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Sin Stalker is another hero in Paragon City. He has no real active powers. He is supose to be Completely human. His only power is somewhat active and is the ability to sense pain. Sensing the pain people feel when they are being hurt by criminals allows him to follow this extremely low psychic ability to find those in pain or in trouble and ultimatly, save them.

Sin Stalker3.JPG
Sin Stalker
Player: @Sin Stalker
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Joseph
Known Aliases: Knight-Stalker
Species: Human
Age: Mid 20's
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Full Time Crime Fighter
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Extremely low Psychic ability.
Known Abilities
Martial Arts Training, Weapon Skill Training, Trained Reflexes.
Duel Tantos, Throwing Daggers, Throwing blades, Web grenedes, Grappling Hook, Zip-line.
No additional information available.
Sin Stalker art by Mad Mummy.



Sin Stalker was born with alot of problems. Throughout his childhood he went in and out of psychological hospitals. Emotionally disturbed since approx. the age of 7, most assume he suffered abuse at a young age. He didn't show normal signs of a disturbed psyche though. Unlike many other children patient, Sin seemed to have a good heart. By the age of 12 he was a steedy out-patient, being placed on many medications.

One day, Sin found a neighborhood martial arts studio and soon found a passion in his life. These arts that taught control, patience and a calming of the mind soon gave Sin enough mental control to overcome his disturbed mind. As the years passed, Sin learned more and took less and less medication until he wasnt on anything at all. A feat that his doctors were both amazed and skeptical about. Sin Stalker focused and learned all he could from his martial arts instructors with a passion and focus that seemed obessive.

As his teen years went on, horrible dreams began to take him each and every night. One such night he awoke from his nightmare but felt... unfinished. Sin went out in the night, driven only by instinct and soon found himself running towards an alleyway. There he found a young woman being held at knife-point by a masked thug. Taking quick action, Sin Stalker came to the rescue of the young woman. As quick as it had happened, it ended. The mugger ran off and just as quickly did Sin Stalker, freaked out by what he just did and unable to explain the occurance.

It was soon that Sin soon found that he could sense, on some level, in some way the pain of others. Continuely drawn out into the night, he as any young teenaged boy would, donned a mask and costume and went by the name of Sin Stalker, as he stalks the sins and sinners of the night.

The First Team

Sin Stalker's soon became recognized as a hero in Arizona and began to cross paths with other super powered heroes, mainly that of the teen type like himself. Sin had never had friends before but working around several other heroes created bonds. Sin Stalker with these other heroes banded together in Sin's first super group. They called themselves the Justice-Knights.

The Justice-Knights went on to do alot of good and the media began to take notice. They watched these heroes do battle with all types of villainous creature that pop uped from time to time. However they noticed that for the more epic battles, the hero Sin Stalker took a back seat. In truth Sin was powerless and could do very little however Sin is a natural tactition and from time to time would give out stratigics from his sideline view. This lead the media to seeing him as the leader of the Justice-Knights.

Sin, dressed in a dark outfit and carrying the word Sin in his name pushed the media to rename him. Because they saw him as the leader of the Knights, they gave Sin the new name of Knight-Stalker. This began one of many problems to come for the Justice-Knights. Jealousy began to turn up as the leaderless Justice-Knights dislike the attention the newly named Knight-Stalker was getting. Many members began to turn sour at Knight-Stalker as the group went on. Other problems soon came up ranging from other jealousys to love triangles, pig-headish attitudes and supiority complexes. Pretty much any problems you can imagine a group of TEENS to develop happened. The group disbanned.

After the Rikti Invasion

During the Rikti Invasion, Sin/Knight-Stalker help defend his state of Arizona and other parts of the West Coast from the Rikti's attack. Afterwards, hearing Statesman's Call he made plans to move to Paragon City. It wasnt until then that he was confronted by an old "family friend".

This man came with an offer. He is a member of a secret organization of mostly higher class individuals who seek to better man kind through many acts of charity. The rise in super heroes lead this organization to attempt a new form of bettering mankind and giving charity, funding heroes. Dispite Sin/Knight's childhood, this organization extended an offer, "We give you the money you need to live in Paragon City. We give you the money for the gear you need. Basically we pay you to be a full time hero 24/7 instead of dividing your time between a job and hero work."

While very little detail was given to Sin/Knight, he took the offer. In Steel Canyon, he was setup with part of the top three stories of a certain Paragon City apartment building. Given computers, weapons, grappling hooks and anything else he needed, Sin/Knight was setup to do what he does best, stalk sin.

Over the next coming months Sin Stalker, still primarily known as Knight-Stalker learned certain truths with that secret organization. Mainly that they were on the up and up but also that Sin/Knight's own great grandfather was a very high ranking member of this organization. How high up is still a mystery.

A Second Chance

Soon after moving to Paragon City, Sin going by the name Knight-Stalker found himself befriending a small group of other heroes. These heroes soon formed into another super group and the majority of them decided to keep the name Justice-Knights, now actually being lead by Knight-Stalker.

Its only been recent that Knight-Stalker has been going more by his Sin Stalker name. While he appears to not really care, those closest to him know he prefers Sin Stalker.

I know i am defacing your work but i am here and not dead Sin. It's Device and i will be getting back on COH as soon as my next pay day rocks around.

File:JK1 Cover1.JPG
Sin Stalker hurt by the Assassin art by Mad Mummy.


Sin Stalker's main power is a rather weak one. Sin Stalker has a psychic ability that noone has been able to pinpoint its source. Its so far not been proven to be either magic, science, technology or mutation. Seeing as his primary means of crime fighting are his fists and daggers, the city has classified him as Natural due to martial arts and/or duel tantos use being his "primary set".

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To call Sin's psychic ability weak is more of an understatement. It has to applicable crime fighting ability. He cant control others minds or effect them in any way. The only real ability this brings is the ability to find those in trouble. Sin Senses what others are feelings are an extremely low level. Pain seems to be the one thing he can sense for a distance. Using this ability he is driven out each night to stop others pain. It leads him to people being attacked in any way, even if there has been no physical pain inflicted. Emotional pain (current emotional pain), mainly the type one feels when they are being mugged or attacked is what Sin mainly feels.

Psy Sense.pngSin Stalker's Psychic Sense: Sin's Psy Sense gives him the ability to sense others pain from far far away. This pain isn't nessisarily physical but can also be emotional or psychological pain like someone might feel when they are being mugged or attacked. This allows Sin to be "pulled" or to track those in pain and save them. This ability also gives Sin Stalker a high level of defense against psionic and other mind attacks. This power is always on although the sensing others pain and emotions can and does fade in and out for what seems like no reason.

Other Abilities

Sin's natural abilities are those of martial arts and trained reflexes along with a great sense of will power that pushes this human hero just up to the standards of his peer heroes. Sin Stalker's martial arts are more chinese in original focusing mainly on the form known as Wing Chun Gung Fu. This is primarily an upper body martial form and also bring in the butterfly swords which are the main sword form that Sin Stalker uses when using daggers. Other martial arts that appear are; Tai Chi Yang, Dragon Fist, Mantis, Snake and several other "Gung Fu's".

Sin Stalker is in no way a master of any of these martial arts. He is more of a jack of all trades. The only martial arts he is an expert in (but not master) are the Wing Chun Gung Fu and Tai Chi Yang.

Gung Fu

Sin Stalker's fighting ability mainly stems from chinse martial arts. Sometimes called Kung Fu or Wushu. Gung Fu, Wushu and/or Kung Fu are generic terms which cover thousands upon thousands of styles. Sin only knows about a dozen styles but has mastered none. The arts he has come the closest to mastering are Wing Chun Gung Fu and Tai Chi Yang.

Wing Chun

Sin's primary art. Techniques he uses are more commonly related to the following:

Sticky Hands.pngThe Chi Sao (sticky hands): Chi Sau develops the principles in Wing Chun, such as posture, position, timing, distance, power, the way, reaction, guts, aggressiveness, controlling, decision, reserve and adjustment, as well as mastery over the techniques of the system. It allows you to feel attacks. You face your foe in combat and even though you touch at arms or shoulders (in any slight way during a fight) you are able to feel and adjust to coming attacks.

Wing Chun Punching.pngWing Chun Punching: Wing Chun has many punching styles as it is primarily an upper body martial art. Some punchs are common to many other martial arts but many are aswell unique. This allows Sin's punching to be very versitile.

StormKick.pngDirect Strike: A quick, strong and direct blow. Sin uses the basic principles of Wing Chun to take the line with an extremely quick yet strong punch to his foe's center.

EaglesClaw.pngWiping Fist: Sin takes in principles from other martial arts to go outide the direct "line" to generate excesive power. While Sin knows several combat forms, Wing Chun, his main art is mainly upper body but still has several types of leg techniques. These kicks are mainly to the lower body and designed for mainly two action.

CripplingHookKick.pngCrippling Hook Kick: A kick set to the legs to slow a foe's movement, keep them grounded and make it harder for them to keep balanced.

File:Whirlwind.pngWhirling Swipe: A wide rounded kick set to a foes legs to completely take out there balance and knock them down.

Tai Chi

An art which Sin mainly pulls principles from as there are very few "fighting" techniques in Tai Chi. The ideas of tai chi such as balance, flow and center can improve anyones martial art and combat styles as they have done with Sin Stalker's.

Dodge.pngBalanced Deflection: Sin's martial arts training has taught him the technique of not just using your own balance in combat but using your opponents. Sin can use his own balance to avoid combat and make his own foe's off-balancing when in melee combat causing them to have poorer acurracy and damage which of course makes it harder to hit Sin Stalker.

Other Techniques

Sin pulls other techniques from other origins, not just those that are Gung Fu and martial arts. These can be other martial arts from around the world and tactical planning and application.

Agile.pngDuck And Cover: Sin's agile but he isn't bullet proof and he sure can't dodge bullets. What Sin Stalker can do is run. When the baddies pull out a gun or arrow Sin moves. He will dash off and either duck behind something or use something as a shield. If in melee combat with someone he will position his opponent between the gunner and himself. At his next chance or before, if possible, Sin will avoid Duck and Cover by throwing Shurikens or find some other way to stop the gunman from fiering.

Stealth.pngStealth: Sin's stealthing ability is strong and continues to increase over the years. He has able to move farely quick while still remaining silence. Using his training and dark costume Sin Stalker can make his way past your average defenses and Guards. Since Sin is mainly a melee fighter, this allows Sin Stalker to get close enough to his foe to begin the fight and hopefully avoid guns or other projectile weapons.


Sin Stalker has become so obsessed with being a hero and helping people that his willpower has reached almost super powered heights. Without a cause, Sin's willpower, while great, is not near super powered heights. Causes include; end of the world type senarios, friends and teammates in danger, innocents in danger, and/or an enemy who means more then just the average crook such.

HighPainTolerance.pngIgnore Pain: Sin's Determination and trained mind allow him to ignore average pain, be it from overexertion or from combat, by focusing on the job at hand and ignoring his own bodies needs.

Resurgence.pngNever Give Up: Being human in a city full of super powered beings means Sin is at a great disadvantage at many times. Even though he falls, aslong as he is breathing Sin Stalker will get up, eventually.

IndomitableWill.pngIndomitable Determination: Sin fights even his own body at times, pushing it to do what seems impossible. This "power" gives resistance to Knockback, Disorient, Hold, Sleep, and Immobilization powers for a short duration and works with Sin's Psy Sense.

StrengthOfWill.pngStrength of Determination: When it comes down to the line, be it end of the world or a friend/loved-one about to die, Sin has, in the past, pushed himself, fighting not just his body but his own mind. This ability greatly improves Sin Stalker's Reflexes, making him able to elude almost any attack, be it ranged, melee, or area effect. He becomes more resistant to most forms of damage and his Endurance Recovery is also increased. Strength of Deterination also grants him high resistance to Defense Debuffs, Disoreint, Immobilization, Hold, Knockback, Repel and Sleep effects. After this ability fades it leaves Sin extremely exhausted and drained. He also feels physically sore and any injurys sustained begin to take there effect such as blood loss, poison and soforth.


Quick.pngQuick: Sin trains himself to be able to run faster and fast for when it counts such as when his foes pull out guns or a bomb is going to go off.

Hurdle.pngHurdle: Jumping high and over obsticles is a must when in the super hero line of work today, especially when your only power is one you can't control and deals with emotion.

Health.pngHealth: Through all his training, experience and activity from being a superhero, Sin Stalker is in prime health.

Stamina.pngStamina: From his training, martial arts and determination, Sin Stalker's body is in top physical condition and he will not get tired easily.


Main Weapon

Duel daggers also known as Butterfly Swords are a weapon learned in the Wing Chun Martial art. They are weapons Sin only takes out to combat deadly force, mainly non-human, super powered and/or non-living foes.

Normally he avoids using any weapons and is against using guns for fear of hurting by standers.

Vengefulslice.pngAblating Cut: Sin aims to cut deep within his foe.

Typhoonsedge.pngShear Storm: Sin can attack all around using this technique but the only draw back is pricision goes out the window. Dismembering and fatalities can occur and therefore Sin only uses this against non-humans and the non-living.

Ablatingstrike.pngElusive Edge: Sin can use his daggers in a more defensive way to help protect against; multiple foes, other bladed foes, projectile weapons and many different types of attacks.

Means of Travel

Sin Stalker has several items of gear he uses.

Grapplinghook.pngGrappling Hook: Sin Stalker's main tool for travel is a grappling hook for traveling around the city aswell as a zip-line.

Other Gear

Other gear includes a GPS, comm-link, and throwing weapons.

WebGren.pngWeb Grenade: A non-leathal way of holding foes and slowing them down. It tends to be more convenient than any other form of psyhical restraint.

Caltrops.pngCaltrops: A non-leathal way of slowing down foes and still causing minimal to moderate pain.

Shuriken.pngShuriken (Throwing Stars): Sin Stalker uses a small throwing stars.

MultipleStars.pngMultiple Throwing Stars: Throwing several stars at the same time instead of one. Lower accuracy but it moves out as a cone attack.


Sin Stalker is human and as a human he can die just as easily. Sin Stalker has come close to death many a times but so far has survived, most of the time due to his fellow teammates.


Sin Stalker has a list of villains he tends to go up against the most. These include his arch-nemesis the Madcap Mangler.


Super Group


Sin Stalker aka Knight-Stalker is current leader and founder of the current incarnation of the Justice-Knights super group. There ranks change often by many good heroes.

Sin Stalker and his former sidekick Stalkling art by LJ.



Stalkling is the name of Sin Stalker's sidekick. So far there have been two different Stalklings. The first has now become a hero on his own and the secondly as only just recently become Sin Stalker's sidekick with the title of Stalkling.


Stalktress is the second sidekick of Sin Stalker. In a kidnapping sceme, Sin Stalker saved Stalktress but lacked the time needed to save her family. After there death and he fall into the underbelly of Paragon City's criminal community, he gave her the chose to join him and she did.

Stalktress has learned the same martial arts Sin knows but unlike Sin Stalker, she uses a bow and arrow as her primary weapons.

Comic Book

The Justice-Knights have a comic which you can see Sin Stalker in.

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