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The Justice-Knights is a super group in Paragon City that has struggled to survive since before Statesman's Call went out.




The original formation of the Justice-Knights was not in Paragon City. Instead, it was more to the west. In Arizona. A group of very young people came together to fight a rising evil. They all had powers, some more then others but they decided to work together after that first teaming. Young and determined, they named themselves the Justice-Knights.

First End

Being a group of young heroes, emotions tended to rule. The group began to break apart. Jealousy and love triangles, envy and distrust lead this group to fail. They all went there seperate ways, although after time several did rejoin. They did so with a new name.

The Call

Statesman's Call brought many heroes to Paragon City. One such hero was Sin Stalker aka Knight-Stalker. Arriving only weeks after the call went out, it wasnt long before Sin Stalker found himself teaming with others in the good fight. They came together and finding Sin Stalker's history with the Justice-Knights, not only voted him leader but they decided to take on the name.

These Justice-Knights were:

Enemy Within

When one of the new Justice-Knights is taken control of, by his arch nemesis, it drives the Justice-Knights apart. They lose all but two of their members, all seems lost of the new Justice-Knights.

The Unlimited Policy

Impacto, a hero who joined the Justice-Knights just before its last destruction, pushes Sin Stalker to try again. After a convincing arguement they do but this time the skys the limit.

Sin Stalker and Impacto inact an unlimited policy which opens up their ranks to any hero looking or needing help from a super group. This new action works and the Justice-Knights soon find themselves having more then 60 members.

The Talos Island Tragedy

Marius Thorn, a rogue member of the Circle of Thorns and known arch nemesis of the Justice-Knights, forms the Rogue Legion. A group of villains from many villain groups that are not loyal to their own. They form together, each hoping they will gain enough power to overthrow their current group leader. Even the leader of the Council was offered membership but rejected(this event took place before the fall of the 5th Column).

Their plan was to take control of Paragon City, invading through Talos Island. Marius' true plan however was to use the energies of Rogue Legion, along with anything surrounding the islands and waters north of Talos in a spell that would form a giant creature. Combing all these things, betraying his comrades, a create was born, a chimera.

Many heroes showed up to the scene just north of Talos Island, including the majority of the Justice-Knights. Over sixty-five members of the Justice-Knights were lured there in Marius' trap. The chimera creature generated a field that prevented any more heroes from entering the area and kept the heroes already within the field unable to exit.

Without the ability to teleport to the hospital, hundreds of heroes died, including the majority of the Justice-Knights.

After this last loss, Sin Stalker, one of the only few surviving Justice-Knights, left the remaining group to go solo.

Moving on

The heroes Impacto and General Orange pushed to keep the group going as the new leaders, since Sin Stalker would not take his original place.

Months later a hero from the original Paragon Justice-Knights returned after having a vision of the future. The Death of Sin Stalker. He made it to Paragon City just too late, arriving just in time to see Sin Stalker hit by a strange weapons blasts and dissapearing. Dr. Kill sought out General Orange and the Justice-Knights seeking their help and thanks to General Orange they discovered the weapon doesnt kill but teleports people to another dimension, where they become slaves in an apokaliptic world. Traveling there, Dr. Kill and the Justice-Knights rescued Sin Stalker. Afterwards Sin Stalker returned to the group.


Events unfolded that divided the Justice-Knights apart. Heroes left, died or worse as the group just about failed once again. After the events which remain classified, Sin Stalker retook his roll as leader and kept the Justice-Knights going to this day.

Current Roster

More to be listed.

Comic Book

The Justice-Knights have an ongoing fan made comic book. They can be found at:


And the coh forum thread is here. http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=10660407&an=0&page=5#Post10660407

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