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Follow the story of Biosphere through his webcomic at the Justice-Knights website.

Player: @Biosphere
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Bio
Species: Human
Age: 37
Height: 6'2
Weight: 280lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Professor at Steel Canyon University
Place of Birth: New York
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.




Before Project Sphere

Aaron Nellis' superhero career begins after the Rikti war. During it and before he was a regular Bio-Chemist living in New York. He was working in New York promoting science in school and teaching college kids more about the Earth and animals. As well as elements and the substances that make up the world. This was brought to a halt by the Rikti invasion but his purpose would show itself after the war.

After the Rikti war the science community gathered and decided that it was time for a new energy source. Since electric run machines and power systems had been so easily destroyed.

Humans were being blinded from their technology. They decided on an energy source that mimicked the Rikti's, three specifically altered chemical substances that had the consistence of liquid, but glowed bright like the green plasma the Rikti used.

These chemicals were R0-01, R0-02, and R0-03. R0-01 was the first and its job was to maintain that the three chemicals worked together so that energy could be provided. R0-02 was the producer but it needed R0-01 to produce energy. R0-03 was the chemical that made sure that R0-02 would always produce energy. R0-03 could produce its own energy forever because of a special chemical structure that it was made up of. It was not the energy producer though but rather the giver. It gave its energy to R0-02 which when with R0-01 would also produce energy.

All three of the chemicals combined would be an unlimited energy source that would never run out. This was all still in theory though, the chemicals had yet to be made, and the task of fusing them together to make them work would take time. The science community decided to call this Project Sphere.

The Project had everything it needed, workers, technology, canisters, location, but lacked a head. An individual that would lead the Project into a good eye of the public. Aaron Nellis was chosen after his public working and good outlook on the public. The project was easily promoted thanks to Nellis being its head. The location of the lab for Project Sphere was in Paragon City, specifically Atlas Park.

During Project Sphere

2006 came and the chemicals were finally completed in March. However it would take more months to test them and make sure their chemical structures would maintain themselves.

After long testing July came and Nellis believed it was almost time to finally finish the project and combine the chemicals. He said that he needed "One more day of testing" before they could combine the chemicals.

The next day Nellis came to the lab and started to run the normal inspections of the chemicals. First came the visual. Nellis looked around the canisters of the chemicals and noticed that R0-03 was bubbling. He knew that it would and has because it's creating energy but R0-03 was bubbling violently.

He then noticed that R0-01 and R0-02 were bubbling as well. He wondered how this was possible and ran to his scanner. What he found was that somehow R0-03 had been super heated which caused friction inside the chemical structure. Friction meant that the elements in R0-03 were moving all around the place and bouncing off each other spreading up the energy production. He also found that somehow samples of R0-01 and R0-02 got mixed with each other and also were producing energy, which would normally be halted by R0-03, but without it was growing erratic.

Nellis was getting nervous and called in some assistants to monitor the scanners while he checked the canisters. As Nellis rushed up to them the canisters moved back and forth and jumped up and down as the chemicals were producing energy. Then a moment of almost slow motion Nellis realized that the canisters were going to implode and he turned around, shouted for his assistants to get out of the lab, and took one step.

Right then the canisters exploded and the only one right near them was Nellis. He was launched right up against a wall and his shirt and pants were burned as all three chemicals were splashed onto his skin. He then passed out and was then taken to the hospital and finally woke from his coma.

The Aftermath

Nellis woke up to find that he had no burns or scars. He realized that the chemicals were not on him and asked for a sample of his blood from the doctor. Then examined it.

When Nellis looked at his cells he found that they were glowing. Bright red, and swirling yellow with green. He at first didn't know what was going on but then realized. What was glowing in his cells were the chemicals R0-01, R0-02, and R0-03. They were working together, producing energy. This energy was being used by his body to improve everything in Nellis' body. His immune system, his skin, his hair, his sight, his muscles, and all his body systems. He now had the strength of Hercules and the durability of titanium. After he realized this he knew why the chemicals were not on him.

His skin had absorbed them and the cells in his body received the chemicals inside them when they were naturally taking in substances for energy. This is also why he had no scars. When his body took in the chemicals the scars were immediately healed.

However...despite his cells being super, his bones had not become as strong or durable as them. If something stronger than, or as strong as Biosphere hit him, or caused damage to him, it would put it out of place. This would be a disaster as Biosphere's highly regenerative and dense body would prevent a fix of the bone, as it would regenerate too fast. To solve this problem Biosphere went off with his remaining assistants, and with them created a suit that would quickly pop a bone back into place before Biosphere could regenerate around it.




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Biosphere's body gives him a host of great abilities. Though he does lack any form of ranged power or form of support, Biosphere's high invulnerability and super human strength works very well when he uses it intellectually.


Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.pngPhysical Resistance: Biosphere's body is dense and naturally protects against objects like bullets, swords, and also attacks like punches and kicks. Most of these don't even affect Biosphere, and even the strongest blow to him might feel like a flick.

Invulnerability UnyeildlingStance.pngUnyielding: Along with his super cells, Biosphere also has the ability to shrug off holding effects. Things like immobilizes, knockbacks, sleeps, and stuns. Though he has the ability to shrug these off, enough controlling effects will break through Biosphere's protection.

Invulnerability ResToSpecialDmg.pngElement Resistance: Fire, and ice also do less damage to Biosphere, as his super cells can handle them easier than a normal person's. Though they do less damage, this does not mean they are not a threat. Enough of any one of the two elements can have an effect on Biosphere.

Invulnerability ResToCosmicDmag.pngEnergy Resistance: Negative energy and energy are also resisted by Biosphere's super cells. Being that the super cells run on the energy source from Project Sphere, his body can handle out coming sources of energy, both in the normal and dark forms, easier.

Invulnerability Invincibility.pngInvincibility: When more enemies crowd around Biosphere, his defense to attacks increases with each one.

Invulnerability DullPain.pngDull Pain: If Biosphere has been hurt, or needs to press on through pain, he can dull his pain and continue on. Healing the pain inflicted on him, but also increasing the amount of damage he can take.

Invulnerability ToughHide.pngDensity: Biosphere's body is very dense, and tough. This makes it harder for enemies to hit him, and most miss with their attacks.

Invulnerability Unstoppable.pngUnstoppable: At times, when it is called of him, Biosphere has to push his body to great limits. His resistance to the elements, energy, and all other forms except psionic and toxic are greatly improved. His resistance to controlling effects is greatly increased, and his stamina is pushed to its limits. After a while his body reacts to the stress, and he loses a great amount of health and energy.

Super Strength

SuperStrength Jab.pngJab: A small tap, by Biosphere's measures. This light jab can take down a normal foe, like a robbing Hellion, or a tiny Clockwork.

SuperStrength Punch.pngPunch: A stronger form of a jab, a super punch is meant for more direct take downs.

SuperStrength KnockoutBlow.pngKnockout Blow: If a normal person were to be hit by a blow like this, they'd be in the hospital for sure. Biosphere puts all of his energy into this punch to create a devistating attack.

SuperStrength Rage.pngAdrenaline Boost: When needed, Biosphere can make his body pump large amounts of adrenaline in his system. This increases both his output of damage, but also his accuracy with his punches. After a while though, the adrenaline wears off, and Biosphere must rest for a moment before he attacks again.

SuperStrength FootStomp.pngFoot Stomp: Using the large muscles in his legs, Biosphere can stomp the ground around him, hurting all foes around the area. This stomp might cause some enemies to be thrown back or knocked up.


Regeneration FastHealing.pngHigh Regeneration: The super cells in Biosphere's body have given him a high accelerated rate of regeneration. If Biosphere is even hurt, his body will quickly fix the wound. This also gives him a greater tolerance to things like viruses, disease, and other forms of attack on the human body systems.

Regeneration QuickRecovery.pngQuickened Recovery: Since his cells are super, Biosphere also does not tire easily, if even at all. He does not become tired after doing things like fighting or running or leaping. Should Biosphere even become tired, he will have the energy to press on in a short amount of time.

Energy Conservation

EnergyMastery ConservePower.pngConservation: During times, Biosphere has to use up large amounts of energy to complete tasks. In those times, he can manipulate his cells to conserve the energy within them, making the energy he has to use up to use his powers even less.


Jump LongJump.pngSuper Jump: Using the large muscles in his legs, Biosphere can leap great distances for fast travel. This gives him great mobility, both vertically and horizontally.


SuperStrength Taunt.pngDrawing Attention: Perhaps what would be considered one of Biosphere's more unique abilities, is his ability to distract the attention of enemies to him. Biosphere is aware of his own resistances and of others, and while teamed with other heroes, Biosphere will distract the enemies to attack him instead of the others. By doing this he takes all the abuse the foes can put out, while keeping his team members safe.



Although Biosphere is invulnerable to a great degree, extreme temperatures of heat or cold can damage him. He can survive in these conditions for a short time, but after a while the effects of the enviornment will begin to affect him.

While his cells are "super", his bone structures have not become as invulnerable as the rest of Biosphere's body. As such, his specially designed suit helps to releave external force from damaging his bone structure. Similairly Biosphere has a weakness to high sonics. Large amounts of electrical energy have been known to hurt Biosphere aswell.

Biosphere is also prone to be the victum of mind probing or illusions. His mind can survive an attack from a minor or beginning telepath, but an experianced one with great psionic power can bring Biosphere to his knees.



Biosphere has stopped many criminal actions in the past. Some criminals just can not let that go or have another reason to target Biosphere more than most heroes. These are some of Biosphere's Nemeses.



Biosphere is also a co-leader of the supergroup the Justice-Knights, where he is head of the scienctific division. Further data is unknown at this time.

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