and redirected the target of their ritual to her. A few agonizing moments as her essence was pulled in multiple directions at once seemed almost like an eternity to the already-demented fae. She was finally torn through the fabric to the ritual site, stripped of much of her power. The young mystics seemed a little confused at first; they had been attempting to summon a demon, and thus expected the stench of brimstone, and some foul creature with horns and leathery wings to arrive. What they got...was what appeared to be a little girl with long, bright green hair tied into pigtails, wearing what appeared to be green and orange tights, a pentagram symbol on her chest, black skulls mounted on her shoulders, more adorning the belt at her waist, bony gloves and boots, and what appeared to be an orange jack-o-lantern mask over pitch black skin and white, inhuman eyes. The group wasn't sure what to make of this arrival, but decided she must be of some value, so they attempted to order her to do something. This...was their greatest mistake, compounded by several others. As mentioned before, their ritual was poorly prepared; they did not possess Jackie's true name with which to bind her, and the construction of their ritual circle was, at best, haphazard. Jackie, still reeling from the pain and disorientation of her arrival, suddenly came to full attention when she heard the word "command". She took great exception to this, and proceeded to point out the flaw in the ritual circle in her own childish way. While she had lost quite a bit of power in transit, her strength was still great enough that she was able to breach the flawed circle easily, and, smiling with mad glee, proceeded to kill and consume the assembled novices.

Jackie quickly discovered that she had lost much of her power, more than she had even realized. At the time, she could no longer even open a dimesionhole. She went berserk at first, which, unfortunately for her, brought her to the attention of Longbow. Jackie was swiftly defeated by sheer numbers, and thrown into the Zig. While there, she soon found herself in warded solitary confinement: the guards did not look kindly on it when she tried to kill and eat other prisoners who had been antagonizing her. Jackie would be stuck in that cell for the next two months, until Arachnos' arrival, which coincidentally fell on the night of All Hallow's Eve. The assault on Ziggursky caused sufficient damage to her cell to weaken the wards, and when the door was ultimately blown off, Jackie was finally free to wreak havoc as she wished. Her first order of business (naturally) was to track down the prisoners in the yard who had gotten her into trouble in the first place. By the time Jackie arrived in Fort Darwin, she was very content...and quite full.

Upon her arrival in Fort Darwin, Jackie set about attempting to restore some of her diminished power in the only ways she could think of: fighting and eating. It was during this period of her life that she encountered the inimitable Dr. Walter Lamont (better known to the news media as Baskerville), formerly of Paragon University, a man whose tinkering with dimensional physics had, he told her, resulted in the arrival of Croatoa in the real world. He further offered a sort of apology, upon learning how Jackie had arrived in our world. The two became fast friends, perhaps owing to their similar psychological maladies (with the key exception that Dr. Lamont did not partake of the consumption of fellow sentients). Jackie quickly joined with the doctor's rather eclectic organization of ne'er-do-wells, the Conspiracy of Shadows. It was here that she would make her first true friendships in this dimension. She was even given a walk-in freezer of her own in which to better store her "snacks". It was also during her first year with the Conspiracy that Jackie took to hunting the ghosts of Fort Hades. She became quite fascinated with the pirates, learning various things about them, and becoming quite enamored with the lifestyle. It would take her almost a year, but Jackie finally decided that it was indeed a pirate's life for her, and took to dressing and (to a degree) acting like a pirate.

Jackie slowly began building up her power, finally regaining enough that she was once again able to open rifts to her pocket dimensions. However, curiously, after a time, she slowly faded from the headlines of the Rogue Isles. Indeed, even her teammates in the Conspiracy of Shadows could not tell where she had gone. And so, within the earth, cocooned in ball of roots and vines, Jackie slept. She slept for the better part of a year before reappearing and beginning to play again with friends from the Conspiracy, such as the unusual alien parasite Entola, the madcap Tammany Fig, and the techno-savvy Joan Prime. This period did not last long, however, before Jackie once again returned to her earthen slumber, this time choosing to remain on the surface, disguised as a common pumpkin. Upon her return from this nap, during which time she claims to have been bolstering her energies, was around the time she became the Petite Pumpkin Pirate. She has slept off and on for months at a time, and, much to her chagrin, been having a difficult time contacting her teammates. Jackie has not made many waves in the last year in either Paragon City or the Rogue Isles, instead looking for fun wherever she can find it. Of late, this usually involves attending Cape shows either in the Pocket D or St. Martial. Recently, however, her old instincts have slowly begun to be riled up again, and her inherent desire to do mischief is always lurking just beneath the surface...

Recent Activities

Over the course of the last year, Jackie's trouble-making nature came to the fore once again. In retaliation for a perceived slight against her dear friend Daira, Jackie afflicted Jimmy Martignetti (via a potion-filled waterballoon) with a color-changing glowing afro for a period of about a week. A second week was simply spent with his hair changing color, but otherwise normal. On Halloween of 2009, Jackie tapped into the excessive mystical energies present in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles at the time to perform (in her opinion) her grandest prank; she gathered a veritable army of pumpkins in Croatoa aboard the Pumpkin Queen, spiriting them away to City Hall in Atlas Park. There, she transformed them (temporarily) into talking jack-o-lanterns, assembled in a choir, and had them perform her own special interpretation of This is Halloween. She used the magic she'd acquired to broadcast the song (on the wind) all over Paragon. Perhaps surprisingly, Jackie was not terribly upset when her powers returned to the lower level - she seemed pleased with the results while she had it. Jackie has also been making plans to challenge the Flier in Grandville to an aerial battle using the Pumpkin Queen, not having given it a suitable combat test yet. In another event, at a Cape Radio show on top of the main Vanguard base in the Rikti War Zone, a game of catch between Quana and Jackie escalated into a game of one-upsmanship resulting in the other fae being blasted (with no injury) by one of the Queen's cannons using the fireball they'd been tossing around. Jackie has also taken on a role as a "Petite Pumpkin Barista". She has successfully produced (through a long, involved process involving more than a bit of magic) a pumpkin-pie-flavored coffee (dubbed "Dangerous Daira Delight" after the person who requested it), and a hazelnut-flavored coffee (dubbed "Treyzelnut" after the person it was created for, Tarosvan). To accomodate the volume of the beverages she was creating, Jackie fashioned a couple of thermoses containing their own pocket dimensions for storage.

Jackie detected Daira Silentstriker's departure from Earth, and, in true Jackie fashion, fired off a few rounds of fireworks in tribute to her friend. Most recently, on February 20th, Jackie was able to carry out her duties as flower girl twice, as DJ Pyrria and Connor Gardner had one religious ceremony in the morning, for the family, and one ceremony in Pocket D, for their friends. Intent on seeing that the wedding went well, Jackie commandeered every plant surrounding the church to act as "security". This included the creation of a man-eating shrubbery. It is unknown if Jackie's plants had to fend anyone off. Jackie also gifted Py and Connor with two jars; one containing her own specially prepared blend of tea, the other containing a failed experiment in producing said tea, resulting in a Chthonic mostrosity formed of chopped up tea leaves. Lots of tea leaves. Jackie never does anything halfway. She has dubbed the creature's preferred method of attack "tea-ntacles". She also made sure to clearly mark one jar "SAFE FOR DRINKING" and the other "CAUTION: CONTENTS STORED UNDER PRESSURE", with a special caveat that it should only be used in very serious emergencies. Jackie also made an agreement with Mikuruneko following the reception - Jackie agreed to do a favor for Miku in exchange for an undisclosed favor at some future time.

The Petite Pumpkin Pirate Admiral has shown her face very infrequently lately, and a few times when she has, she has near-obsessively gone on rants about her lost power; more specifically, about getting it back. She also claims she has been off doing piracy, though it isn't known if that's all she's been doing.

Petite Pumpkin

Jackie devised what she considers to be a clever disguise, a heroic alter-ego for attending Cape functions in Paragon City: The Petite Pumpkin. She maintains her pumpkin-like "mask", but applies flesh-colored makeup to the darker parts of her face. When not in costume, her body maintains its normal human-plant appearance, which might be a giveaway to most...aside from the fact that she consistently makes the mistake of beginning to refer to herself as Jackie, then correcting herself, which is an even bigger giveaway. Nevertheless, neither City Hall nor Longbow has so much as batted an eye at the new "hero."

Jackie Quotes

There are a few expressions that Jackie quite commonly uses. First and foremost is some variation of her typical greeting.


Comments from Others

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